How To Connect Contact Form With Mailchimp In WordPress

Do you want to connect your contact form on your WordPress website with Mailchimp? In this article we will tell you how to connect your WordPress contact form with Mailchimp the easy way.

Before we proceed with the further steps let’s have a look at the two tools that we are going to use

1. WPFormsWPForms is one of the most popular contact form builder for WordPress website. WPForms comes with a drag and drop functionality which helps you in creating awesome contact forms on your WordPress website. WPForms is one of the most popular choice of website owners who want to build awesome and responsive contact forms

2. Mailchimp – Mailchimp is one of the most popular Email Marketing service used by many beginners. You can build and Email list and send emails to your subscribers.

Here’s an overview of the whole process

1. First of all you will have to create a contact form in WPForms (it’s completely upto you what kind of form you wish to create). For the sake of this tutorial we have finalized on a contact form

2. Once you have created the form then you will have to connect it with Mailchimp in order to build an Email list (collect emails from your user).

Creating an email list is easier with Mailchimp. It helps manage and stay connected with your audience.

Here we are walking you through the process of how to connect contact form with Mailchimp successfully so that your subscribers can reach you easily.  It is just one of many ways to connect with your target audience in a personalized way. Email Marketing gives you the highest ROI out of all the marketing channels and that is why it is of utmost importance that you leverage Email Marketing in the best possible way.

Why use WPForms Mailchimp addon on your WordPress site? 

With the WPForms Mailchimp addon, you can automatically assign Mailchimp tags to subscribers. Besides newsletter subscription forms, Mailchimp addon works well when connected to contact form, requests a quote form and more.

Wpforms is a popular WordPress form plugin that creates many types of forms. It is one of the most beginner-friendly WordPress contact form plugin markets.

Why Make a Mailchimp Contact Form? 

A Contact form enables the user to communicate with the site owner. Through contact form, users can freely ask the company questions or connect for feedback.

Contact forms help reach and stay in contact with your audience and help you reach customers in real-time.

To set up a Contact form with Mailchimp in WordPress WPforms, follow the steps below- 

Step 1- Setting up a WPForms account.  

Before we move on to install and activate the Mailchimp addon to WordPress, make sure you have installed and activated WPForms on your WordPress site. If not. Follow the steps enlisted below to install and activate WPForms on WordPress.

You will need to install and enable the WPForms plugin on your WordPress website to get started.

Install the WPForms Plugin

In order to install the WPForms plugin follow the below given steps

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard

Go to the Plugins section –> Add New

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on Add New you will come across a screen. In the search box type “WPForms” and then you will come across a screen similar to this one.

Now click on “Install Now” and then Activate the Plugin

Once you are done with the activation you will be asked for the License Key

Where to find the WPForms License Key

Please notice that to use the Mailchimp addon, you must purchase a WPForms Plus licence or higher

After purchasing the license key of WP forms, open the wordpress dashboard, go to WPForms and choose settings to enter the license key you purchased.

After you have activated the WPForms plugin, you need to verify your WPForms license key. Verifying the licence key will allow you to receive automatically updated and plugin support. Completing this step is necessary.

(After you have successfully installed WPForms, we now need to install Mailchimp and connect contact WPforms with MailChimp using integrations.)


You need to buy the WPForms Plus License or higher in order to use the Mailchimp Addon feature as it is not available in the Free version

Step 2- Installing the Mailchimp Addon

As stated earlier you will need to install the Maiilchimp addon.

Navigate the WordPress dashboard–> Click on the WPForms section –> Now go to the Addons section

WPForms Addons

Once you click on Addons section you will come across a collection of all the addons provided by WPForms. Keep scrolling below on the Addons page until you come across the Mailchimp Addon. Now you have to install Mailchimp Addon.

Mailchimp Addon

You need to install and activate the Mailchimp addon. Once done with the installation and activation of the Mailchimp addon we will need to integrate Mailchimp and WPForms.

Important Pre-requisite:

You will have to buy the Plus Plan of WPForms or higher in order to make use of Mailchimp Addon

Step 3- Integrating WPForms with Mailchimp account. 

In order to integrate Mailchimp account with WPForms follow the below given steps

Navigate to the WordPress dashboard –> Click on WPForms –> Settings and then click on the Integrations tab

Once you click on the Mailchimp option as shown above you will come across a screen wherein you will have to Add a Mailchimp account and provide API keys.

In case you haven’t purchased the WPForms Plus license or higher you won’t be able to see the Mailchimp Addon option active. So you won’t get the API Key. In order to access the Mailchimp Addon you need to get WPForms’ Plus license or higher

Considering that you have already purchased the Plus plan or higher let’s proceed to the further steps.

When you click on the Mailchimp section (shown with a red arrow in the above screenshot) then you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below.

You will come across a screen as shown above. Now click on “+Add New Account“, you will also come across fields related to API Key and account nickname

Where to find the Mailchimp API Key

You will find the API Key inside your Mailchimp account settings. In order to get the API Key you will need to login to your Mailchimp account. API is needed as it would be the point of communication between WPForms and your Mailchimp account.

Important Note: For the sake convenience make sure that you open the Mailchimp account in a new tab because we will need to enter the API Key and the nickname.

When you have successfully logged in to your Mailchimp account, navigate to the Account page

Once you click on the Account (as shown in the above screenshot) you will come across a navigational bar as shown in the below screenshot.

Now click on the Extras tab, a drop down box will appear. Select API keys from the drop down

Once you click on the API Keys option you will come across an option which shows details about API keys. In case you haven’t created one you will have to click on “Create a Key” option

Once you click on “Create a Key” you will come across your API key.

Copy your API in the labelled field. Enter your Mailchimp Account Nickname which we had seen in one of the previous steps. For your reference we have shared the image again below

Enter your WPForms API key here where it says “Mailchimp API Key”. Click on Connect to Mailchimp Button. Once these fields are saved then you will come across a screen which shows the status as Connected.

The next step is to add Mailchimp Integration to your Contact form. In case you haven’t created one, you should create a form before we proceed further. In case you have already

Step 4: Create a Newsletter Signup form Using WPForms template

WPForms has several inbuilt templates which you can make use of while creating forms but for the sake of this tutorial we are going to make use of the inbuilt Newsletter Signup form template.

Follow the below given steps to create a new donation form.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Go to WPForms –> Add New

When you click on Add new you will come across several WPForms templates choose Newsletter Signup form template from the list

Once you click on “Add New” you will come across a list of all the templates provided by WPForms. Keep scrolling until you find the “Newsletter Signup form” (shown in the below screenshot).

Once you mouseover on the Newsletter template you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below

Once you click on “Create a Newsletter Signup Form” you will come across a form similar to the one shown below. You can customize it as per your own requirements. If you want you can add additional fields from the left hand side elements bar by dragging and dropping them on the form present on the right hand side.

As we stated earlier you can customize the above form as per your requirements. Once you are done with the changes click on the Save button as you can see on the right hand side. (as shown in the above screenshot)

Setup the Mailchimp Integration

Go to the Marketing tab and then select Mailchimp and then click on Add New Connection

Once you click on Add New Connection you will come across a screen wherein you will give a nickname to the new connection.

Add a Connection Nickname

Now choose the Mailchimp account you had connected in the earlier steps. Once you have chosen the account you also need to include the audience associated with it.

The audience needs to be created inside the Mailchimp account. In case you don’t know how to create audience in Mailchimp you can refer to this article

Once you’ve chosen an audience, you can choose what action you’d like performed when the form is submitted under the Action to Perform dropdown.

Currently, the following actions can be performed with the Mailchimp addon:

  • Subscribe: Adds the user as a new contact to your Mailchimp audience.
  • Unsubscribe: Unsubscribes an existing contact from your Mailchimp audience.
  • Archive: Archives an existing contact from your Mailchimp audience.
  • Permanently Delete: Permanently deletes an existing contact from your Mailchimp audience.
  • Record Event: Records an event for a specific contact after form submission.

For our example, we’ll choose Subscribe to subscribe users to our Mailchimp audience.

Select Account and List in Mailchimp

After you’ve selected an action to perform, additional configuration settings will populate. We’ve outlined each of these fields below, with required fields marked with an asterisk (*):

Configure Mailchimp connection in WPForms form builder
  • Subscriber Email*: Choose the name of the WPForms field where your users will be entering their email address from the dropdown.
  • Tags to Add: Add any tag(s) from your Mailchimp account to this subscriber. Please see Mailchimp’s tutorial on getting started with tags for more details on how to use tags.
  • New Tags to Add: Create a new tag in Mailchimp and add it to all subscribers created through your forms.
  • Notes: Automatically adds a note to the subscriber profile in Mailchimp.
  • Enable Double Opt-In: When enabled, double opt-in will prevent users from being automatically added to your Mailchimp lists. Instead, they’ll receive an email asking them to confirm their subscription. The user will only be added to your mailing list after they’ve clicked the confirmation link in that email.
  • Mark Subscriber as VIP: Enabling this option will mark all subscribers created through this form as a VIP in Mailchimp. For more details on the VIP designation, be sure to check out Mailchimp’s guide on VIP status.
  • Update the profile if this contact is already in an audience: Enabling this option will update a user’s profile in Mailchimp if they’re already an existing subscriber for that audience.

This all you need to complete your connection to Mailchimp!

If you’d like to customize this connection further, please see the additional options below.

Connecting Additional Fields

To send additional entry fields to Mailchimp, you’ll need to map your form fields to any available fields in Mailchimp. To do this, you can scroll down to the Custom Field Name section within the Mailchimp settings.

Map form fields to Mailchimp

Here are the fields that Mailchimp offers for your subscribers by default:

Email Address



First Name

Last Name

Phone Number

You can add as many custom fields as you’d like to your integration by clicking the + (plus) icon.

Organizing Subscribers with Groups

Within Mailchimp, you can also choose to further divide your mailing lists into Groups. If you’re not familiar with this option, please see Mailchimp’s tutorial on Groups for more details on what they are and how Mailchimp recommends using them.

If you’ve set up any Groups in the mailing list you’ve selected, those will automatically be added to the Select group(s) dropdown.

Optionally select Mailchimp groups

Conditional Logic

Conditional logic allows you to set rules for events based on the user’s selections in their form entry.

Set up Mailchimp Conditional Logic

For example, you could use conditional logic to allow users to choose if they’d like to be added to your mailing list.

You can also apply conditional logic to the Groups described above. If you’d like to learn how to do this, please see our tutorial on how to allow users to choose which groups they get added to.


You now know how to connect the contact form with MailChimp in WordPress WPForms. Contact forms are incredibly important as through a contact form, and your subscribers stay connected with the site owner. Not only just that, but they also help you get more queries that lead to scoring more leads.

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