How to Build a Yellow Pages Directory in WordPress

Are you looking for the best WordPress directory plugin to create a yellow pages directory in WordPress? In this article we will give walkthrough on how you can create a Yellow pages directory in WordPress by making use of a Business Directory plugin

Yellow Pages is one of the most popular business directory platform which receives traffic in millions on a monthly basis. You can tap on this incredible opportunity by creating a Yellow pages directory in WordPress. There are several people who want to create a yellow pages directory in order to provide information and at the same time make money from such an incredible platform.

In case you are wondering that it would be a complex task to create a business directory website then you might not be knowing about the power of WordPress plugins. You don’t need to hire a developer or scratch your head trying to develop a yellow pages directory website by yourself. Luckily, there’s a business directory plugin for WordPress which will simplify the process of creating a yellow pages directory.

If you are a beginner to WordPress and want to build a Yellow Pages directory website then you might feel that it is a daunting task but you don’t have to worry as we have put down all the steps to create a directory website in WordPress. We will be making use of a WordPress directory plugin, a plugin specifically built for WordPress, and is made specifically for people who are building a directory website.

Yellow pages directory kind of website help people to discover businesses and services.

The WordPress directory plugin that we are going to use in order to create a yellow pages directory is “Business Directory Plugin”

You can build any kind of directory on a WordPress website by using the Business Directory Plugin which is one of the best WordPress directory plugin.

– You can create a tour or travel kind of directory website like Tripadvisor

– You can create a local business directory like Yellow Pages, Yelp or Justdial

– You can create Hotel directories like Airbnb

– You can create directory websites similar to the software review sites like G2, Capterra, Trustpilot

In order to create a yellow pages directory we will need the below mentioned things.

– A WordPress website (In case you don’t have one you can refer to our article on how to create a WordPress website.

Business Directory Plugin (Depending on your requirement and complexity you can choose one of their plans. Remember you are saving on 100s of 1000s of dollars which you would have otherwise invested in hiring developers to get a yellow pages directory built.

You can accomplish the following using the Business Directory Plugin

1. Mobile-friendly listings – The directory websites created using the Business Directory plugin are mobile-friendly. You can also use mobile-specific templates exclusively for mobile users.

2. Create Custom fields – You can create custom fields or use the existing ones like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, phone number, location etc.

3. Create a Ratings and Review System – You can setup a ratings and reviews system for businesses, contractors and service providers. These ratings will also display in search engine results pages.

4. Directory Templates – You can choose from several directory templates and use different layout and style.

5. Free and Paid Submissions – If you want you can offer free submissions to begin with and then later on you can start paid subscriptions.

By creating a yellow pages directory kind of website and offering paid subscription you can make good amount of money. Besides this you can also place advertisements in sidebar or any specific area and charge money for the same. If you plan a proper strategy and get sufficient traffic then you will surely make decent amount of money through your directory website.

The important aspects that separates Business Directory Plugin from the other WordPress directory plugin is their outstanding Support and the ease of use and flexibility.

Follow the below given steps in order to create and setup a Yellow pages directory

We assume that you already have a live WordPress website in place. In case you don’t have a live WordPress website you might want to get one in place before we proceed further.

Important Pre-requisite:

You will need to purchase one of the Premium plans of Business Directory Plugin in order to create a Yellow Pages Directory

Step 1: Install the Business Directory plugin

This step would be like installing any other WordPress plugin.

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Plugins –> Add New

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on Add New you will come across a screen. In the search box type “business directory plugin” and then you will come across a screen similar to this one.

Now click on “Install Now” and then Activate the Plugin

The next steps can be found over here –

  - directory software wordpress

Starting a Yellow pages directory can be much easier that you might have imagined. Business Directory plugin will ease the process of creating a yellow pages directory. So what are you waiting for? Get the Business Directory plugin today and fulfill your plans of creating a yellow pages directory.

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