Thinkific App Store – Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

Thinkific is one of the most popular online course creation platforms that helps entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators create amazing, interactive online courses and membership sites.

Thinkific has launched Thinkific App store that provides entrepreneurs and course creators the best-in-class tools and apps that they can use to market and sell their courses and scale their business to the next level. This is certainly great news for the online course creators as they can leverage these top-class apps and deliver the best experience to their students who enroll in their courses.

The Thinkific App store and all the apps integration are managed through the Thinkific platform which is easy to use and offers seamless integration. Even if you are not a tech-savvy person you can still create awesome courses with ease. You can make use of various apps on the Thinkific app store and customize your online course to suit your customer’s requirements. The apps from the Thinkific App store will help you create meaningful, impactful courses and turn your vision into reality.

Thinkific has also empowered and supported in growing the developer community. Developers can now create custom applications for Thinkific and this is an excellent opportunity for developers around the world to earn revenue by developing apps for the Thinkific App store.

Benefits of the Apps on Thinkific App Store

– Helps course creators save considerable time and money

– Helps course creators generate more revenue and scale their business to the next level.

– Helps course creators improve the learning experience for the students who have enrolled in these courses

Thinkific has launched close to 30 apps in the Thinkific App Store in different categories. Below we have mentioned some of the most popular apps present in the Thinkific App store.

1. Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Tools like Active Campaign, Aweber, Constant Contact, Convertkit to simplify your Email Marketing and marketing automation

2. Typeform – One of the popular alternatives to Google Forms. You can also use Typeform for conducting surveys and getting responses from students regarding their feedback related to your online course or overall user experience or ease of navigation etc.

3. Shopify App – You can sell your products on your E-Commerce Store (a Shopify Store) along with your online courses. We have included more details about Shopify app integration.

4. Google Analytics – For the uninitiated, Google Analytics is one of the most important website analytics platform which you can use to monitor the performance of your website. Like how many pageviews you received, how many visitors you got, which traffic source they came from (e.g Google, Social Media channels. You can use Google Analytics to see your students requirements

5. Zoom – You can conduct online meetings, conduct webinars, and also record your meetings with Zoom which is one of the most popular apps for conducting online meetings.

By leveraging the apps in the Thinkific app store you can get a wider reach for your online courses. All the apps on the Thinkific App store are reviewed by the Thinkific team for quality assurance and security purposes. All that you need to do is install and configure these apps on your Thinkific site.

Thinkific App store will make your lives easier in a way that you don’t have to scratch your head while doing admin/setup-related activities which is where most online course creators struggle with. Also, in case you ever feel that you need help or support on a particular issue related to the app you can refer to the support section on the respective app that you need help with.

Important Pre-requisite:

You will have to upgrade to Pro + Growth Plan and get access to theĀ ThinkificĀ App Store

How to Install an App from the Thinkific App store

All that you need to do is browse the apps from the App store and choose the one which you wish to install

Whenever you try to install the app you have to give permissions to the app to access your Thinkific site. There will be certain steps that are involved depending on the app you plan to install. Once you install the app you will find them inside the Apps section of the Thinkific admin dashboard. The apps you install from the app store might have access to your data in order to keep a track of your enrollments, orders etc. This access is necessary for these apps to perform their operations smoothly.


You can check out the complete list of apps from

Active Campaign Integration With Thinkific

Active Campaign is one of the most popular Email Marketing and Marketing automation tools used by business owners of all sizes. Based on actions taken by the students enrolled in your course you can create automated marketing flows. This way not only will you save time but this will also save your efforts. Let’s understand how you can utilize Active Campaign and Thinkific integration to its full potential.

Let’s assume a new student enrolled in your course. In the backend, you can create a mechanism such that whenever someone enrolls in your course they should receive a “Welcome Email” on their Email address which they used for registration. Whenever a course is completed you can send them an Email about course completion and hand over a copy of the certificate (if you want to, this will depend on the decision taken by the course creators).

Shopify App

Managing your physical products as well as digital products can be overwhelming for most business owners and this is exactly where the Shopify App on the Thinkific App store can make it easy and seamless to sell your products without any kind of hassles.

If you are already a course creator and want to add a new revenue stream then you can make use of the Shopify app on the Thinkific app store and showcase products alongside your online course offerings. In short, you can diversify and grow your business by making a mix of E-Commerce store kind of functionality as well as Online courses.

Here are some of the success stories of business owners who made use of Shopify App from the Thinkific App Store.

Refer to the below video which sheds light on the Shopify app and Thinkific integration.

If you are an online course creator who also sells digital products and physical products then you should certainly try out the Shopify App on Thinkific app store.

Let’s check out some of the other amazing apps on the Thinkific App store


You can automate your webinar and sell 24/7 by making use of the eWebinar app from the Thinkific App store. Gone are those days when you have to actually be present to conduct a webinar. You can sell your online courses on autopilot by making use of the eWebinar App on the Thinkific App Store.

eWebinar is an automated webinar solution wherein you can make use of pre-recorded videos along with live chat so as to give an engaging experience to your students. Set your sales webinar on autopilot by making use of feature-rich automated webinar solution present on the Thinkific App Store.

Motrain App

What if you could incentivize your students and reward them on completion of courses? Motrain is an app on the Thinkific App store that will help you in gamifying and engaging your students by rewarding them for completing their courses, referring new students to the courses, and much more.

You can reward your students once they successfully refer someone to your online course and they enroll in your course. You can create a personalized rewards store in order to improve completion rates

Community Box App:

You can create an internal community and give options to your students so that they can interact and network with each other.


Do you want to integrate a powerful blog into your Thinkific site? You can do so with ease by making use of the Dropinblog app from the Thinkific App store. By making use of Dropinblog there’s no need for a domain, subdomain, or hosting. Your blog should be SEO friendly, easy to update with little to no maintenance at all and this is exactly where Dropinnblog comes into the picture.

The blog will reside on your Thinkific site so it will automatically use your Thinkific site’s color, formatting, fonts, this way you don’t have to put in significant efforts trying to play with the formatting, color, fonts, etc.

So what are you waiting for? Leverage the Thinkific App store and increase the profitability of your online courses, and take your sales and revenue to the next level

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