How to Display Popular Posts List in WordPress to Get Crazy Engagement

Do you want to get crazy engagement and boost your sales from your WordPress website? In this article we tell you how you can make use of the Popular Posts List in WordPress to get crazy engagement and boost your sales. 

You might have seen several Bloggers and website owners who make use of Popular Posts on their blogs and websites. In this article we will explain step by step how you can display Popular Posts on your WordPress website by making the use of Monsterinsights Plugin. 

Before we proceed further let’s understand some basics

Let’s imagine you go to your Google Analytics and ask it for the top 10 popular posts and Google Analytics tells you that these XYZ articles are your top 10 most popular posts. You got some valuable insight right? So you now plan to show these popular posts on our WordPress website but you are not good at custom coding and all that advanced stuff wherein you will have to do some kind of coding to showcase the most popular posts. So you find it very difficult and then you think if there’s something that can make your life easier. 

What if we told you that you can display popular posts on your WordPress website without doing all of this coding stuff and by making use of a plugin called Monsterinsights. 

In order to display popular posts list on your WordPress website you can make use of a popular WordPress plugin called Monsterinsights

Lets have a look at some of the Benefits of Popular Posts list in WordPress

1. When you include Popular Posts on your WordPress site then people can see them either at the end of the Blog post or on the right hand sidebar, what this does is it attracts user attention and the user clicks on those articles.

2. When the user clicks on those popular posts it increases the time spent by the user on the website, i.e the user engages with your website. These popular posts keep the users hooked onto your website thereby increasing pageviews. This is a good sign if you are a website owner. 

3. Implementing Popular Post list on your WordPress site helps you in getting more pageviews, a lower bounce rate and higher rate of user engagement.

4. The most important benefit of Popular posts list is that it helps your readers find the best content from your site in one place so that they don’t have to keep on digging the entire site. Make it easy for your readers to find your most popular posts in one place.

Monsterinsights has this cool feature called Popular posts and contextual insights. There are 3 ways in which you can make use of Monsterinsights to display popular posts

1. Popular Post Widget –  You can display your 10 most popular articles anywhere on your site as you wish (Sidebar and at the end of the post are two most popular placements where you can display your Popular posts) 

2. Inline Popular Posts – You can display your popular posts within the text of your article. 

3. Popular Products – If you own an Ecommerce store then you can display your best performing products at a place you desire. This has proven to boost sales, conversions and revenue to a great extent. 


1. Before get started with the implementation, i.e In order to display Popular Posts list on your WordPress website you’ll need the Monsterinsights Pro plan 

2. You will have to enable the Dimension Add-on (available to only people with Pro plan and above)

Considering now you have the Monsterinsights Pro plan let’s get started with the implementation. 

Step 1: Install the Monsterinsights Plugin 

In order to install the Monsterinsights PLugin on your WordPress site follow the steps given below

1. Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard

2. From the Plugins section click on Plugins→ Add New (as shown in the below screenshot) 

3. Click on “Add New

4. Once you click on “Add New” a screen as shown below will appear. Now in the search box search for “Monsterinsights” now you will see a screenshot similar to the one shown below

5. Now install and activate this plugin. 

Step 2 : Set up Post Type Custom Dimension

This is one of the most important step in this article. In order to setup the post type custom dimension follow the below given steps

1. Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard

2. Click on Insights –> Settings

3. Once you click on Settings you will see a screen similar to the one shown below.

Now go to the Conversions tab as highlighted in the above screenshot.

Once you click on Conversions tab you will see three options Form Tracking, Google Optimize and Custom Dimensions. Click on Custom Dimensions.

In this step we will setup Custom dimension in Monsterinsights as well as Google Analytics.

Once you click on the “Custom DImension” you will see an option “Add New Custom Dimension“. After this, a category dropdown will be visible and you can choose your preferred category from the category dropdown.

Monsterinsights offer these options in the Category drop down.

  • Logged in
  • Published at
  • Post Type
  • Author
  • SEO Score
  • Focus Keyword
  • Post Type
  • Tags

You can choose one of the above mentioned categories.

Monsterinsights give you tons of options which you can make use of while displaying your popular posts.

Step 3 : Setup Custom Dimension in Google Analytics

Now that you are done choosing your preferred Custom dimension in Monsterinsights it’s time that you setup Custom Dinmension in Google Analytics as well.

In order to setup Custom dimensions in Google Analytics follow the below given steps

1. Login to your Google Analytics account

2. Choose the appropriate property and view

3. In order to setup Custom dimensions Click on “Admin” as shown in the below screenshot (You will generally find this at the bottom left hand corner of your screen)

Where to Find Admin Section in Google Analytics

4. Once you click on Admin, then Choose the option “Custom Definitions” and then Custom Dimensions. (Refer to the below given screenshot).

Custom Dimensions in Google Analytics

5. When you click on Custom Dimension you will see a small table similar to the one shown below. Now click on the Button which states “+ New Custom Dimension

Create a New Custom Dimension in Google Analytics

6. Once you click on + New Custom Dimension you will get a screen similar to the one shown below. (Give the Custom Dimension a suitable name as per your requirement and click on Save.

Add Custom Dimension in Google Analytics

7. Once you enter the Name of the Custom Dimension, click on Create

8. Once you click on create you will see a screen similar to the one shown below which consists of the Codes for the selected dimension (it depends on what dimension you selected in the previous steps)

9. Simply Click on Done

Step 4: Wait for 24-48 Hours for the data to Propogate

If this is the first time that you have set up the Post Type as Custom Dimension then you might have to wait for 24-48 hours in order for the data to reflect in Google Analytics.

Step 5: Specify How you want your Popular Posts to be Sorted

In order to do this go to Insights –> Popular Posts (you can refer to the below screenshot)

Displaying Popular Posts In WordPress Using Monsterinsights

Monsterinsights gives tons of options which you can make use of for displaying Popular posts. We have shared some of those below with all the details so that you can get an Idea.

You can choose any of the three types that we discussed earlier – Inline Popular Posts, Popular Posts Widget and Popular Products (For the sake of this tutorial we will go ahead with Inline Popular posts

Once you choose the “Inline Popular Posts” you get further options as shown in the below screenshot.

Choose the radio button in front of “Curated” and where it says Select posts/Search there you have to type in the Title of the posts you want to show.

Step 6: Changing the Look and Feel of how the Popular Posts appear

Did you know that you can change the placement, the background color, the Title of the posts and then have a really good and visually appealing Popular post

Changing the Color & Styling of the Popular Posts in WordPress

Here’s an example of a Popular post list that we set up for one of our clients

Step 7: Adding the Top 5 Posts As Per the Google Analytics Data

If you want to have your Top 5 posts as per the Google Analytics data in your POpular Posts list you can do so by switching a toggle button as shown in the below screenshot. (In order to get this done you will need a Monsterinsghts Pro plan

Add Top5 Posts from Google Analytics

Once you switch the Toggle as shown below click on the Check data.

This brings us to an end of how to Display Popular posts in WordPress by making use of Monsterinsights.

Important Note: If you have chosen the Option of “Add Top 5 posts from Google Analytics” then it might take 24-48 hours for the changes to reflect the data of Popular posts from Google Analytics.

We hope you enjoyed reading this Tutorial as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

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