How to Run an Effective End of the Season Sale On WooCommerce Store By Using Advanced Coupons

Do you want to run an effective end of the season sale on your WooCommerce website? End of the Season sales can bring in a lot of revenue if executed and planned properly. Just like you, there are several companies that run end of the season sales. The competition is at it’s peak during end of the season sale and that is the reason why you need to be unique with your offering and implement the end of the season sale effectively.

There are certain strategies and tools that you need to employ in order to make an End of the season sale a successful one. One such amazing tool which can help you to run an effective End of the season sale is Advanced Coupons. For the uninitiated, Advanced Coupons is one of the most popular coupon plugins for WordPress. In this article we will tell you how to run an effective end of the season sale on a WooCommerce store by making use of Advanced Coupons

Before we move ahead, let’s get to know more about WooCommerce and Advanced coupons.

WooCommerce is a customizable, open source platform built on WordPress. WooCommerce also comes in the form of a WordPress plugin and is used to create and manage online stores. It is one of the best E-Commerce plugins for WordPress that allows users to include great SEO value and E-Commerce ability. Before you run an end of season sale on your website make sure you have installed WooCommerce on your website.

Advanced Coupons is the best WordPress coupon plugin on the market. Advanced Coupons is one of the easiest ways to offer discount codes to your customers. Advanced Coupons can help you in making your end-of-the-season sale a profitable one. By making use of Advanced coupons you can implement “Buy One Get One” offers with ease. Not just this, you can do much more.

In order to implement the below given tactics you need to get the paid plan of Advanced Coupons

Why does your store need an End-of-season sale?

There could be multiple reasons for running an end of season sale:

– Running an end-of-season sale can be a great way of clearing out the old inventory and making space for new products.

– You can make considerable amount of money during the End-of-the-season sale by creating coupon codes, offering discounts and creating a proper marketing strategy.

– Offering amazing discount codes and offers you can grab eyeballs of your customers provided your offers and discounts are better than your competitors.

– Running end of the season sale not only helps you get new customers but also helps to get more return customers. 

You have to plan out your strategy for the end-of-the-season sale well in advance. You don’t want to start planning at the eleventh hour. Before jumping in to run the end of the season sale you should plan your dates accordingly and create a solid marketing strategy to make the most of your end of the season sale promotions.

How using Advanced coupons in WooCommerce can help?

You can use Advanced Coupons to offer discounts that will eventually affect the profitability of your brand as giving discounts and running sales attract a good number of customers.

Using Advanced Coupons in WooCommerce helps you not only run end-of-season sales but, without much hassle can run clearance sale, annual sale or even offer special discounts, etc. without killing your profits and increasing conversion. 

Now that we have understood the basics on how an end of the season sale works let’s proceed further and understand how to implement end of the season sale by making use of Advanced Coupons.

In order to implement the end of the season sale using Advanced Coupons you will first have to install the Advanced Coupons WordPress plugin. Follow the below given step to understand the same.

Advanced Coupons offers two plans at the moment Growth and Business Plan. If you own multiple WooCommerce websites then Business plan is ideally suited for you.

Once you have purchased one of their Paid plans (Growth OR Business) depending on your requirement then you will have to create an account with Advanced Coupons , install and activate their plugin

Install and Activate Advanced Coupons WordPress Plugin

In case you are new to WordPress and don’t know how to install and activate a WordPress plugin worry not, we have covered the steps below

In order to install the Advanced Coupons plugin follow the below given steps

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard. Go to the Plugins section –> Add New

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on Add New you will come across a screen which contains several plugins. In the search box type “Advanced Coupons” and then you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below.

In our case we had already installed the Plugin and activated it that is the reason it is showing ” Active”. In your case you will see an option of “Install Now” as shown in the above screenshot. Now click on “Install Now” and then Activate the Plugin.

Now that we you have activated the plugin let’s proceed further and look at the actual implementation steps 

Below we are giving you efficient tips on how you can easily use Advance Coupons to run End-of-season sale.

Tips for running a successful End-of-season sale 

Let’s have a look some of the tips on how you can execute a successful end-of-the-season sale

Leverage the army of Affiliates

If you have an army of affiliate marketers you might want to inform them beforehand that you are coming up with an end of the season sale and can give them guidelines related to promotion of the end of the season sale. Affiliate marketing could be a great resource for bringing good sales, and preparing beforehand with affiliate marketers can never go wrong with profiting off sales. 

Affiliate Marketers will promote your end of the season sale to their Email list and their audience and you would end up getting even more sales.

You can even offer one of your products for free so that your affiliates can share it with their audience. This mechanism could easily be set up with Advanced Coupons.

If you notice the above image you will see that all the four features are available only in the Premium plans of Advanced Coupons.

We are going to make use of these features while implementing the End of the season sale and making it a profitable one

In order to Add Products you will have to purchase one of the Premium plans of Advanced Coupons as it is premium feature.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and click on Coupons

and select “Add New” under the coupon data Tab and click on “Add Products.”  As shown in the image below, search for the product you want to assign a discount to and select the amount of discount you are offering. 

Below we are giving the coupon for a free product, so we have selected a discount of 100 percent. Click on “Add”.  

Do not forget to share the coupon with your affiliates before the start of the sale. Distributing the coupons beforehand will give them enough time to come up with their ideas to have content of their own to share with their followers. 

2. Create a Sense of Urgency & Scarcity to get better Conversions

 Simply attracting customers to your store does not assure that they will engage in buying products. Running end of season sales and offering generous discounts might not be enough for your business and that is exactly where setting deadlines will help. 

If you set a specific timeline or a countdown timer then this will be a kind of psychological play and users will have this on mind that the sale is ending on a particular date, creating this sense of urgency will definitely increase sales to a great extent.

It is ideal to use the concept of urgency when discount coupons or freebies are not working. Creating a sense of urgency or creating a deadline creates a perception what’s known as FOMO (fear of missing out). Using a deadline is one of the easiest way to produce FOMO. For example, displaying “product discounts only available till this weekend” or “ the deal is only on for the next 48 hours” or “ the coupon is valid for ten days” will get the job done! 

To set deadlines, you’ll need to set up a schedule for the sale. Open the Coupon data tab and select “Scheduler” as shown in the image below. Enter a coupon start date and expiry date. 

Note: The scheduler feature is available only in the Premium plan of Advanced Coupons. So if you haven’t purchased any of their plans then you will have to upgrade to one of their premium plans

Creating the feeling of scarcity may help you in getting more sales. When a shopper feels they have limited time to shop, they actually, for a fact, shop more. 

Scarcity of products can inspire a buyer into getting the product. For example, saying, “One time offer” or “only while supply lasts” creates a sense of urgency that can have a shopper buy the product to avoid losing the product, as they do not know if the product will or will not be available on discount ever again. 

You can also display the number of items left in stock for that particular item. Realizing that there are very few products available people will certainly jump on and end up buying those products.

You can easily do this, by clicking on “Add new” and under coupon data, fill in the Discount type and Coupon amount. We have selected, percentage discount and 25 percent as shown in the image below. 

As we need to set limits, we will now set usage limits. Below, we have selected 100 for the times the coupon is going to be used each day. We have also limited the coupon to be only used once by a user. And finally, resetting the conditions of coupon i.e.- reset every day. 

Once you have set up your coupons, you’d now have to move over to the cart conditions section. From the drop-down menu you need to select the cart condition that you want to apply to your coupon and click on the Add button. Also, select the number of hours after the coupon is going to expire. 

We had selected “within hours after the customer last order” as shown in the image below. 

You have to be considerate of the time that your customer is going to take to come back and shop again. Select the time wisely and click on “save cart conditions”. We had selected 720 hours. That equals one month. 

3. Schedule Discounts in Advance for Better Results 

Offering a heavy discount at the beginning of the sale could make you less money, on the other hand, offering heavy discounts at the end of the sale can fetch your business good sales. This could easily be achieved through scheduling discounts in advance. 

You can easily set this up using Advanced coupons plugins. Under coupon data click on the “scheduler tab”. Enter the dates that you’d want the coupon to be running. 

 At the beginning of the sale, you can choose lighter discounts, and as the sale progresses, you can select deeper discounts and schedule them to run first before the coupon expires. 

Advanced coupon has an option that automatically adds the discount without the customer adding a coupon code. To perform this, just click on the checkbox saying “Enable auto apply for coupon” as shown in the image below. 


The Advanced coupon plugin will guarantee your business monetary gains as well as good customer base growth. 

We hope the article has helped you accumulate all the tips that you needed for running a successful end-of-season sale. Let us know in the comments which one worked out most for you!

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