Key Takeaways From Unbounce’s Conversion Benchmark Report 2021

Are you getting enough conversions from your landing pages? Do you find it difficult to figure out the reason(s) as to why you aren’t getting enough conversions? In this article, we dive deeper into certain key takeaways from Unbounce’s conversion report which talks about the conversion rates in different industries and how you, as a business owner can improve the conversion rates of your landing pages by learning from these insights. So without any further ado, let’s dive deeper into the key takeaways from Unbounce’s Conversion report

Every marketer wants better conversions for their campaigns but they aren’t sure how to get them. These easy-to-understand, data-backed insights from the conversion benchmark report by Unbounce will help you in optimizing your landing pages and get better conversions.

For those who don’t know Unbounce is one of the most popular landing page and conversion optimization software that is known for helping you create high converting landing pages. Unbounce has used artificial intelligence & analyzed close to 44 thousand landing pages and 33 million conversions and then refined a mountain of data into actionable recommendations which you can use to refine and optimize your marketing campaigns and get better conversions. You don’t need to do any kind of guesswork to figure out the reason why your landing pages aren’t converting. You will learn a lot of insights from this conversion benchmark report which you use to refine your marketing campaigns and get better conversions.

The conversion benchmark report is a comprehensive analysis of conversion rates across 16 different industries across the globe. The report includes industries such as Saas, Ecommerce, Travel, Real Estate, Legal, Catering and restaurants and much more.

This conversion benchmark report isn’t just restricted to enterprise businesses. This benchmark report empowers small business owners and medium-sized companies who are short on funds, time, and expertise to take on the giants and get more conversions.

If you think that optimizing landing pages is a difficult, time-consuming, or expensive task then this benchmark report will put all those assumptions to an end. If you are that type of business owner or marketer who asks “what is a good conversion rate” then you should certainly go through this entire report to know the answer.

Let’s have a look at some of the key insights from the Conversion benchmark report of 2021 by Unbounce.

Which traffic channels brought in the highest converting visitors

It is really important for a marketer to know which channels brought in the most visitors and most conversions. You will find all these insights in the benchmark report industry-wise. Once you are equipped with this data you can make data-informed decisions on where you spend your budget.

A lot of marketers tend to spend heavily on Paid ads but it was found in the benchmark report that the paid channel was outperformed by other channels. At times, it is better to spend on Social and some email campaigns because they convert better.

Doing Sentiment Analysis & Using Psychology in Marketing

One of the key observations from this report was an increase in the use of emotional language on the landing pages. Remember it’s all about addressing the pain points of your prospects and showing them how your solution can address their problems. Understanding the user’s psychology has an important role to play when you work on your marketing campaigns.

The experts, data scientists performed sentiment analysis on these landing pages and tried to detect the presence of such words which could trigger emotions. It was found that there was a correlation between the sentiments been conveyed through words and conversions.

Are you making use of sentiments on your landing pages? If not, then you may want to do sentiment analysis and try and incorporate some sentiments on your landing pages. Perform experiments and find out what resonates with your audience.

Stay one step ahead of your competitors

Based on insights you derive from this benchmark report you can see how your competitors are performing as compared to your current standing and you can tweak and refine your campaigns to make them better than your competitors.

Create Variants, conduct A/B testing

The benchmark report recommends using Smart Traffic and then create variants around some of these insights. It might happen that the page might be longer and have word count on the higher side, in such cases you can create a shorter variant and experiment around that version and find the winning campaign.

Optimal reading level Being Used on Landing pages

Based on the FleschKincaid scale it was found that there was a correlation between the ease of reading and conversion rates on landing pages. FleschKincaid scale determines the ease or difficulty in reading a passage in English. Ideally speaking you shouldn’t use too much of complex or technical jargons on landing pages.

There was also a correlation between word count and conversion rates. Shorter pages tend to convert better as compared to longer ones, although this wasn’t true for some industries.

Let’s have a look at the industry-wise insights from the conversion benchmark report

The above graph shows the median and mean (or average) conversion rates across 16 industries

Increase In Median Conversion Rates Despite Pandemic

Despite the pandemic, there was an increase in the median conversion rates across all the industries. The mean average conversion rate in every industry has increased to 11.88%.

The improvement in performance wasn’t uniform. Some industries saw more improvement than others. The industries that had the best median conversion rates (more than 2%) were catering and restaurants, finance, insurance, media and entertainment whereas the industries that saw the smallest increase in conversion rates were SaaS and Real Estate.

No Negative changes in conversion rates like real estate, travel, fitness

It was expected that industries like Real estate, fitness, leisure, travel might be impacted but it was found that these industries didn’t see such a negative change in terms of conversion rates. However, the number of landing pages has decreased, and also the traffic been directed to such landing pages has decreased.

Significant Increase in the number of Pages for Some Industries

%here was a great increase in the number of pages for the fitness & nutrition industry at ~7.5% and Legal at 5%. This might just be speculation that the pandemic has resulted in this increase but one of the reasons could be that marketers have increased their online efforts

Real Estate

  • Reduce your form fields to get better conversions:

Real Estate website forms have a lot of form fields and the prospects or users might abandon the form completely because of too many form fields, If you try reducing the form fields you might get better conversions. Just make sure that you ask them the most important fields or make them mandatory. Alternatively, you can make certain form fields optional, so if people don’t want to fill those form fields they will just skip those but those who want to fill out those form fields will fill them.

So what are you waiting for? Get hold of this conversion benchmark report which is jam-packed with data-driven insights and build relevant campaigns that convert.

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