How to Use Smart Tags in OptinMonster for Dynamic Text Replacement

Do you want the customize the text of your campaigns to be specific to the user who visits your website. What if there was a way to identify your leads and customers whenever they visit your website? Even better, what if you could use that information to personalize the user experience when they visit your site?

Brands that use personalization see significant increases in customer engagement, 20% more sales opportunities, and 18x more revenue according to studies by Jupiter Research and Annuitas Group.

What if you could offer a personalized experience to your prospects and leads whenever they visit your website? and what if you didn’t had to hire any developer? In order to achieve this user personalization and dynamic text replacement we are going to make use of a popular WordPress plugin called Optinmonster. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to hire a developer to get this done.

For the uninitiated, Optinmonster is one of the most popular WordPress plugin for creating non-intrusive exit-intent popups which help you in improving conversions. Optinmonster is also useful for lead generation and building an Email list.

By making use of customized text in your campaign you can increase the engagement and conversions and Optinmonster’s Smart tags will help you achieve this functionality and help you in personalizing your marketing campaigns with dynamic and smart content which will improve user experience and ultimately help you in getting more conversions.


In order to make use of the Smart Tags feature of Optinmonster you will have to buy their Pro plan or higher .

OptinMonster’s Smart Tag feature is an awesome, cost effective way to use smart dynamic content in onsite marketing campaigns with a simple drag-and-drop popup builder. 

Let’s understand the concept of Smart Tags

What are Smart Tags and what are they used for?

Smart tags help you in adding dynamic text to your campaign and takes your personalization to the next level. For eg you can showcase the user’s name, or current day of the week automatically by utilizing a specific customized placeholder & this feature is available in the Smart Tags feature

Smart tags feature makes on-site personalization easy. As per one of the research it was found that over 75% of the customers are more likely to buy from a retailer who calls them by their name. (This is the power of personalization and improving user experience which will eventually lead to improvement in conversions. You as a website owner should leverage this powerful feature of Smart Tags provided by Optinmonster

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to Optinmonster Pro plan or higher and make use of the Smart Tags feature as it’s an incredibly powerful tool that site owners can use to optimize their websites and eventually get more conversions!

In order to create customized text for your campaigns you need to create a Campaign inside Optinmonster and for that you first need to install and activate Optinmonster

In order to install and activate Optinmonster plugin you will first have to buy their Pro plan or higher

Once you have purchased Optinmonster’s Pro plan or higher then you need to create a campaign

Add Smart Tags

Create a campaign and add smart tags in order to create customized text for your campaigns. You can make use of predefined tags or create your own

Follow the below given steps to add a smart tag. Note that you have to be logged into your Optinmonster account

Add or edit text from the campaign builder interface. (Notice the text Limited Time Offer as shown in the left hand side of the below given screenshot)

In the next step we will choose the types of smart tags that we wish to make use of. As we stated earlier you can make use of predefined smart tags or your make your own custom smart tag to be used

In order to choose a predefined a smart tag you have to choose curly braces { } as that is how smart tags are declared.

Some of the commonly used smart tags are {{day}}, {{date}} – notice the double curly braces on both the sides we will talk about this later in the article. For the sake of this tutorial we are going to make use of predefined smart tags

Select the smart tag that you wish to use e.g {{day}}, {{date}} etc

In the next step you will have to define the default value of the smart tag in case the tag cannot find the necessary information.

Once done with all the changes you wish to make click on Save which you can see on the right hand side (green colored) – Refer to the above screenshot

Once the campaign is made live you will notice that the smart tag is replaced with the dynamic values.

In case you want to watch a video on how exactly a smart tag looks like in action check out the below video

Smart Tag format

It is important to understand the right usage of smart tags so in the next half of the article we will look at the format of the smart tags.

There is a specific way to declare smart tags. Smart tags always start with double curly braces and end with double curly braces. This helps Optinmonster in determining which smart tag should be replaced

A smart tag looks like this – {{SMART_TAG_NAME}}, e.g {{city}}, {{date}}. Below we have given all the examples that exist

Pre-defined Smart Tags

Let’s have a look at some of the predefined smart tags

Date and Time tags

  • {{date}} – Current date
  • {{day}} – Current Day
  • {{month}} – Current month – e.g April
  • {{year}} – Current year – e.g 2021

Geographic Tags

  • {{city}} – The visitor’s city
  • {{state}}: The visitor’s current state if it exists
  • {{region}}: The visitor’s current region which would include states, provinces, etc.
  • {{region_code}}: The current region’s abbreviation (e.g. “CA” for “California”)
  • {{postal_code}}: The same as {{zip}}
  • {{zip}}: The visitor’s current zip code
  • {{country}}: The visitor’s current country
  • {{country_code}}: The current country’s abbreviation (e.g. “US” for “United States”)

Below we have given a live example of how the {{city}} smart tag has been used

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. So what are you waiting for? Get Optinmonster’s Pro plan or higher and start personalizing your user’s experience and try to get more conversions from your website.

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