Liquid Web Vs Nexcess – Which is the Best Hosting for your Needs?

Are you wondering if you should buy Liquid Web Hosting or Nexcess hosting for your business website? We have done a detailed comparison between Liquid Web and Nexcess hosting so that you can make an informed decision on which hosting can be a good fit as per your business requirements. Stay till the end to know about the two brands and then decide which one is a good fit for you.

Below we have done a detailed comparison between Liquid Web Hosting and Nexcess. Let’s have a look at Liquid Web hosting Vs. Nexcess Hosting based on certain pointers

Liquid Web Hosting Vs. Nexcess Hosting

Before we proceed further, let’s look at both the brands individually and understand their features, benefits, and pricing plans.

Liquid Web Features

There are certain features that one should consider before buying hosting services. Below we have given all the details about Liquid Web in the context of these features

Uptime – Liquid Web promises an uptime of 99.999%. In case you don’t know what uptime is then check out the below description.

Uptime is one of the most important parameters that one should consider before choosing a Web hosting company for your business website. Uptime indicates the time that the server on which your website was up and running. It is generally expressed in percentage.

Support – Liquid Web offers support 24/7 in the form of live chat, phone, knowledge-base. Liquid Web terms their support team to be the most helpful humans in the hosting industry. In fact, they promise a 59-second Initial Response Guarantee for their phone calls and chat support and a 59 minutes response time for their helpdesk.

Let’s have a look at some of the important offerings of Liquid Web

– Fully Managed WordPress hosting for businesses of all sizes

– Dedicated Servers that can be customized and provide real-time monitoring

– VPS Hosting Solutions

– Managed WooCommerce Hosting

– Cloud Hosting

Dedicated server hosting

What are dedicated servers?

A dedicated server as the name suggests is dedicated to a particular individual, business, or organization. It is not shared with any other customer as is the case with Shared hosting.

Liquid Web offers dedicated server hosting that is monitored in real-time and offers over 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Liquid Web has all the features that you might be looking for when it comes to Managed WordPress hosting or dedicated servers. They have been in business since 1997 and have a rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot. Liquid Web is being trusted by over 45,000 customers from over 150 countries and have hosted over 50,000 websites till date.

Liquid Web’s Dedicated Server Hosting Pricing & Plans

Liquid Web ‘s Dedicated server hosting Pricing – The entry-level pricing of Dedicated server hosting starts at $169/month when you take their annual plan

(The pricing mentioned above is at the time of writing this article).

Liquid Web is ideally suitable for someone who is looking for fully managed hosting, VPS hosting, Enterprise level hosting and dedicated hosting. Managed dedicated servers offer the highest level of performance and security

VPS Hosting by Liquid Web

Let us have a look at the basic difference between VPS hosting and Shared hosting

In the case of VPS hosting you would still be sharing the server, but the main difference is that each user will be allocated a specific set of resources which is not the case with shared hosting. Even though you are on one physical server along with other websites, but they will not affect your website’s performance. This way resources are always available for you which in return will give you superior performance

Now let us have a look at the VPS hosting solutions by Liquid Web

Liquid Web offers a fully managed cloud-based virtual private server so you would get the power of a dedicated server and the flexibility of cloud hosting, all of this at an affordable price with Liquid Web’s VPS Hosting solution.

Liquid Web provides VPS hosting that is faster than Digital Ocean, Rackspace, and AWS.

If you are looking for the best VPS hosting at an affordable price that would meet your business needs and exceed your expectations, then you should certainly check out Liquid Web’s VPS hosting plans. 

VPS Hosting Pricing and Plans

The pricing depends on the configuration you choose

  • When you choose the 4 GB RAM plan for Windows it is priced at $80/month when you take it annually, and when you take it for 2 years you can get the same plan for $54/month.
  • When you choose the 8 GB RAM plan for Windows it is priced at $100/month when you take it annually, and when you take it for 2 years you can get the same plan for $74/month.

(The pricing mentioned above is at the time of writing this article).

Liquid Web is considered to be the industry leader when it comes to Managed Hosting and has been in business for over 24 years now. Liquid Web and Nexcess both are a part of the Liquid Web family.

Liquid Web caters to large-scale enterprise businesses that need high-end servers to power their business websites.

Liquid Web wholly owns the data centers where their customer websites are hosted. They don’t emphasize much on shared hosting because they have put in all the resources to offer premium, high-quality services to their customers. They have the employed best-in-class hosting professionals to fulfill your hosting needs so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands as the Liquid Web staff are highly knowledgeable when it comes to addressing hosting-related queries.

– Liquid Web offers a free migration service which is really a good thing to have. Liquid Web will try and ensure to make this migration process as efficient as possible. If you have bought any of their plans and want to request a migration you can do so by visiting this link which will walk you through the various things that you need to ensure before requesting for migration.

If you are an enterprise business and are looking for custom hosting plans Liquid Web team can certainly help you with this requirement as they specialize in understanding customer’s requirements and creating a custom-tailored solution to help you meet your goals faster.

Liquid Web isn’t just a hosting provider, they are like a hosting partner i.e their team is always present to help you with your hosting requirements as and when you need them.

If you are looking for a fast, secure, and hassle-free hosting solution then Liquid Web is definitely the perfect hosting for your next project

Nexcess Web Hosting

If you are looking for a fully managed hosting that offers blazing-fast speed, strong security, scalability, and support round the clock then Nexcess is one of the strong contenders which would fulfill all these requirements.

Nexcess’ web hosting is optimized for industry’s leading content management systems like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento

Nexcess offers the following services in the context of the Content management systems

  • Fully Managed WordPress Hosting (starting at $19/month)
  • Fully Managed WooCommerce hosting (starting at $19/month)
  • Fully Managed Magento hosting (starting at $49/month)

If you are looking to create a Membership site on WordPress then you should surely checkout WPQuickstart by Nexcess.

Some of the key features that make Nexcess a good managed web host are

  • Scalability: If your website traffic has spiked recently and you are experiencing a huge volume of website traffic then you don’t need to worry. Nexcess’ servers are known for scalability and can handle increased volumes of website traffic with ease.
  • Auto-scaling during traffic spikes – The auto-scaling feature by Nexcess makes sure that your site is up and running smoothly even if there is a spike in traffic. The auto-scaling feature monitors your website and in case the traffic exceeds the current capacity a scaling event is being triggered.

The surge in traffic might occur during flash sale events or Black Friday sales or during holiday shopping. You don’t need to worry about increased levels of traffic as Nexcess’ auto-scaling feature will take care of the same.

If you are with a host that doesn’t offer an auto-scaling feature and if your website traffic surpasses the actual capacity then the website might ultimately crash if the auto-scaling feature isn’t present.

  • Uptime:  Nexcess offers an uptime of 99.99%. We have already seen how important it is to have a web host which offers an uptime of over 99%. You want your website to be up and running as it’s not possible for you as a business owner to monitor your website 24/7 and that is why a host with a great uptime is needed.
  • Security: Nexcess offers premium SSL certificates. It is of utmost importance to have a secure website.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and alerts: The servers are monitored 24/7 to see in case there is any issue. This way you can be sure that you are in safe hands.
  • Round the clock support team – Nexcess has a great support team that is available at your service 24/7/365 and proactively monitors the services.

Nexcess offers support 24/7 over email, live chat, and phone calls.

Rating on

While doing our research we also analyzed the ratings from popular aggregator websites like

Liquid Web hosting had a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 i.e 4.5/5 whereas Nexcess hosting had a rating of 3.4/5. One of the important points worth noting is that Nexcess was acquired by LIquid Web in 2013.

Liquid Web is a great fit for big enterprises and fortune 500 companies and has been used by the likes of Porsche whereas Nexcess is a good fit for beginners, E-commerce store owners, and content websites.

Why two different hosting services under the same family?

As we discussed above, you might have seen that Liquid Web doesn’t offer shared hosting and is ideally suited for large enterprise businesses. So these two different hosting services cater to different audience requirements. The requirements of big enterprise businesses are different from beginners. That is why it is important to have a customer-tailored hosting solution that fulfills the audience’s needs while keeping the cost in mind.

We have included an infographic below which talks about the differences between Liquid Web and Nexcess Hosting

Liquid Web Hosting Vs. Nexcess Hosting  - A Detailed comparison


Both Liquid Web and Nexcess provide powerful, reliable, custom-tailored hosting solutions to users. The primary difference lies in the audience, pricing plans, and server handling capabilities (how much traffic the servers can handle depending on the plans you choose).

The plans of Nexcess are inexpensive as compared to Liquid Web plans. It is completely up to you to decide which hosting service you would like to get for your business. If you receive low to moderate traffic and are tight on budget then you can go ahead with Nexcess and if you receive traffic in millions and have a good budget allocated for hosting solutions then you should go ahead with LIquid Web

If you are looking for a high-quality hosting solution and have a good budget then LIquid Web is certainly the go-to option. If you are small scale business or individual blogger and are looking for a financially viable hosting solution then Nexcess would be the go-to option,

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