How to Collect Stripe Payments on Your WordPress Website Using WPForms

Do you want to collect Stripe payments on your WordPress website? In this article we will tell you how you can connect Stripe with your payment form in WordPress effortlessly without doing any coding or hiring a developer to get this payment gateway Integration done. 

Stripe is one of the most popular online payment solutions which is used by millions of businesses, freelancers and Digital marketing agency owners to accept payments for their goods, products, and digital services. Stripe makes it easy for business owners to accept credit card payments online. 

What if you can accept Stripe payments on your WordPress website? Today we will tell you about one such amazing solution which will let you integrate Stripe with your WordPress website so that you can accept one-time, subscription or recurring payments right on your WordPress website. 

The solution we are talking about is the Stripe Add-on by WPForms which makes it super easy for you to accept recurring and one-time payments on your WordPress website. 

For the uninitiated WPForms is one of the most popular and beginner friendly WordPress Form builder plugin which is used to create amazing forms. It also offers a drag and drop functionality so that you can create custom forms as per your requirement. WPForms is used by over 4 million business owners to power their WordPress forms, accept payments via forms, create surveys and much more.

If you are making use of Membership sites then you can collect recurring monthly payments by making use of the Stripe Add-on. This way you will automate your business and you don’t have to every now and then remind the members to do payments.

How to Easily Connect Your Stripe with Your WordPress Forms

Without any further ado let’s get started with the step by step process on how you can connect Stripe with your WordPress forms


One of the most important point worth noting is that you need a WPForms Pro License in order to use the Stripe Add-feature as it is not available in the Free version (The Free version has very limited features and that’s the reason you need to get the Pro License)

If you haven’t got the WPForms Pro License we suggest that you get it by click on the below button. Only then will you be able to make use of the Stripe Add-on and accept your payments from Stripe on your WordPress websites

Step 1: Install and Activate WPForms Plugin

Follow the below given process in order to install the WPForms plugin

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard

Go to the Plugins section –> Add New

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on Add New you will come across a screen. In the search box type “WPForms” and then you will come across a screen similar to this one.

Now click on “Install Now” and then Activate the Plugin

Important Note: As stated earlier the Stripe Add-on is available only to users who have bought the WPForms Pro plan or higher.

So in case you don’t have WPForms Pro plan you should get the Pro plan before you proceed further

Once you are done with the activation you will be asked for the License Key

Where to find the WPForms License Key

Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and then go to the WPForms section –> Settings

Once you click on Settings you will get a window on the right hand side. Keep on scrolling down until you find the License Key section. You will come across a screen that’s similar to the one shown below

In case you have purchased the WPForms Pro plan then you can find the license key in the account which you used to purchase WPForms subscription

Once you have entered the license key then we will go to the next step i.e Installing the Stripe Add-on.

Step 2: Install the Stripe Add-on by WPForms

In order to install the Stripe add-on follow the below given process

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Mouseover on WPForms –> Click on Addons (Refer to the below screenshot)

When you click on “Addons” you will see all the addons. Scroll downwards on the Addons page and you will come across the Stripe Add-on. Click on Install Add-on.

Step 3: Create a New Form to Accept Payments

In this step we will create a form. WPForms provides various templates which you can make use of for creating forms. For the sake of this tutorial we will be making use of the billing form / Order form template to create our form. By making use of these templates you don’t need to start from scratch thereby saving your time and efforts

In order to create a Billing form follow the below given steps

Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard –> Click on WPForms –> Add New

Once you click on “Add New” you will come across a list of all the templates provided by WPForms. Keep scrolling until you find the “Billing Order Form” (shown in the below screenshot).

Now when you mouseover on the “Billing/Order Form” you will see a green Button “Create a Billing / Order Form” click on it in order to create a Billing form (refer to the screenshot below)

The Billing/ Order form template comes with several fields which one might need in their Payment form. Moreover you can make use of the drag and drop builder provided by WPforms to build amazing custom forms

Remember if you don’t have the WPForms Pro License you won’t see this Billing / Order Form enabled. If you still haven’t purchased the Pro license get it by clicking on the below button and visiting the pricing page

Now you need to decide which fields you want to include in your form. When it comes to accepting payment you can have specific fields included like adding multiple items as well as the total field so that the user get an idea of what is the total amount that they have to pay.

When we say Items field it basically means (single item, multiple items or you can have checkboxes or dropdown options) so that the user can choose the ones which they require. You can basically build your own custom form and choose the fields that you need by making use of their Drag and Drop form builder which is beginner friendly and easy to use.

If you have to create a donation form you can have predefined amounts in the drop down so that the user can choose from the predefined options. Besides that you can also have a field to enter a Custom amount and proceed further with the transactions

The basic premise is that once the user has filled out the form they will be automatically sent to complete the Stripe website.

Once you have created the form its time to add Stripe payments to your form

Step 4: Configuring Payment Settings (Integrating WordPress & Stripe)

In this step we are going to integrate Stripe and WordPress by making use of the Stripe Add-on as well as configure the payment settings. Let’s have a look at the settings to be configured inside WPForms

Now assuming that you have created the form and have the Stripe Add-on installed we will configure the further settings

Once you have created the form select the form where you wish to integrate the Stripe Add-on

Stripe Add-on by WPForms

Check the box which says “Enable Stripe Payments” and enter a description for the payment description field

Once you click on Stripe as shown in the above screenshot you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below

Go to WordPress Dashboard –> Settings and then to the payments tab inside WPForms

Stripe Payment Integration WIth WordPress Using WPForms

Now you can change the currency as per your requirements. Now in the next step click on “Connect with Stripe

Connecting Stripe With WordPress Website

In the next step you will have to authorize the connection between Stripe with WPForms. You will come across a screenshot similar to the one shown below (depending on whether you have activated your Stripe account or not)

Once you give the necessary authorization then you will be redirected to your admin section and you will see a green checkbox besides the Connection Status.

Important Note: WPForms also provides a test mode so you can check if the payment process is working properly or not.

If you want to enable recurring payments on your website then you will have to check the checkbox which says “Enable Recurring Payments”

Enabling Recurring Payment Options on WordPress Website Using Stripe

Once you check the checkbox “Enable recurring subscription payments” you will come across few more options wherein you can specify as per your needs e.g what is the frequency of recurring payment you want – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, half yearly or yearly etc.

Recurring Payments Advanced Options in WPforms

Where it says Plan Name you can enter what is the payment been charged for – E.g if you see the screenshot above this image it says Cooking course with Sullie, In my case I would have chosen “30 Days Blogging Workshop with Nikhil” and have the recurring payment of $97 on a weekly recurring basis

Before launching your payment forms it is recommended to test them in the Test Mode provided by WPForms

Step 5: Adding the Newly Created Form to Your WordPress website

In order to add the newly created form to your WordPress website follow the below given steps

Add a New Page to your WordPress website

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Pages –> Add New

Once you click on Add New a new blank page will appear, now give a suitable name to your page something like Contract or Service Agreement

If you are using a Block editor then click on the + sign (Refer to the screenshot shown below)

Now in the search box search for “WPforms” you will immediately see the WPForms element pop-up (Refer to the below screenshot)

Once you click on WPForms as shown in the above screenshot, you will be presented with a Drop down option (as shown below). Choose the appropriate page which you have created from the Drop down section

In your case it would your Stripe Form (choose that one from the drop down).

Once you have chosen the appropriate page then click on Publish in order to make the page live on your website.


So what are you waiting for? Get ready to create a Stripe form on your WordPress websites and accept one-time and recurring payments using WPForms Pro plan

We hope you enjoyed this step by step tutorial on how to connect Stripe to Your WordPress website in order to collect payments without doing any kind of coding or hiring a developer.

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