How to Install WordPress Easily in Hostinger Manually – Step by Step Guide (With Screenshots)

Do you use Hostinger as your hosting provider and want to Install WordPress manually by yourself (without taking the support team’s help). Installing WordPress on Hostinger is a quick and easy process and you can even get this done by yourself even if you are not technically sound.  

In this article we have included a step by step guide on how to install WordPress on Hostinger. Before that you should make sure that you have connected your domain by changing the Nameservers. We have covered the steps for changing Nameservers to Hostinger Nameservers in a different article 

There are several ways you can install WordPress but in this article we are going to see how to Install WordPress on Hostinger by making use of Auto Installer. (Note – This feature “Auto Installer” is specific to Hostinger Hosting users only).  

Login to your Hostinger Hosting account  – you can possibly find it here –

Once you have logged into your Hostinger account you will see something of this type 

Choose “Hosting” from the navigation as shown in the above screenshot.

Once you click on it you will be able to see your domain name “” and the option “Manage” besides that. (Refer to the below given screenshot)  

* is just an example that we have taken for reference

Once you click on Manage (as seen in the above screenshot) you will get a screen like this (shown below)

Choose “Auto-Installer”, you will find this under the Website section. Once you click on “Auto-Installer” option you will get several options of CMS that you wish to install.

In our context we would be choosing WordPress as shown in the below given screenshot. 

Once you click on WordPress you will get a screen as shown below wherein you will be entering your Username, password for WordPress and then finally click on Install 

Once the installation is done you will a get a screen similar to the one shown below which states that WordPress has been installed 

In order to access your WordPress website you can try out (replace with your domain name followed by /wp-admin) then you will get a screen something like this. 

Enter your Username or Email Address and the password and you will be inside your WordPress Dashboard

Wp-admin WordPress Login Screen

We hope that you found this tutorial to be helpful

The next steps would be to Install a Good WordPress theme and install the necessary WordPress Plugins. So what are you waiting? If you are done with the Installation of WordPress then Refer to the below given two articles 

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