How to Create an Affiliate Program For your Membership website Using Easy Affiliate

Do you own a membership site or have plans of creating one? Do you plan to create an affiliate program for your membership site? This article will tell you how you can create an affiliate program for your Membership website by using a WordPress plugin.

If you own a membership site then you should certainly leverage Affiliate Marketing to get more sales and revenue. You should make use of every possible way to make money for your membership site. If you aren’t leveraging Affiliate Marketing then you are losing out on 30% of revenue

If you want to increase sales and revenue for your membership site or courses, you should certainly create an affiliate program of your own, recruit affiliates, and give them a commission percentage for every sale they bring in. This way if the affiliates are rewarded for their efforts then they will put in more efforts to bring more sales for you.

Before we go ahead with implementing an Affiliate Program for a membership site, we need to understand some important pointers associated with affiliate programs and affiliate marketing in general.

For those who aren’t aware of Affiliate Marketing let’s understand this with the help of an example given below

You have a course that is priced at $497 one-time. You try doing marketing your course on your own but you hardly get any success. Then you plan of creating an affiliate program and give 20% commission whosoever makes a successful sale. You can decide on the percentage commission. Some people offer 50% commission, but we would leave it completely up to you on how much you want the percentage commission to be.

Your affiliates will promote your course to their audience through various channels like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Facebook groups, and much more. Let’s assume just for the sake of this tutorial and for easy understanding that you give 50% commission to your Affiliates. So, whenever an affiliate makes a successful sale and the customer who bought your course doesn’t ask for a refund for 30 or 60 days then you can pay the affiliate 50% commission which comes to around $248.5.

Improve Brand Awareness and Reach of Your Brand Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to not only get extra income but also increase your brand awareness and reach. When your affiliates promote your product you get sales and conversions which brings the income for you. Even if the users don’t buy your product that is fine they are getting acquainted with your brand and thus your brand is known to hundred other people and chances are some of those who didn’t buy in the first instance might buy at the 4th or 5th instance for sure.

Your affiliates will reach out to new audience who didn’t knew about your products, offerings, and services.

Let’s understand the concept of Holding period

If you don’t have any kind of hold period it may happen that customers will buy your course, you pay the affiliates but then the customers ask for a refund in less than 1 month, in this case, you have already paid the affiliates 50% commission and the customer has also asked for a refund, now you are at a complete loss. This is the reason why several companies keep a locking period/holding period ranging between 30 days to 90 days. Some affiliate programs have a holding period of 5 months (we wouldn’t recommend keeping such a long holding period) as affiliates don’t have the patience to wait for such a long time to receive commissions.

By recruiting affiliates they will do the work and get sales for you. You, as the course owner just have to pay your affiliates for qualified sales they bring in (provided the customer doesn’t ask for a refund in 30 or 60 days or whatever is the holding period you decide upon.

Setting up a Payment Threshold For Affiliates

It is recommended that you should setup a payment threshold called as payout threshold whenever you setup your affiliate program. Let’s understand what this metric is all about.

Let’s take a live example – There’s some affiliate program that has a payout threshold of $100. What this means is that the affiliate should earn $100 or more in order to request payment withdrawal. Ideally speaking you should keep the payout threshold depending on the price of your product, course, service.

Now that we have understood the basics of an Affiliate program and its benefits now let’s proceed further and try to understand how to create an Affiliate Program for your membership site or course or product. Setting an affiliate program is easy and requires very little time to setup

Which is the best Software to Create an Affiliate Program for a Membership Website Hosted on WordPress

We tested several softwares on the above-mentioned parameters which could be used for creating an affiliate program and the software which stood out from the rest was a WordPress plugin that one could use to create an affiliate program for their Membership website and that software is Easy Affiliate.

Easy Affiliate is one of the most popular WordPress plugin which you can use to create an affiliate program for your Membership website with ease.

Using Easy Affiliate you can achieve the following

– You can get real time data on how many sales you have got, how many clicks your affiliates have generated

– Based on the payment settings you can pay your your affiliates via Paypal or any other mode that is supported by Easy Affiliate.

Easy Affiliate works seamlessly on WordPress, Ecommerce websites, and Memberpress websites.

– When you create your own affiliate program you won’t have to pay transaction charges and payout fees which you would have to pay if you joined a third-party Affiliate network like Impact, ShareASale, Commission Junction, etc.

– You can also easily spot if any affiliates are doing any kind of fraud and then either terminate them from the Affiliate program or not pay them for the fraudulent activity they have done. Fraud detection

– You can also build your Email list by making use of Easy Affiliate software. You can even send promotional emails to your affiliates and there are chances that if some of them aren’t your existing customers a small percentage of them might eventually turn into customers.

Overall, Easy affiliate is easy to use, affordable, user-friendly, has tons of features to offer that you would want to be present in your affiliate program.

Affordable Solution That saves time, money and efforts

Easy Affiliate is an affordable solution for businesses who want to create an affiliate program for their Memberpress or Membership website in general. Moreover, you don’t need to put in any extra efforts as your affiliates will do the work for you.

Helps in Improving Search Engine Rankings Through SEO

There would be several affiliates who would work on Search Engine Optimization and rank their content on the first page for keywords related to your product.

Let’s assume there is someone who is an affiliate for WP Engine hosting and he crafts amazing and helpful content and ranks on the first page of Google for the keyword WP Engine review. Just imagine the number of visitors coming to that review website and then to the main website of WP Engine. So the traffic and users that come to WP Engine have the buyer’s intent and there are good chances that a significant percentage of users will buy some plan of WP Engine provided that the user has written some really helpful content.

Now that we have checked the various benefits that Affiliate Marketing has to offer lets now proceed further and check out the actual implementation on how to crate an Affiliate program for a Membership website

How to Create an Affiliate Program For Your Membership site Using Easy Affiliate

In order to proceed further with creation of an affiliate program for your membership website on WordPress you will first have to buy one of the plans of Easy Affiliate.

Once you have purchased one of their plans then you will need to install Easy Affiliate WordPress plugin. In case you don’t know how to install a WordPress plugin you can check the below given steps

Follow the below given process in order to install a WordPress plugin

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Then Go to the Plugins section –> Click on Add New

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on Add New you will come across a screen which contains different plugins. Search for Easy Affiliate and then click on “Install Now” and then Activate the Plugin

Once you have installed the plugin you will need to connect it with your Memberpress website. In order to connect Easy Affiliate with your Memberpress website follow the below given steps

Go to your WordPress dashboard –> Easy Affiliate –> Click on Settings –> eCommerce and then switch the toggle to activate the integration of Easy Affiliate with your Memberpress website.

You will come across these steps while you are doing the setup after activation and integration

– Filling out your business information

– Setting up Affiliate Pages so that affiliates can fill out forms and complete the registration

– You can upload the banners, assets and other resources like Affiliate link generation etc. which affiliates can make use of

With the above setup you have successfully connected Easy Affiliate with Memberpress website.

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