WP Forms – The Best Drag and Drop Form Builder Plugin For WordPress

Do you want to create forms on your WordPress website and are looking for the best form builder plugin for WordPress? Look no further, in this article we will tell you how you can create user-friendly and powerful forms by making use of WPForms which is one of the most popular WordPress plugin for building forms. 

We all know that if you want people to get in touch with you then a Contact form should be present on your website so that people can fill out the form and get in touch with you. 

WPForms is been used by over 3,000,000+ professionals all over the world and is very popular in the WordPress community. 

Let’s have a look at some of the features of WPForms which makes it one of the best form builders for WordPress sites.

Best Features of WPForms

Drag and Drop Form Builder

One of the most important features of WPForms is the drag and drop functionality. So even if you don’t know coding then you don’t have to worry as WpForms makes it easy for you to create forms without any hassles. If you are looking for the best Drag and drop WordPress form builder then WPForms should be your #1 choice. 

This drag and drag form builder makes it easy to create amazing WordPress forms in minutes and you don’t need any kind of coding for this. 

Ease of Use

Even if you are a non tech-savvy person still you can create some good looking forms by making use of WPForms. You don’t need any high level of special training to get this done. Our clients find it super easy to create forms and this is what they love. 

Start building smarter forms in Minutes

Pre-built form Templates

There are several pre-made templates in their library which you can make use of for building forms. You can also choose to create a custom form depending on your requirements. But these templates make your work a lot easier as you get some readymade ideas that cater to your needs. 

These pre-built templates make it easier for you to create forms so you don’t have to spend hours together brainstorming for the best form look. These templates not only save your time but they can come really handy in case there’s a sense of urgency. 

They also have Form Templates pack add-on which consists of a variety of templates for every industry and niche you can think of. 

You can build smarter forms and surveys with WPForms.

A Great Time Saver

You don’t need to spend hours in order to create a perfect looking form in WordPress. You can do that in few minutes using WPForms.

So what are you waiting for?

Create and publish your forms in minutes

Mobile-friendly & Responsive

When a user is browsing your contact form it shouldn’t happen that the user has to pinch in to zoom the various form fields. It’s of utmost importance that your form should not only be mobile-friendly but responsive on all the devices. 

Spam protection: 

A decade ago people used to create websites and have their Email address in public form so that people can contact them. This was misused to a large extent by some of the spammers and the owner’s inbox used to be filled with spam all over

Fast forward to today’s day, you don’t need to share your email address publicly. By making use of WPForms you can create forms which offer protection from spam. 

WPForms makes use of a smart captcha and spam protection mechanism to prevent any kind of spam submissions. If you don’t have this in place it would be a tedious task for the team to review the submissions and mark them as spam. 

Multi-page Forms 

If you have a very long form then you can split those long forms to appear on separate pages. This improves user experience. Think of filling out a 15 fields form as opposed to a 3-field form which is present on all the five pages. 

File uploads supported

If the user wants to upload any kind of files then they can do so as WPForms allows users to upload media and files.

Instant Notifications

The moment someone fills out your form or becomes a lead you get notified immediately about the same through WPForms instant notification feature. Not only that you can even respond to the leads quickly. 

Ease of Embedding

You can embed the forms created in WPForms inside Blog posts or Sidebar, or in the widgets section, footer etc. 

Database in one place

You don’t have to have mutiple systems like CRM and all. You can view all your leads in one place inside WPForms. This will streamline your flow and increase the efficiency of your work. 

Collect Payments

Now that’s one cool feature that we are a fan of. You don’t need a separate payment gateway that needs to be integrated. You can easily collect payments by making use of WPForms. You don’t need to get into the complexities of setting up a payment gateway or hiring a developer. WPForms is making your life hassle free when it comes to these payment related requirements. 

Payment Add-ons

WPForms supports a ton of payment related add-ons so that you can collect payments. Currently WPForms supports PayPal add-on, Stripe add-on and Authorize.net add-on. 

Email Marketing add-ons

WPForms supports the add-ons for the most reputed Email Marketing services namely Constant Contact, Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, and Active Campaign. You can grow your email list which is one of the most important aspect. 

Salesforce Add-on

If you want you can send the data if your leads and your contacts to Salesforce CRM account by making use of their add-on. 

Survey Add-on

You can create survey forms and analyze the data 

Offline Forms add-on

Let’s assume a scenario, the user was filling out a form and all of a sudden their internet connection was lost right when they were filling out the form. WPForms offers this feature which saves the user data so that they can submit it once the internet connection resumes. 

Form Abandonment add-on

How many leads do you lose out on due to form abandonment? Have you ever thought of that. You might have certainly lost a good amount of leads only because the users abandoned the form. 

It’s always a good practice to keep forms short and simple as they boost conversions but that’s not always possible. There are instances when you need long forms and there are chances that user might abandon the form halfway through. 

WPForms offers this abandonment add-on so that you can still follow-up with those leads even if they haven’t filed it completely. How cool is that!!! 

Custom functionality supported

In case you want some more custom functions inside your custom form you can do so as WpForms offers the functionality to customize your WordPress forms by making use of HTML blocks and custom CSS

The Pro Version of WPForms has tons of features to offer to the user which is the reason many website owners and Digital Marketing agencies like us make use of WPForms Pro version. 

To conclude, if you are looking for the best beginner-friendly contact form plugin for WordPress then you should certainly try out WPForms which is an easy to use and powerful form builder for WordPress sites.

So what are you waiting for create and publish your forms in minutes

Start building smarter forms in Minutes

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