How To Track Enhanced eCommerce in Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP

Monsterinsights has built an integration between MonsterInsights, GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro so that users can generate insights from the eCommerce activity on their site and hook into things like our Email Summaries, User Insights, Google’s User Explorer feature, and more. MonsterInsights now works seamlessly with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro!

For the uninitiated, Monsterinsights is one of the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress. Over 3,000,000+ Professionals use Monsterinsights to grow their online business.

GiveWP is the best WordPress donation plugin that lets sites collect donations, manage donors, and build donation forms. GiveWP is the perfect online fundraising platform to increase your online donations, manage donors, and gain insight on your effort — all from directly within your WordPress website.

Whereas Restrict Content Pro is a popular membership plugin for WordPress, which lets sites offer exclusive content to members, create membership levels, and easily manage users from your dashboard. Restrict Content Pro is a full-featured, powerful membership solution for WordPress.

In this article we shed light on the integration of Monsterinsights with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro and how to track Enhanced eCommerce in Restricted Content Pro and GiveWP

Monsterinsights has introduced an E-Commerce Addon which you can use to setup E-commerce tracking on websites that are powered by GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro. This way you will get a better idea on how your audience interacts with your Membership site. You can derive insights from the data which you get from Monsterinsights and you can tweak your strategy and approach to get maximum sales. After all understanding your audience is the most crucial aspect for the success of your business.

You can track the donations received on your GiveWP website and the performance of your membership site with just a few clicks. It is completely fine even if you don’t know coding. All that you need to do is install Monsterinsights’ Ecommerce Addon

In order to access the E-Commerce addon you will need to purchase one of their paid plans as the Free version doesn’t offer the E-commerce Addons

If you wish to grow your E-Commerce store, get more sales and revenue it’s of utmost importance to understand how your audience interacts with your store and that is why E-Commerce tracking is so important. You don’t need to make your hands dirty or do any kind of coding. Monsterinsights WordPress plugin makes E-Commerce tracking super easy.

Monsterinsights gives you detailed insights about your customer’s shopping behavior. You can derive insights and use this data to improvise your strategy, optimize your store and get more sales. How cool it would be if you can track your audience’s behavior and succeed your store. That is exactly what Monsterinsights can help you with. If you don’t track your customer’s behavior you will never ever understand if your efforts are bringing in sales or not.

You can keep a track of all the important Ecommerce metrics like conversion rate, average order value, revenue right inside your WordPress dashboard at the click of a button.

In order to check the Ecommerce Stats follow the below given steps

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Go to Insights –> Addons

Once you click on Addons you will come across a list of all the Addons offered by Monsterinsights. Keep scrolling until you come across the “Ecommerce Addon”


You will have to upgrade to Monsterinsights’ Paid Plan in order to make use of the Ecommerce Addons.

If you already have one of the paid plans of Monsterinsights then you just have to activate the Ecommerce Addon.

You can keep a track of various Ecommerce metrics right inside of Monsterinsights. Some of them have been mentioned below

Besides this you can also get an idea of where the traffic is coming from which country, city as well as the Traffic source (like Organic or Social Media or Paid Traffic). This way you can also get an idea as to which traffic source performs the best for you so you can channelize your efforts on the best performing traffic source. You can also identify which of your store’s products are the best performing ones. This way you can push your best performing products so as to maximize your profits.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Monsterinsights’ Pro plan and make the most of the Ecommerce Addon provided by Monsterinsights and optimize your store and website and get more sales.

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