How to Easily Use Lead Source Tracking in Google Analytics

Are you tracking your website visitors’ behavior? Do you know the source where you are getting leads from? In this article we talk about lead source tracking which basically tells you the source of your leads and how you can make use of insights derived from lead source tracking in order to improve the quality and quantity of your leads.

Ever thought about how important lead source tracking in Google Analytics is to businesses and content creators?

By tracking where visitors come from, you can exactly see traffic sources for specific pages, marketing campaigns, and measure how people find your website. That’s incredible info that can help site owners tailor their content to optimize success!

Before we proceed any further let us understand the term Lead source tracking

What is Lead Source tracking and why is it important

Lead source tracking is the process of figuring out where exactly you are getting leads from, how they interact with your website and then taking appropriate actions like tweaking your marketing strategy and campaigns to boost sales and revenue.

It is of utmost importance to figure out the traffic source where your customers are coming from. This way you can tweak your marketing strategy and campaigns and focus on the best performing source which is getting maximum leads for you.

Lead source tracking is important in order to grow your business. Let us assume you are getting more of leads from organic traffic and very less traffic from social media channels. In this case you can direct major portion of your marketing efforts to get more organic traffic as compared to Social media. This way you will be able to measure the value and ROI of your marketing campaigns.

If you don’t have lead source tracking in place then you won’t be able to make out which source is the best or worst performing traffic source. This way you might spend marketing budget on this source which won’t fetch much leads for you and your ROI will be on the lower side.

Lead source tracking also tells you about the following things

  • Traffic source ( which traffic sources are bringing visitors to your website (organic, social, Referral, Paid ads etc
  • Geographic location / demographics – You can get details about when your visitors are coming from (country, city, their gender, their age group)
  • Which pages on your website are best performing pages (have covered this below in the article)
  • You can even do event tracking which tells you if they clicked a CTA button, how much percentage of the webpage they scrolled
  • Which devices your users are using to browse your website

We will be making use of advanced segments in Google analytics in order to understand how different visitors behave once they land on your website

In order to do lead source tracking we first need to understand how to create advanced suegements in Google Analytics. We are going to make use of Monsterinsights which is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress which offers detailed insights about your website visitors and important stats about the performance of your website

By utilizing the Pro plan of Monsterinsights you can effectively monitor the source of your leads, optimize your website, increase traffic and then eventually get more leads to your website.

Monsterinsights and Google Analytics helps you in determining the quality of your leads. What if you received 100 leads but only 3 of them turn into paying customers. This is the very reason you should monitor the quality of your leads and Monsterinsights can help you with effective lead source tracking

Now let’s talk about lead quality and it’s importance

Lead quality is a metric which talks about the quality of your leads, which basically means how likely your prospects would become customers. The higher the quality of your leads the better are the chances of them converting into paying customers.

Now that we have understood the concept of Lead source tracking and lead quality its time to Install and activate the Monsterinsights plugin.


You will need to purchase the Pro plan of Monsterinsights in order to lead source tracking

Step 1: Install and Activate the Monsterinsights Plugin 

So the first step is to Install the Monsterinsights plugin. For this you need a Monsterinsights Pro planFor this you need to visit the Monsterinsights website and choose their Pro plan

Once you have done the above step then login to your Monsterinsights account and go to the downloads section, there you will see a button “Download Monsterinsights” 

Image Courtesy – Monsterinsights

Once you click on the “Download Monsterinsights” button a ZIP file will be downloaded (might be downloaded to your computer). We would need this in the next steps

Now navigate to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins→ Add New 

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on “Add New” you will come across “Add Plugin [Upload Plugin]” option

Add a New Plugin

Once you click on Upload Plugin you will get an option as shown in the below screenshot.

Now you have to upload the ZIP file which you had downloaded to your computer. Once you have chosen the ZIP file then click on “Install Now”

Once you click on “Install Now” then you should Activate the plugin. Once you have activated the plugin you will have to enter the license key which you can find under Downloads when you login to your Monsterinsights account. Refer to the below given screenshot.

2. Paste the License Key

Once you have found the License Key you will copy it and paste it inside the space provided for License key. Let us see how you can do that.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the “Insights” section. Now click on Insights–> Settings (You can refer to the below screenshot to understand this step better)

Once you click on Settings you will come across a box wherein you have to enter the LIcense Key (refer to the below screenshot)

Let’s have a look at what all insights you can derive from Monsterinsights

1. Search Queries Inside Search Console Report of Monsterinsights

You can also get an idea about the search queries inside the search console report of Monsterinsights. The search queries are those keywords which people use to come across your website. You can see the Top 50 Search queries inside the Monsterinsights’ Search Console report

In case you are wondering where to find the search queries report refer the below given steps.

In order to see the search queries right inside your WordPress dashboard using Monsterinsights follow the below given steps

1. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard

2. Go to Insights –> Reports

When you click on Reports you will see a screen similar to the one shown below

Once you click on the Search Console section (as shown in the above screenshot) you will come across the detailed search console report as shown in the below screenshot

You can check out this below article on how you can make use of Monsterinsights to find which keywords people are using to come across your website

How to Find the Keywords Which People Use to Find Your Website

This way you will get an idea of the top search queries which people are making use of to come across your website. You can channelize your content marketing strategy to incorporate these keywords to get more traffic and leads eventually.

2. Find the Top 10 performing posts on your website

Do you want to find the best performing posts on your blog/website? You can check out the Top posts section in the Overview section

All these below given reports can be found in Overview section Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard –> Insights –> Reports –> Overview

When you click on Reports you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below. Click on the overview tab as shown below

When you click on Overview and scroll down you will come across this section Top Posts/Pages which shows the Top 10 posts, you can also get the data of upto top 50 pages.

You can have your important CTA’s embedded within these top performing Blog posts. Because they would receive the maximum traffic you should focus on utilizing these posts to the maximum

3. Device Breakdown report (You can find it under Overview section)

Under the overview report you can find the device breakdown report that gives details about which devices your users are using to browse your website.

If you notice that users browsing your website through Mobile devices is more than you should make sure that your website is Mobile responsive. If your website isn’t Mobile responsive then you might lose out on number of leads and that is why you should be keeping a track of this report.

4. Website Visitor Details (you can find it under Overview section)

You can find details like number of sessions, pageviews, Avg. session duration and Bounce Rate in the overview section.

If your bounce rate is on the higher side you may want to make changes in order to improve the Bounce rate. If you don’t monitor these stats you will never come to know if your website is performing well or not.

If your website visitors are spending only 10 seconds on your website then it is an indicator that the users didn’t find what they were looking for. This way you can make the necessary tweaks on your website and try to improve the Average session time. Again, if you don’t monitor the average session duration then you might not get leads from your website because visitors don’t even spend more than 10 seconds on your website.

5. New Vs. Returning Visitors (You can find it under Overview section)

There should be a good balance between the New visitors Vs. the returning visitors. You should focus on getting new visitors but getting returning visitors is also a good sign but it shouldn’t happen that the percentage of returning visitors exceeds the New visitors percentage

6. Top 10 countries (You can find it under Overview section)

You should monitor this report on a regular basis to see if you are getting visitors from the targeted country you are expecting. For e.g if you are getting traffic from countries which you didn’t intend to then you will have to look into your marketing strategy and work on your targeting and campaigns.

In our case we intended to get traffic from USA, Canada, UK and we are closer to our expectations but we also found that we are getting traffic from India but our main focus is getting visitors from Tier-1 countries.

7. Top 10 Referrals sources (available under the Overview section)

This is also one of the most important traffic sources that you should keep an eye on.

For e.g If you are getting maximum traffic from Facebook but very less traffic from Twitter or any other Social media then it’s time to rethink about your Social media strategy because if you don’t optimize your Social media channels then you might be missing out on a lot of leads.

You need to be good at deriving insights from these reports that you get from Monsterinsights. This data can be leveraged to improve the quality and quantity of leads that you get.

How to Find Source / Medium of the Leads Inside Google Analytics

Login to your Google Analytics account, go to the relevant property and view.

Go to Conversions –> Goals –> Overview and then Click on Source / Medium

If you want to check out how many leads you got by channels you can find the data in Google Analytics

Navigate to Acquisition –> Channels and you can look at the Goals details on the extreme right hand side.

You can also check leads you got from different source/mediums in Google Analytics.

We hope you enjoyed this article. You can also check out our other articles which talk about the features of Monsterinsights.

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