How to Find the Keywords Which People Use to Find Your Website

Do you want to know which keywords people are using to find your website? In this article we will tell you how you can find the exact keywords which your audience is using to find your website. 

It is of utmost importance that you monitor the keywords for which your website is ranking for. Most bloggers and website owners don’t know which keywords are bringing traffic to their website. Once you come to know about the keywords users are searching for, then you can use this data and derive insights in order to improve your SEO strategy and improve your online presence. 

Keywords are one of the most important aspects when it comes to ranking your website on the first page of Google or Bing’s Search Engine Results Page. If you know which keywords your website is ranking for then you can get a fair idea if your SEO efforts are yielding results or not. You can also come to know if your targeted keywords are actually ranking or not, this way you will be on the right track. 

In this article we will tell you how you can know the exact search queries people are using to come to your website. 

Keywords are basically search terms, phrases or words which people use while searching for a brand, product, service or something they want to buy. If you target the right keywords and have proper content then there are high chances that you will rank for the targeted keyword if you have followed the best SEO practices as well as the content is of high quality. 

Besides the above you will also come across search queries which hadn’t targeted in the first place but users are searching for those terms. You can use these keywords to create fresh content and you can boost your average ranking and traffic to the next level. 

We are going to make use of a WordPress plugin called Monsterinsights in order to identify the search queries that bring traffic to your website and all of this you will get right inside of your WordPress dashboard. 

How to find the keywords which people are Using to find your website 

Before we go ahead let’s understand some basics. 

Google Analytics won’t give you an idea of the search queries (unless you are looking at the Paid Traffic report and which keywords brought the conversion, so this is applicable only in case of Paid Campaigns, i.e if you are running any Search ads etc. You generally get “keyword not provided in Google Analytics when you are browsing the reports. 

One of the tools we would make use of to get the search queries is Google Search Console. 

Google Search console helps you monitor your site’s performance and it gives an idea about the following things 

  • Your site’s performance in terms of Clicks and Impressions 
  • Your site’s average position
  • Search queries 
  • Security notifications (if your site has been affected by any kind of malware and stuff)
  • You can also check the indexing status of the website URLs (if they are indexed properly or not) 

There are 3 ways in which you can find what keywords people are using to come to your website. 

1. By Making use of Monsterinsights’ Search Queries section (Recommended) – This is easy to use if you are a beginner or even an expert 

2. Google Search Console’s Search Queries section (If you are a beginner to Google Search console then you might have a hard time trying to understand Google Search Console’s metrics, this generally happens when users are new to a particular platform. If you are an expert in Google Search console you may want to try out your hands with this tool but if you are an absolute and looking for an easy option then Monsterinsights’ Search queries will make your life easier 

3. You can make use of keyword research tools like SEMRUSH, KW Finder or Long Tail Pro to find the keywords you are looking for. (If you choose any of these tools you will have to invest some amount as well as learn these tools from scratch)

Considering the above 3 options, the 1st option seems to be the easiest one, beginner-friendly as well as hassle-free wherein you don’t have to scratch your head. 

So we are going with the 1st Option i.e using Monsterinsights to find keywords which people use to find your website. 


You need to purchase the Monsterinsights Plus plan in order to see the search queries as the Plus plan supports the Search queries option which isn’t available in the basic plan. 

Use Monsterinsights to Find Keywords Which People Search to Find Your Website 

For the uninitiated, Monsterinsights is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It has tons of features to offer when you purchase their Pro and Plus plans. Some of them have been stated below 

1. You can keep a track of all the Search Queries right inside of your Dashboard 

2. You can create a Stats dashboard to show all your Google Analytics stats In one place (You don’t need to login to Google analytics and keep on monitoring every single day) 

3. You can also do scroll depth tracking which basically tells you how much percentage of your webpages the users have scrolled. You can utilize this data to derive insights and improve your website elements to get better engagement

4. Monsterinsights provides easy to understand Google Analytics reports right inside of your WordPress dashboard. So even if you are a beginner who is completely new to Google Analytics you don’t have to worry, Monsterinsights will make your life way easier. 

So let’s get started with the process on how to use Monsterinsights to see the keywords which people search to find your website 

Step 1: Install and Activate the Monsterinsights Plugin 

So the first step is to Install the Monsterinsights plugin. For this you need a Monsterinsights Pro planFor this you need to visit the Monsterinsights website and choose their Pro plan

Once you have done the above step then login to your Monsterinsights account and go to the downloads section, there you will see a button “Download Monsterinsights” 

Image Courtesy – Monsterinsights

Once you click on the “Download Monsterinsights” button a ZIP file will be downloaded (might be downloaded to your computer). We would need this in the next steps

Now navigate to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins→ Add New 

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on “Add New” you will come across “Add Plugin [Upload Plugin]” option

Add a New Plugin

Once you click on Upload Plugin you will get an option as shown in the below screenshot.

Now you have to upload the ZIP file which you had downloaded to your computer. Once you have chosen the ZIP file then click on “Install Now”

Once you click on “Install Now” then you should Activate the plugin. Once you have activated the plugin you will have to enter the license key which you can find under Downloads when you login to your Monsterinsights account. Refer to the below given screenshot.

2. Paste the License Key

Once you have found the License Key you will copy it and paste it inside the space provided for License key. Let us see how you can do that.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the “Insights” section. Now click on Insights–> Settings (You can refer to the below screenshot to understand this step better)

Once you click on Settings you will come across a box wherein you have to enter the LIcense Key (refer to the below screenshot)

Step 2: Connect Google Analytics WIth your WordPress website Using Monsterinsights

Once you click on “Connect Monsterinsights” you are basically authenticating your Google Analytics and connecting it with Monsterinsights so that your Google Analytics reflects in Monsterinsights

Connect Google Analytics to Monsterinsights

In the next step we will grant Monsterinsights the access to your Google Analytics account

Once you have granted access to Monsterinsights the next step would be to set up Google Search Console. Please follow the below given steps to verify your site in Google Search Console with your Google Analytics account

Step 3: Verify Your site on Google Search Console


1. As stated earlier you need to have Monsterinsights Plus plan or higher in order to get the search queries data. The keywords data isn’t available in the basic plan of Monsterinsights.

2. You need to have Google Analytics Installed on your WordPress website using Monsterinsights. You can check out this article to know how to install Google Analytics on WordPress website using Monsterinsights

3. In order to setup Google Search Console you need to be logged in to the same Google account which you had used while setting up Google Analytics account.

Once you are sure that all the above pre-requisites are ready then login to Google Search console. Go to Google–> Type in “Google Search Console”. You will see a screen similar to this one.

Google Search Console

As shown in the above screenshot click on “Start Now” and Login to Google Search Console Account using the same Google account which you used for logging into your Google Analytics account.

Once you login to your Google Search Console, go to the left hand side section wherein you will see a screen similar to the one shown below.

Click on “Add Property‘ if this is the first time that you are adding a website to Google Search Console account.

Once you click on the “Add Property” you will get a screen similar to the one shown below

Property Verification in Google Search Console

Now there are two ways in which you can add and verify your property (your website) in Google Search Console.

1. Domain Method – In this method you will have to enter your domain name – e.g (without any kind of https or trailing slash at the end of .com

Now in this method you will get 2-3 options which you can implement to verify your property (e.g DNS verification, HTML Tag Verification etc)

2. URL Prefix – In this method you have to type your URL in the place as shown in the above screenshot. In this case you have to included https while typing your domain name eg.

In this guide we are going to go ahead with the second method (URL Prefix) in order to verify our property in Google Search Console.

Once you type in your URL (in the empty section of the URL Prefix method) and click on Continue you will get a message similar to this one showing that the property has been verified and the method used for verification was Google Analytics (Refer to the below given screenshot)

Once you have verified your property in Google Search Console then you can see the search query report inside Monsterinsights’ Search Console section.

You can see the Top 50 Search queries inside the Monsterinsights’ Search Console report

In order to see the search queries right inside your WordPress dashboard using Monsterinsights follow the below given steps

1. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard

2. Go to Insights –> Reports

When you click on Reports you will see a screen similar to the one shown below

Once you click on the Search Console section (as shown in the above screenshot) you will come across the detailed search console report as shown in the below screenshot

In the Search Console report inside Monsterinsights you can get details about Clicks, Impressions, Click-through Rate (CTR), and Average Position

Analyzing the Search queries report from Google Search Console is also possible but might be a challenge for people who aren’t familiar with Google Search Console, in scenarios like this Monsterinsights turns out as one of the most convenient and easy to understand reports which even a beginner can understand and derive insights from.

We hope you enjoyed reading this detailed guide on how to find the keywords which people use to find your website using Monsterinsights

So what are you waiting for? Start discovering the keywords which people use to find your website and maximize those keywords in order to rank on the first page and get insane amount of website traffic. You can uncover other content opportunities based on these keywords

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Monsterinsights Plus Plan & discover the keywords which your audience is searching for and take your SEO to the next level. 

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