How to Create an Online Donation Form For Non-profits in WordPress

Are you a non-profit organization and want to create a donation form in WordPress to accept donations? In this article we will tell you how to create a non-profit donation form on your WordPress website

There are several people around the globe who need help with donations especially after this pandemic. Hospitals, schools, churches even zoos people are in need of help and there are several generous people around the world who whole heartedly contribute to the well being of the society.

WIth just a few clicks you can accept donations for your non-profit organization right on your WordPress website and boost your funds effortlessly. 

We are going to make use of a WordPress plugin named WPForms to create donation forms. WPForms is one of the most popular WordPress form builder and have taken the pain to create donation forms and have made it easy for people to create donation forms without hiring any developer

Asking for donations on your WordPress website? Make use of WPForms and jumpstart your fundraising efforts today

Benefits of Using WPForms for Online Donation Forms 

Ease of Donation: Accepting donations using online forms makes it easy for your supporters and well wishers to donate money to your non-profit organization. There are several challenges when it comes to accepting donations via offline means. Your supporters don’t have to sit hunting for your contact information. Your online donation form is available on a specific link which the users can easily visit and fill out without facing any kind of challenges.

Easy to setup: WPForms makes it super easy for you to set up online donation forms even if you are not a tech savvy person or not good at coding. If you were to do this without a plugin like WPForms then you would either have to hire a developer or keep your heading scratching if you were to do this all by yourself

Payment Integrations supported: You can offer various payment options while accepting donations via online donation form using WPForms 

Highly Customizable Forms: WPForms is one of the most popular WordPress form builder which comes with a drag and drop functionality so you can use whichever form fields you want and customize your form as per your requirements. 

Readymade Templates available: WPForms has a huge library of readymade form templates of various types which you can use and the online donation form template is one of those which we are going to use to create an online donation form in WordPress so as to accept online donations via form

Responsive forms: All the forms created using WPForms are highly responsive and mobile-friendly. A large chunk of your supporters would be using their smartphones and that is why it is important to have all your forms to be mobile-friendly as well as responsive and WPForms takes care of it for you.  

The best part is that if you want to replicate the existing donation form for your next fundraiser you can do so.

The readymade templates offered by WPForms makes it super easy even for a beginner to create amazing forms. Also, you don’t need to start building forms from scratch, the readymade templates make our life easier by saving your time and efforts.


You will need a Pro license of WPForms in order to access the online donation form template and do the form configuration and associated setup which isn’t available in the free version

Now without any further ado let’s proceed to the next steps and create online donation form

In order to create an online donation form in WordPress we will first have to Install and activate the WPForms plugin which is the best form builder plugin for WordPress

How to Create an Online Donation Form For Non-profits in WordPress

Before we even create Forms we need to install the WPForms plugin. Follow the below given steps in order to install the WPForms plugin

Step 1: Install the WPForms Plugin

In order to install the WPForms plugin follow the below given steps

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard

Go to the Plugins section –> Add New

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on Add New you will come across a screen. In the search box type “WPForms” and then you will come across a screen similar to this one.

Now click on “Install Now” and then Activate the Plugin

Once you are done with the activation you will be asked for the License Key

Where to find the WPForms License Key

Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and then go to the WPForms section –> Settings

Once you click on Settings you will get a window on the right hand side. Keep on scrolling down until you find the License Key section. You will come across a screen that’s similar to the one shown below

In case you have purchased the WPForms Pro plan then you can find the license key in the account which you used to purchase WPForms subscription

Now that we are done with the Installation and activation of the plugin let’s go to the next step and create our donation form to accept donation for your non-profits organization.

Step 2: Create a Donation form Using WPForms template

The donation form template isn’t available in the free version of WPForms and that is the reason why it is important that you make sure that you have the WPForms Pro license before we proceed further.

WPForms has several inbuilt templates which you can make use of while creating forms but for the sake of this tutorial we are going to make use of the inbuilt online donation form template.

Follow the below given steps to create a new donation form.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Go to WPForms –> Add New

When you click on Add new you will come across several WPForms templates choose Donation form template from the list (available only to users with Pro license). You can refer to the below screenshot to get an idea of what it looks like

Donation form template in WPForms

Give your Form a suitable name and then choose the Donation form template as shown in the above screenshot

WPForms creates a premade form once you choose the donation form template (as shown in the below screenshot)

non-profit donation form on a WordPress website

Step 3: Customize your donation form as per your requirements

You can customize this form further by dragging elements from the left hand side of the form builder interface depending on your requirements. You can include a phone number field if you feel like thanking your supporters for donating.

You can also reorder the placement of the fields. As you can see the donation amount field is a single item, you can change it to add multiple items or create a drop down kind of thing. You can have multiple choices as well. For e.g if your supporters feel that they can’t donate $100 but $25 is manageable for them then you need to give them the options to do so.

Below we have shown an example of how you can enabled multiple items field. Under the Payment fields tab you will find the Multiple items form field, just drag it from the interface onto your form.

In the next step you can enter the amounts that you want in the drop down e.g $10, $20, $50, other amount

You can also include a description field and make it required. What this means is that you would want your users to write some kind of description field before clicking on submit.

In the next step we will tell you how to work around the “Other amount” field because the user might enter any random amount. In order to deal with such type of input we will have to setup a conditional logic

Step 4: Setup a Conditional Logic

In this step we are going to enable conditional logic so that people can fill the amount they wish to fill in the “Other amount” field.

Keep scrolling downside on the left hand side in the form builder interface until you come across Conditionals menu and then click on the checkbox where it says Enable Conditional Logic

Then select the option Show this field if Donation Amount is Other Amount

Now whenever the user clicks on the Other amount while doing donations and empty field will appear because we have applied the conditional logic. The user can then fill in the desired amount they want.

Once you have enabled the conditional logic then Save your form

Step 5: Configuring your Donation form

While configuring your form you can change the following fields

1. Form Name – You can change the form name as per your requirement.

2. Submit Button text – You can change the text of the submit button. You can change it to something like Donate for a good cause.

3. Spam Protection via reCAPTCHA: You can enable spam protection by making use of reCAPTCHA.

4. Offline Mode: You can also give your users the option to fill out the form and submit it once the internet connection is back.

5. GDPR Enhancements – You can disable the option of colleting IP address and user information.

Step 6: Configuring Notifications for your Donation Form

Now there are two aspects to the Form Notifications that you should be aware of

1. Once the user submits a form you should get some kind of notification that the user has submitted the form – You will get an Email notification whenever someone submits a form on your website. This is a good practice that should be followed so that you will be updated on any potential leads you get in you are working in the B2B business.

In order to receive Email notifications like the one stated above you will have to setup the Form notifications and provide your Email address

2. Once the user has submitted the form they should get a notification that their form has been submitted successfully.

YOu can make use of the Smart tags feature in order to send personalized email notifications to your site visitors.

Step 7: Configure the Form Confirmations

Form confirmations are a set of actions that should happen immediately and automatically once the user fills out a form. There are 3 kinds of form confirmations WPForms provides which we have enlisted below

1. Redirect – Once the user has submitted the form on your site you can redirect them to any page of your choice by utilizing the Redirect. You can take the user to any entirely different site altogether if you want.

2. Display Page – Once the user submits the form you can automatically redirect them to a display page something similar to a Thank you Page.

3. Message – This is the default message that a user gets when they submit the form on your website. You can even customize this message as per your needs.

Configuring Confirmation for your Forms

Now that we are done configuring the Notifications and Confirmations it’s time to add your form to a page and publish

In order to add the newly created form to your WordPress website follow the below given steps

Step 8: Adding the Newly Created Form to Your WordPress website

Add a New Page to your WordPress website

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Pages –> Add New

Once you click on Add New a new blank page will appear, now give a suitable name to your page something like Contract or Service Agreement

If you are using a Block editor then click on the + sign (Refer to the screenshot shown below)


Now in the search box search for “WPforms” you will immediately see the WPForms element pop-up (Refer to the below screenshot)

Once you click on WPForms as shown in the above screenshot, you will be presented with a Drop down option (as shown below). Choose the appropriate page which you have created from the Drop down section

In your case it would your Donation Form which you created in the above steps (choose that one from the drop down).

Once you have chosen the appropriate page then click on Publish in order to make the page live on your website.


So what are you waiting for? Get ready to create a Donation form on your WordPress websites and give your supporters a chance to do donations using WPForms Pro plan

We hope you enjoyed this step by step tutorial on how to create a donation form for non-profits and add it to your WordPress website to accept donations.

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