Tailwind Create Review- The Best Pinterest Scheduling Software

Tailwind is great for designing high-quality pins. If you have ever thought of using Tailwind create and not really have known how to go forward with the thought. Worry not! 

Below we are leaving you with an in-depth review and an easy stepwise guide to help you create your Tailwind Pinterest designs!

What is Tailwind Create?

Tailwind create is a simple and easy-to-use design tool that enables bloggers, marketers, influencers, and even business owners to create, schedule, publish and analyze all their pins in just one single space.

Tailwind can be utilized to completely transform photos into numerous variations and custom designs without spending hours on the design process. It helps create beautiful pins with ease, and that is too in a couple of seconds! You, without a hitch, soar through from getting an idea and making a pin in just 20-30 seconds. Yes! That effortlessly! 

This marketing tool will help you upload your images quickly and schedule pins in no time. Tailwind now includes Instagram scheduling and publishing too. That’s just one more reason to use it to your benefit to grow your reach and move traffic to your sites. 

Why need Tailwind Create? 

If you have eyes for making aesthetically pleasing designs, or if you have thought about designing your pictures and transforming them into pins that are aesthetically pleasing, impressive, and are a gorgeous pin that will fetch you clicks and GOOD traffic? Then you genuinely need Tailwind to create. You don’t need to hire a professional graphic designer anymore to design jaw-dropping pins on Pinterest. You can make use of Tailwind Create to get this done.

Tailwind creates, actually makes pins for you. It schedules them perfectly and creates the pins that get you clicks for your blogs. You can personalize and create dozens of pins in a matter of clicks.

It is also ideal for you if you struggle to maintain consistency with posting regular pins. 

If you are interested, you can start your free Tailwind Trial by clicking here on tailwindapp.com.

Tailwind Create positives that we loved- 

  • Creates Speed pins.
  • It is heavily optimized.
  • Reports and analyzes your profile and pins performance.
  • Easy to use and works with your brand’s color themes. 
  • Mass- create high-quality pins within minutes.
  • Helps out influencers, bloggers, and brands to gain good reach. 
  • Share pins quickly and easily.
  • Helps attain new viewers and audience with Tailwind Communities.

What’s not too great about Tailwind Create?

  • Tailwind Create is integrated with Tailwind. Even if you need to work with Tailwind Create, you cannot opt out of not signing up with Tailwind. 
  • Tailwind doesn’t have the sharpest user interface. First-time users have shown difficulty using it. 

How to Use Tailwind Create?

Once you have installed Tailwind and have connected your Pinterest account, follow the steps below. 

Easy Steps to create beautiful Pins- 

  1. Open Tailwind app and click on New Design in Tailwind Create from the dashboard.
  2. Once you have opened a new design, set your Brand Preferences. It includes Brand Text, Brand Fonts, and Brand Colours. 
  3. After you have completed setting up your brand preferences, move onto Adding your Blog post URL. 
  4. You’ll discover Tailwind has drawn out some pictures from your blog post. Select the ones you want to use and click on the create image button given in the right corner. 
  5. You can now see, Tailwind has auto-generated a suggestion of pins for you to choose from. 
  6. Pick ones that go best with your idea of the design. Refine and edit the pins suitably.
  7. Once you have finished refining the pins. Click on – Review Your Selection. The section has all the pins that you have edited. 
  8. If you want to download these pins, you can click on the Download button. And if you want to schedule your pins, click on – Go schedule. (You can either download or schedule your pins that you have designed up to your liking.)
  9. If you have picked to schedule pins– you’d see a new window have opened with your recently created pins. 
  10. Add a description. 
  11. Set your interval and add them to the queue. 
  12. You can see your newly added pins to your schedule over the far right. 

How much does Tailwind Cost?

Tailwind Pricing

Free Plan- Tailwind Create has a free plan, and the good thing about this is, you do not need to enter your card details while signing up. 

Features include- 

  • All basic features 
  • Schedule up to 100 pins on Pinterest. 
  • Creates 15 pins designs per month. 
  • No time limit.

Tailwind Pinterest Plus- Starting with $9.99/ month ( $119.88 billed annually) for Bloggers and small businesses. 

Features include- 

  • All basic features 
  • Access to five Tailwind Communities
  • 30 monthly community submissions
  •  Community submissions customizable
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Five free Tailwind communities and more.

Tailwind Create- $6 per profile per month. $74.04 billed annually.

Tailwind Communities- $5.99 per profile per month. $59.88 billed annually. 

Is Tailwind worth it? 

Tailwind is ideal for Bloggers, influencers, and small business owners that want to maintain consistency with posting content to Pinterest. Tailwind Create, but Tailwind itself gives out a complete toolkit that extensively helps bloggers and social media marketers drive out traffic to their websites. Tailwind works super-fast and saves time which you can further use to work on other essential tasks. 

We hope our Review and stepwise guide to using Tailwind was helpful to you. 

If you have been looking for help to grow your online business, refer to our Review and guide. Like, share, and do not forget to comment your views on Tailwind Create Review below!

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