How to Start a Successful & Profitable WordPress Blog – A Beginner’s Guide

Are you a beginner to WordPress? Do you want to start a WordPress Blog but don’t know how to? Worry not, We have compiled a beginner’s guide on how to start a WordPress blog from scratch, how to choose domain name, how to choose hosting, how to install WordPress theme 

I have been blogging for the past 6 years and in this article I will guide you how to start a Blog step by step with Videos and Screenshots. This blogging tutorial is an absolute beginner’s guide on how to create your own blog from scratch and make money through it (I have made decent amount of money through blogging, more on that will be covered in the other articles)

I have been blogging since 2013 and I have built over 32 sites already and I have helped over 150 newbies create their own blog, most of them weren’t even into Digital Marketing. I agree, that you as a beginner might find it to be an uphill task to create a blog but worry not, I am here to help you out step by step on how to create a WordPress blog in less than a day’s time, in fact, it won’t take even 2-3 hours to do the basic setup of your blog. 

Step 1: Give Your Blog an Identity, a Name

Choose or think of a good name for your blog. Make sure it is something that describes your blog. It should be creative, memorable, and a catchy one (Don’t choose a very long name). In my case, my domain name and my Blog Name both are same

Step 2: Choose a blogging Platform

We are going ahead with WordPress platform. Now you must be wondering why I haven’t given Blogger/Blogspot as the platform. If you are really serious about Blogging and about Making Money through Blogging I would suggest you go ahead with the self hosted WordPress option (This is explained in detail in Step 4 which is about Choosing a good domain name and excellent quality hosting

Step 3: Get Your Blog Online (Register Domain name)

In this step, we will take a look at what is Domain name and how to choose a good domain name. 

So what exactly is a domain name?

Domain name is the address where your website/blog resides, in my website’s case it is – Does it mean that it has to always end with a .com extension. Not a compulsion as such but a recommended one. The “.com” is called as domain extension. There are various kind of domain extensions like .net, .info, .org etc but most people prefer .com. By the way, the other domain extensions are .edu (for educational websites), .org for organizations, .gov (government)

What should an Ideal domain name be like – It should be short but descriptive, catchy, but a memorable one so that people don’t have a hard time remembering your domain name.

So think of five to six suggestions for your domain name! Now you must be thinking why 6-7 suggestions? That’s because it may happen that the domain name you have chosen may have already been taken by someone else. So in that case you will get a message “Sorry, this domain name is already taken”.

OK! So have you jotted down six to seven suggestions. Just write them down on a piece of paper. (Take into consideration the things we told you – catchy, memorable, short etc). Now that you have jotted down the names on a piece of paper, let’s go to the next step

Where to Buy a Domain Name from?

One of the best places to buy a domain name is Namecheap. You can buy your domain name by clicking on the button

In case you want to know how to buy a domain name check out this article.

How to Buy a .com Domain Name at just $8.88

Step 4: Choose a High Quality WordPress Hosting

If you are really serious about Blogging and want to create a successful and profitable blog then you should stay away from substandard hosting services.

It shouldn’t happen that you choose a cheap Shared hosting and your website is down most of the times. The biggest mistake that bloggers tend to make is they end up choosing a cheap hosting and on top of that they choose shared hosting.

If your website is down for 10-15 minutes then you can very well estimate the revenue loss that would happen and that is the reason you should choose a high quality hosting that has the below given features

  1. Excellent Uptime
  2. WordPress Security
  3. Daily backups
  5. 24X7 Customer Support
  6. Live Chat Support
  7. Insanely Fast Speed

WPEngine is one of the best managed WordPress hosting sites in the world and has all the above features and much more and that is why we recommend it as one of the hosting sites for your WordPress website.

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