How to Export and Share Google Analytics Reports With Others

Do you want to share your Google Analytics reports with your peers or clients and looking for an easy way to do so? In this article we will tell you how you can share your Google Analytics reports with your teammates, clients and prospects in an easy way.

Let’s assume a scenario that you want to share the Google Analytics data with your teammates but they ask for login credentials of your Google Analytics account but you are reluctant to share the credentials. In such cases you can easily export and share your Google Analytics reports without having to give permission or access to anyone.

Sharing Google Analytics reports on a frequent basis with your clients is a great way to gain the trust of your clients and customers. This way you aren’t hiding any metrics or manipulating any data, everything is crystal clear and original data, this gives a signal to the client that you are an ethical business owner and value their money and resources.

Below we have given some scenarios wherein you might have to share Google Analytics reports

Weekly/ Monthly Performance reports: You can easily export and share the Google Analytics stats with your clients and keep them updated on a regular basis about their site’s performance

Sharing reports with Internal team members: If you are a part of a big Digital Marketing agency there are numerous occasions when you have share Google analytics data for a project with other team members this is when you can export the data and share it with them

Guest Posting / Sponsored Posts – When you approach someone or pitch them for sponsored posts then the other party might ask you about your website statistics

Now that we had a look at some scenarios let’s get started with the actual process on how you can export Google Analytics data and reports and share them with clients, teammates etc.

In order to share and export the reports we will be making use of a WordPress plugin called Monsterinsights which is one of the best analytics plugin for WordPress and most popular in the WordPress community.


You will need a Pro license of Monsterinsights in order to access the features needed to share and export Google analytics reports as this features aren’t available in the free version.

So if you haven’t bought the Monsterinsights Pro license then you should get it by clicking on the button below before we proceed further.

Assuming that you have already bought the Monsterinsights Pro license let’s proceed ahead with the next steps

Step 1: Install and Activate the Monsterinsights Plugin 

So the first step is to Install the Monsterinsights plugin. For this you need a Monsterinsights Pro planFor this you need to visit the this link –> Get Pro plan

Once you have done the above step then login to your Monsterinsights account and go to the downloads section, there you will see a button “Download Monsterinsights” 

Once you click on the “Download Monsterinsights” button a ZIP file will be downloaded (might be downloaded to your computer). We would need this in the next steps

Now navigate to your WordPress dashboard and click on Plugins→ Add New 

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on “Add New” you will come across “Add Plugin [Upload Plugin]” option

Add a New Plugin

Once you click on Upload Plugin you will get an option as shown in the below screenshot.

Now you have to upload the ZIP file which you had downloaded to your computer. Once you have chosen the ZIP file then click on “Install Now”

Once you click on “Install Now” then you should Activate the plugin. Once you have activated the plugin you will have to enter the license key which you can find under Downloads when you login to your Monsterinsights account. Refer to the below given screenshot.

2. Paste the License Key

Once you have found the License Key you will copy it and paste it inside the space provided for License key. Let us see how you can do that.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the “Insights” section. Now click on Insights–> Settings (You can refer to the below screenshot to understand this step better)

Once you click on Settings you will come across a box wherein you have to enter the LIcense Key (refer to the below screenshot)

3 Easy Ways to Export & Share Analytics Reports With Others

1st Method:. Sharing reports Via Email summaries

You can make use of Monsterinsights’ email summaries feature in order to share weekly performance reports with your clients, teammates or whosoever you want to share your analytics reports

There might be instances wherein your clients might want to check analytics reports on the go. In such cases you can make use of the Email deliverables feature inside Monsterinsights and share the weekly performance reports which will be right inside their inbox.

One of the best things about the reports delivered by the Email summaries feature is that they are easy to understand. So, even if your client isn’t a tech savvy person they won’t have any difficulties trying to understand the report.

This method saves your client’s time and efforts as they don’t need to login to Google Analytics and spend hours trying to jot down the metrics. Your client will get all the performance metrics in one dashboard and the ones that really matter for their business. Moreover, if your client is a beginner they would be having a really hard time trying to understand the reports and metrics inside Google Analytics and might get overwhelmed and feel like there is too much of information overload and that is where this feature of Email deliverables comes in handy.

In order to see the working of the Email summaries feature of Monsterinsights all that you have to do is follow the below given steps.

We assume you have already followed all the steps above and installed and activated the Monsterinsights plugin by entering the license key. If you have done the above steps and activated the plugin as well as entered the license key proceed to the next steps

Go to your WordPress dashboard –> Insights –> Settings –> Advanced

Once you click on Settings then go to the Advanced tab and click on the Email Summaries tab (Refer to the below given screenshot)

Email summaries in Monsterinsights

Once you choose the Email summaries you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below.

You can add upto 5 Email addresses to whom you can send email summaries. Besides this you also get an option to add your own logo or branding so that it reflects that the reports have come via your agency / organization. This way you build a sense of trust and credibility with your clients.

This is just an example of how the Google Analytics report will look like in your client’s inbox when sent via Email summaries feature of Monsterinsights. It depends on you which metrics you wish to include in the report.

Let’s have a look at the second method of exporting and sharing Google Analytics reports with others.

2nd Method: Using the Export PDF feature of Monsterinsights

If you have installed Monsterinsights on your WordPress website and connected it with Google analytics then you can easily export the Google Analytics reports by utilizing the Export PDF feature inside Monsterinsights. All that you have to do is click on Export PDF and the report will be ready at the click of a button.

Note: The Export PDF feature is available only to users who have the Monsterinsights Pro license

Let’s have a look at where you can find this Export PDF feature inside Monsterinsights

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Click on Insights –> Click on Reports

Once you click on Reports you will come across the reports generated inside the Monsterinsights dashboard under the Overview report. Refer to the below given screenshot

Export Google Analytics Reports to share with others

Once you click on Export PDF report button as shown in the screenshot a PDF of the report will be downloaded which you can share with your clients

3rd Method: Giving Permission to Other Users to View Reports

The other way of sharing Google Analytics reports is by utilizing the User permissions feature of Monsterinsights

There might be some instances wherein the clients or your teammates might want to view the actual reports. In such scenarios you will have to share the reports by giving user permissions (e.g editor level, administrator level). You can specify exactly with whom you want to share the Google Analytics reports.

You can basically define user roles and allow only those specific people to view the Google Analytics reports. Monsterinsights makes it super easy for you to manage different user roles and permissions right from inside of your Monsterinsights dashboard.

Check out the below given steps on how you can assign user roles and give permissions.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Click on Insights –> Settings

Once you click on Settings then you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below. Click on the Advanced Tab and then keep on scrolling down until you find the Permissions section and then you can choose the appropriate roles. Below we have given just an example. You can choose the permission and assign user roles as per your requirement.

Now we just had a look at the several ways how one can share the Google Analytics reports with others (clients, teammates, etc).

We hope you enjoyed going through this article. You can make use of any of these methods to export and share Google Analytics reports with your clients.

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