How to Create Exit-intent Pop-ups in WordPress & Boost Conversions Like Crazy

Are your visitors abandoning your website never to return back? Do your visitors visit your website but abandon it half way?What if we told you that there’s a cool way you could retain these users and even convert some of them into customers? Sounds exciting! Right? Keep reading to know more.

Did you know that 70% of the website visitors who leave your website never return back? This means that a significant portion of the marketing budget is going to waste and you are losing out on money. In order to tackle this issue you can make use of exit-intent popups as implementing them can help you reduce the abandonment rate as well increase conversions.

By making use of exit-intent popups you can not only reduce abandonment rate but also improve the conversions. The meaning of exit-intent is that the popup will be shown to the user just when they are about to exit or leave your website.

You can make use of Optinmonster in order to implement exit-intent pop-ups.

The exit-intent feature is available only in the Pro or higher subscription of Optinmonster

Depending on user’s behavior you can show them a popup precisely with a targeted message. Exit-intent is Optinmonster’s signature technology that converts abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers.

The exit-intent technology tracks the user behaviour and movements and just when they are about to leave your website without doing any kind of transaction or a defined activity then the users are served with an exit-intent popup where you can show a targeted message which entices them to continue browsing your website.  

Exit-intent are not only used by publishers but also by the E-commerce store owners in order to reduce abandonment rate.

By utilizing a proper exit intent strategy you can increase the conversion rate by 2-4%

Remember: You need the Pro or higher plan of Optinmonster in order to make use of their exit-intent feature

Now that we have got an idea about Exit-intent popup let’s see the process on how to create an exit-intent popup on a WordPress website using the Optinmonster plugin

Follow the below-given steps in order to create an exit-intent popup 

Step 1: Login to your Optinmonster account 

Once you login to your Optinmonster account you will come across the dashboard as shown in the below screenshot. On the right-hand side, you will see the option of “Create New Campaign


Once you click on “Create New Campaign” then in the next step you have to choose the type of campaign as per your requirement 

Below we have given the types of campaign that you can choose from (we have mentioned few of those )

Floating Bar 


Full Screen 

Campaign Types available inside Optinmonster

In our case, we would be choosing the “Popup” campaign type. Once you have chosen the campaign type it’s time to choose the campaign template. 

Depending on your requirement you can choose a campaign template 

Templates available in Optinmonster

As you can see from the above screenshot you can choose templates from the in-built library of campaign templates inside Optinmonster.

For the sake of this tutorial we are going to choose the Basic template. Once you mouseover on the Basic template you will see two options “Use Template” and “Preview”. If you want you can preview the template before using.

Once you click on Use Template you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below where you can give a suitable name to your campaign and mention which sites you want this campaign to appear on.

Click on Start building as shown in the above screenshot to start building and designing your campaign.

Designing Your Exit Intent Popup

Once you click on Start building you will come across the Design view wherein you can make changes to your popup as to what text you want to use, what kind of color combinations you want to use, which font you wish to use, CTA buttons etc.

You can work on the popup campaign design as per your requirements. Once you are done with all the design changes and setting up the elements then click on the Save button that you can see on the top right hand side corner.

Let’s proceed to the next step i.e Defining the Display rules. In order to activate the Exit-intent popup you will have to define the display rules.

Define the Display Rules for the Exit-Intent Popup

AS we stated earlier, in order to activate the Exit-intent popup we will have to define the display rules. Follow the below steps in order to define display rules

1. Navigate to the Display Rules section inside your Campaign builder

2. Once you click on Display Rules Tab it’s time to add a New rule to the Ruleset. Choose exit detected from the dropdown (refer to the below given screenshot)

Once you have chosen exit detected it’s time to specify on which device you want the exit-intent popup to appear

Once you have specified where you want the Popup to appear then in the next step you have to state the sensitivity of the popup (whether low, high or medium)

Once you are done with all these changes you are good to go. Now click on Save. Thus we have created an exit-intent popup using Optinmonster

In case you haven’t bought Optinmonster then you should certainly buy their Pro plan or higher.

In case you are looking for a guide on how to create exit-intent popups on mobile devices you can refer to the below video.

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