Easy Tools and Hacks to Boost WordPress Site’s Speed and Core Web Vitals Score

Do you want to improve your WordPress website’s page load time and core web vitals score? In this article we will tell you easy, feasible hacks to boost your WordPress website’s page load time and core web vitals score.

Studies have proven time and again about the importance of a fast loading website and what happens if you don’t have one.

As per one of the studies, even a 1-second delay in page load time can reduce conversions by as much as 7% and if your website is taking more than 3 seconds to load then close to 53% visitors will abandon your website (majority of them will never ever return back to your website0. If you aren’t still convinced with these stats let us ask you one important question by giving you a scenario.

Let’s assume you visit a website which takes 6-7 seconds to load and every time you reload the page it takes a long time to load. Will you still continue browsing that website if it takes more than 6-7 seconds to load? The obvious answer to this question is that you will abandon this website as it is a terrible experience browsing such slow loading websites. We hope by now you might have realized why it is of utmost importance to have fast loading websites.

Page load time is also one of the important ranking factors as stated by Google.

Having a fast loading website becomes even more important when it comes to mobile searches. If your website is taking a long time to load then it impacts the user experience which will ultimately hamper your conversions and eventually revenue.

If your website loads quickly then it offers a great user experience, boosts traffic to your website and also helps in SEO as well (Do you remember that we discussed about page load time being one of the important factors used by Google_

Having a slow loading website can ultimately affect your conversions and revenue.

Google’s Page experience update will be taken into consideration as a ranking signal from May 2021 and that is one important reason why you should focus on improving page load time and core web vitals.

In order to evaluate a website for the page experience update Google stated that they would take into consideration set of signals explained below

– how quickly a page loads (this is the most important factor)

– Is it a mobile-friendly and responsive website

– Is the website secured (HTTPS)?

– Are there any intrusive interstitials or pop-ups that could impact

All of these terms fall under the term Core Web Vitals referred to by Google

How to Determine how Quickly your Website Loads

If you are wondering how quickly your website loads then you can make use of Monsterinsights’ Site Speed report which gives details about your website performance.

Important Pre-requisite:

In order to make use of the Site Speed Report feature you will need to buy the Pro license of Monsterinsights. The free version of Monsterinsights doesn’t offer the Site Speed report feature

Monsterinsights is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress which has tons of features that a website owner can make use of to improve their website performance. In this article we are going to talk about their new feature called Site Speed reports by Monsterinsights

So if you haven’t bought the Monsterinsights Pro license then you should get it by clicking on the button below before we proceed further.

Assuming that you have already bought the Monsterinsights Pro license let’s proceed ahead with the next steps

Step 1: Install and Activate the Monsterinsights Plugin 

So the first step is to Install the Monsterinsights plugin. For this you need a Monsterinsights Pro planFor this you need to visit the this link –> Get Pro plan

Once you have done the above step then login to your Monsterinsights account and go to the downloads section, there you will see a button “Download Monsterinsights” 

Once you click on the “Download Monsterinsights” button a ZIP file will be downloaded (might be downloaded to your computer). We would need this in the next steps

Now navigate to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins→ Add New 

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on “Add New” you will come across “Add Plugin [Upload Plugin]” option

Add a New Plugin

Once you click on Upload Plugin you will get an option as shown in the below screenshot.

Now you have to upload the ZIP file which you had downloaded to your computer. Once you have chosen the ZIP file then click on “Install Now”

Once you click on “Install Now” then you should Activate the plugin. Once you have activated the plugin you will have to enter the license key which you can find under Downloads when you login to your Monsterinsights account. Refer to the below given screenshot.

Step 2: Paste the License Key

Once you have found the License Key you will copy it and paste it inside the space provided for License key. Let us see how you can do that.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the “Insights” section. Now click on Insights–> Settings (You can refer to the below screenshot to understand this step better)

Once you click on Settings you will come across a box wherein you have to enter the LIcense Key (refer to the below screenshot)

Step 3: Check the Site Speed Report

In order to check the Site Speed report navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

Go to Insights –> Reports

Once you click on Settings you will come across a Menu section similar to the one shown below (Click on the Site speed tab from the Menu)

Let’s have a look at what all you can achieve by making use of the Site Speed reports feature

Before we go ahead let’s have a look at what the Site speed report looks like and how to interpret the data present inside this report. (We already discussed in the above step where to find Site Speed Report inside Monsterinsights)

Site Speed report will give you a clear idea on how quickly your website is loading. Besides that you can also get a score of how your website is performing on a mobile or desktop device.

Let’s have a look at some simple hacks that you can make use of in order to make your page/website load faster as well as improve your website’s core web vitals as it’s one of the most important

Simple Hacks to Boost Your Website’s Page Load Time & Web Vitals Score

1. Choose a High Quality WordPress Hosting

One of the most important things that can have a huge impact on your website’s page load time is the WordPress hosting service you choose. If you are beginner and don’t know what web hosting means then let’s understand this in simple terms.

Website hosting is where all your files and content are stored. Web hosting is like your house and your website content, files and folders are like your family members. Using a wrong WordPress hosting can have a huge impact on your WordPress website’s speed as it will take a long time to load and your users will get frustrated.

There are several types of WordPress hosting but we will primarily discuss three main types.

– Shared Hosting

– Managed WordPress Hosting

– Dedicated Hosting

If you are a beginner and are short on budget then you can certainly try out Shared hosting like Greengeeks or A2 Hosting as they are cheap in terms of pricing and give you good performance considering that the website traffic you receive is not in the higher range.

The primary reason why we don’t opt for shared hosting is because in the shared hosting the server space is shared with several other websites (that’s why it is named as shared hosting). Shared Hosting has several downsides like server might crash as the main server space is shared by 100s of other websites.

Now imagine if there are 10 websites on the same shared hosting space as yours and receive considerable amount of traffic then they might utilize more resources than you.

Another downside of shared hosting comes into picture if your website receives traffic in huge numbers. Let’s assume you choose a shared hosting plan which supports only 10,000 monthly visitors but over time you start receiving more traffic then you will start facing issues if you don’t upgrade to a higher plan. In such cases we generally make use of Dedicated hosting plans as with a dedicated hosting you get a dedicated hosting server which isn’t shared by other websites on the server.

If you are a serious business owners and have sufficient budget then you should go for Managed WordPress hosting or dedicated web hosting.

Below we have given some of the most popular Managed WordPress Hosting and Dedicated Hosting that you should try if you are really a serious business owner

1. WP Engine – WP Engine offers various Managed WordPress hosting plans as well as ECommerce hosting plans

2. Liquid Web – This is one of the best dedicated hosting service that is popular amongst customers who are looking for dedicated plans at an affordable price. They also offer managed WordPress hosting as well as dedicated hosting

Important Note: If you are beginner and are short on budget then you can opt for the below Shared hosting services

1. Greengeeks

2. A2 Hosting

3. Hostinger

2. Use a Light weight WordPress Theme

One mistake that many website owners make is that they choose the wrong WordPress theme and this is one of the reasons why you should choose a fast loading, lightweight WordPress theme. Don’t use WordPress themes that might lead to bloating (cause your page to load slowly).

Its important to have a WordPress theme that is optimized for better performance. Some WordPress themes are visually stunning but they are poorly coded and this is the one of the reasons why WordPress websites using such themes tend to become slower.

Some of the lightweight WordPress themes that load quickly are

1. Generatepress

2. Astra

If you are looking for WordPress Themes Marketplaces then you can check out the below WordPress themes/Marketplaces

Thrive Themes

Elegant Themes

Generally speaking try to avoid those sites which have too many animations, sliders, flashy elements. These elements and features are genreally not needed and they tend to make your website slower.

3. Make use of WordPress Caching Plugins

Before we dive deeper into the details about the WordPress caching plugins let’s understand the concept of caching quickly.

Whenever a user loads a webpage in a browser then WordPress gets that data from the server and then the data is sent back to the browser. There are several steps involved in this process which leads to increase in page load time (alternatively, you can read it as “this process might slow down your website). In order to overcome this problem we make use of caching. Let’s understand the concept of caching in detail.

What caching does is it Caching helps in improving your page load time as a result of which your website loads faster and also improves the server response time.

When you implement caching mechanism then instead of going through the whole process and steps of fetching a webpage you caching plugin makes a copy of the page after the first load and fetches that cached version to the browser.

WP Rocket is one of the most popular WordPress caching plugins been used by various website owners. WP Rocket is beginner-friendly which means even if you are not tech savvy still you can implement caching on your WordPress website by making use of WP Rocket. You can enable WordPress caching at a single click.

If you want to know how exactly WordPress caching works then you can check out the below video

4. Optimize your Images Before Uploading them on your website

If you are uploading images to your website don’t upload them as it is. When you upload images which are 1 MB or 5 MB in size what happens is that these images tend to take a very very long time to load and this ultimately impacts your page load time to a great extent and that is the reason why you need to optimize images.

You can make use of image compression tools like Shortpixel which compress your images in terms of size without compromising on the image quality.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for one of their plans and start optimizing your images in order to improve your page load time.

5. Make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Let’s understand the concept of Content Delivery Network in detail before we go further.

Let’s assume your website visitor is located in Australia but your website is hosted on a server located in United States. The visitor will experience a slow loading time as they are trying to access a website which is hosted on a server in United States. On the other hand, if a visitor came to your website from United States and your website server is also located in USA then the visitor will be able to access the website quickly.

The location of your web hosting server should be closer to the location of the visitor and that is the reason why we make use of Content Delivery Network.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers located in different locations around the world. CDNs helps your website load instantly in seconds as the cached content is delivered from the nearest server.

Content Delivery Network improves the page load time of your website and your website loads instantly irrespective of the location of the visitor. Whenever a visitor from Australia will visit your website then the CDN will deliver the cached content from the nearest server in Australia even if the web hosting server is located in United States, this is the benefit of using a Content Delivery Network.

If you still didn’t understand the concept of CDN you can have a look at the below given video which explains the concept of Content Delivery Network.

6. Deactivate Unused Plugins

One of the mistakes that many website owners make is that they get overwhelmed with all the amazing and powerful WordPress plugins out there but they tend to forget that they end up installing too many WordPress plugins and they hardly use all of them. Some of the plugins reside in the list of WordPress plugins for months without being used even once.

Having too many unused WordPress plugins unnecessarily add unwanted junk files on the server. If you remove these unused (unwanted WordPress plugins) these might free up the server space to some extent and the server can use the resources in an efficient manner.

In case you don’t want to delete a plugin because you might use it in the future but don’t need it right now then in such cases you can deactivate those plugins.

7. Get Rid of Slow plugins

Some plugins aren’t coded that well and tend to bloat your website. It is of utmost importance that you get rid of these slow plugins because they will ultimately make your website slower. If you are wondering how to determine if a WordPress plugin is slow or fast you can follow the below given process.

Install the plugin that you want – then after installation of the plugin check the website speed in Monsterinsights and check the website speed. If it has increased significantly from what it was earlier this means that the page takes longer time to load. So the plugin installed might make your website slower to some extent

Deactivate or delete that plugin and then perform the above check again and monitor the website speed.

8. Update your WordPress Frequently

You should update your WordPress version as an when an update is available. In addition to upgrading WordPress version you should also WordPress plugins from time to time.

The reason why you should update WordPress version is because with every new update bugs are fixed and you get security against security issues. Not updating plugins or WordPress version might expose you to security threats

In case you want to check if you have updated WordPress version or not then you can do so by navigating to Dashboard –> Updates

Whenever you click on Updates you will come across a screen which is shown in the above screenshot.

9. Embed Videos (Don’t Upload Them Directly)

You should never ever upload videos or audio files directly to your WordPress site. It’s better that you upload those videos on Youtube.com or other video hosting platform and then embed the Youtube link inside the WordPress site.

The videos that you see in this article are Embedded Youtube videos and not direct uploads. If you upload videos directly then your website will become very slow and that is the reason why you should embed videos.

10. Use Lazy Load Mechanism

You should make use of Lazy load mechanism in order to improve page load time of your website. Let’s try to understand the concept of Lazy load in WordPress.

When you implement Lazy Load mechanism then images, videos and other multimedia files load as and when the user scrolls. In short, all the images, video, multimedia files don’t load all at once and load asynchronously.

11. Avoid Using Too Many Custom Fonts

You shouldn’t use too many custom fonts on your website as they tend to slow down your website. It is a good practice to use 1-2 custom fonts, In case of our website we have used only one font and we don’t complicate things by using too many Custom fonts.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article on how to improve your Core web vitals and page load time and you will certainly make use of these hacks to make your website load faster. Keep watching this space for more amazing articles about WordPress, Digital Marketing, SEO and much more.

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