Siteground Affiliate Program Discontinued in Some Regions

Here’s one of the most Shocking news for Affiliate Marketers primarily from India and a few other regions…Yes you heard it right – Siteground has Discontinued it’s Affiliate Program in regions like India which has a very huge amount of Affiliates promoting Siteground’ hosting now many of them are literally in a state of Shock after getting to know that Siteground has discontinued it’s Affiliate Program

Some of you may still be shocked beyond belief and some of you may think that this is not true. So let’s clear your doubt and shed some light as to WHY Siteground has decided to take such a decision of discontinuing their Affiliate Program

Before we go ahead to know about the reasons as to why Siteground discontinued their Affiliate Program let’s have a look at some of the important pointers. 

You cannot promote Siteground as an Affiliate from 5th November 2020 if you live in some specific regions around the world like India. 

Many Siteground Affiliates around the world (specific regions) got a mail which stated that Siteground has Discontinued their Affiliate Program and elaborated as to why they had to take this harsh decision of Discontinuing their Affiliate Program which was paying some of the best commissions in the Web hosting Affiliate Marketing space. 

The affiliates received this email from Siteground on 22nd October 2020. If you want to know what exactly was stated in the Email here it is. 

We would like to inform you that sadly, we have decided to discontinue the Siteground Affiliate Program for your region and we will permanently suspend your Siteground Affiliate account on 5th November, 2020

Why we are closing operations in your Region?

Important Note: Siteground has Discontinued their Affiliate Program in some regions not their actual Service which is Web Hosting, if you are a Paying customer who uses Siteground’s Hosting Service you don’t have to panic. This is only for Affiliates not for customers. 

Let’s continue with the message in the email where we left off 

Taking this decision was not easy for us, as we have many loyal affiliates, like you who have partnered with us for years. Unfortunately, due to a combination of poor performance indicators, and the growing regulatory complexities in some regions, it becomes ineffective to support the program there. 

Poor performance indicators

The affiliate relationship is a pay-for-performance model, where we pay for every sale we generate through our affiliate partners.

The commission rates typical for the hosting industry, which we offer to our partners, are among the highest out there and traditionally they exceed the value of the initial sale.

This is why we closely monitor KPIs such as referred accounts’ lifetime span and value and renewal rates, which determine our ability to secure a fair revenue share for our partners and the long-term sustainability of the program.

Unfortunately, our latest analysis indicates that overall, the sales coming from your region have deteriorating KPIs, including among others alarmingly low renewal rates, higher cancellation rate than program averages, and short life span of the referred accounts.

Regulatory and tax complexities

Another negative trend that we have been monitoring in your region and several others is the heavier regulations and growing tax complexities that impose an additional financial and bureaucratic burden on the program.

All these factors impose a growing financial risk for us and we can no longer guarantee the sustainability of the program in the long run.

That is why we have taken the hard decision to discontinue operations in your region and several others.

What does this mean for you?

In 14 days time we will suspend your affiliate account which means that you no longer will be able to log into your Affiliate area. If you are a SiteGround client as well, you will still be able to access the User Area but you will no longer have access to its Affiliate section.

Now you guys must be wondering what will happen to my sales to clients whom I have referred via the Affiliate link. Siteground team has an answer to this as well given below,

Your outstanding affiliate sales, accumulated prior to the account suspension, will be processed as per our standard terms and conditions. All approved commissions will be duly paid out to you. No commission will be due for sales generated after the suspension date.

Even if you promote Siteground via your Affiliate link after 5th November 2020, you won’t get any commissions for it.

Let’s continue with the email 

We kindly ask you to remove all SiteGround-related information, including banners, logos, reviews, and links from your website prior to November 5, 2020, to prevent generating new affiliate sales and violating the SiteGround Affiliate ToS. As per section 9 of our ToS, we revoke your right to use our trademark and other brand items.

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you for partnering with us and recommending SiteGround! We wish you lots of success with your initiatives in the future!


The SiteGround Team

It is after a very long time that the Siteground team has realized that the commissions that they were paying to its Affiliates for each referral isn’t justified anymore. 

Few important pointers that we could make out as to why Siteground decided to discontinue their Affiliate Program in some regions

Many users who bought Siteground Hosting didn’t renew due to high renewal costs. This happened on a large scale which ultimately lead to lower renewal rates and most of these renewal cancellations have come from “these specific regions”….India is one of them

Now if you, as an Affiliate have read the entire article till here we know how devastated you must be after reading this announcement. 

You don’t have to give up on Affiliate Marketing now that Siteground has Discontinued it’s 

Affiliate program, there are tons of Web hosting Affiliate programs that you can promote apart from Siteground some of which I have given below

  1. WP Engine Affiliate Program
  2. A2 Hosting Affiliate Program (one that we have been promoting for a long time)

I agree that there might be many customers who switch on to some other web hosting services because they cannot pay such high renewal prices and that’s the reason the renewal rates are on the lower side. 

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