How to Add Coupon Popup on Website to Boost Conversions

Do you want to add coupon popups on your website and looking for an easy method to do so? In this article we will tell you how you can make use of coupon popups on your website and boost conversions and sales to the next level and you don’t need to do any kind of coding to implement this coupon popup on your website.

If you aren’t making use of coupon popups then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Coupon popups are a great way to boost revenue and sales to a great extent because when you see these discounts codes and offers like 10% OFF, $15 OFF you tend to make use of these discounts codes and offers to buy those products as this is an impulsive buying behavior of the users. So if you aren’t making use of these coupon popups you are losing out on potential sales which can be leveraged by making use of coupon popups.

Who doesn’t love deals, discount codes or coupon codes? Everyone would love to grab these coupon codes and save some money and this is one of the reasons why you as a website owner or an E-commerce store owner should make use of Coupon popups.

You might have seen several websites which offer coupons on their websites in the form of pop-ups. These coupon popups are seen primarily on E-commerce websites but that doesn’t mean that they are not used on other websites. 

These popup coupons can also be used as exit-intent popups . It means when the user is about to exit your website and mouse overs on the X symbol (used to close the window) then the exit-intent popup will appear. The mechanism behind exit-intent popup is to convert an abandoning visitor into a potential customer.

In this article we are looking at one of the easiest way to create a coupon popup so you don’t have to do any kind of coding whatsoever (sounds exciting, right?). Most of the beginners have this requirement of creating a coupon popup but are not at all good at coding and that is what we are going to cover in this in-depth article.

Which Tool is the best for creating Coupon popups?

There are several website owners who make use of tools and create popups thinking that they will make sales by doing so. You should note that you shouldn’t make intrusive popups that is because people tend to get irritated if you bombard them with these intrusive popups and that is the reason why you need to utilize the coupon popups wisely. It is very important to create coupon popups in a way that it doesn’t hamper the user experience.

There are several tools out there which you can make use of for creating coupons but these tools don’t offer that level of flexibility and they don’t yield the results which you are expecting and that is the reason why it is so important to choose the best tool to create coupon popups using the best tool that offers several functionalities as well as flexibility, once such tool that offers several amazing features as well as flexibility is Optinmonster.

It’s more about using the right tool effectively to maximize sales and the tool that we are going to use to create coupon popups is Optinmonster which is one of the best lead generation and conversion optimization software. Optinmonster is one of the best tools to create coupon popups as well as reduce abandonment rate 

Important Note: Optinmonster works on all types of websites including WordPress, Woocommerce and several other CMS platforms. It’s not a compulsion that you need to have a WordPress website to make use of coupon popup feature. Optinmonster works on all the CMS (Content Management System) platforms. 

So if you are one of those beginners or someone looking for an easier way to boost sales and revenue with coupon popups then you have come to the right place. By the end of this article we will be equipped with the exact steps to create a coupon popup . So without any further ado let’s get started with the implementation 

Why Choose Optinmonster to Create Coupon Popups

By utilizing Optinmonster’s advanced targeting features you can show coupon popups to your visitors at the right place at the right time and to the right audience. 

Optinmonster is the best tool for creating coupon popups and popups in general & also offers advanced targeting options which we have discussed below in detail

– You can show popups to specific kind of users, using specific kind of devices (e.g mobile, desktop etc)

– You can also use the advanced targeting options to show popups to users in a particular location

– Optinmonster allows you to target visitors with coupon popups depending on the user’s activities or inactivity.

– Opitnmonster’s exit intent technology when used properly can help in reducing the abandonment rate

– Optinmonster offers various flexible options which you won’t find in the generic popup creation tools

How to Create a Coupon Popup on a WordPress website Using Optinmonster 

As stated earlier Optinmonster works on all types of CMS (in addition to WordPress) but for the sake of this tutorial we are going to create a coupon popup on a WordPress website. ‘

Important Pre-requisite:

Pre-requisite for getting this implementation done is that you should have a Optinmonster Pro plan in place. If you don’t have the Optinmonster subscription you can get one of their subscription plans depending on your requirement from this link

Important Note: You need a Pro plan or higher in order to be able to create a coupon popup

In order to create a Coupon popup you need to first install the Optinmonster plugin.

Step 1: Install and activate the Optinmonster plugin

In order to install the Optinmonster plugin follow the below given process

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Mouseover on the Plugins tab –> Click on Add New

Once you click on Add New you will come across a list of plugins and there will be a Search box on the right hand side type “Optinmonster” and click on enter and then you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below.

Now click on “Install Now” and Activate.

Once you have activated the Optinmonster plugin you can go ahead and create your own campaign for the Coupon popups and customize it as per your needs

This plugin acts as a connector between your Optinmonster account and WordPress website.

Step 2. Create a Campaign for Coupon Popup

In order to create a coupon popup follow the steps given below

1. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Mouseover on Optinmonster –> And click on Campaigns or Templates

Once you click on campaigns or Templates you will come across a screen as shown below

As we are going to create a coupon popup so we will select popup from the templates as shown in the above screeenshot.

Once you click on Popup as shown in the above screenshot you will have to choose one of the templates present inside the Optinmonster’s template library. There are tons of templates available but we will choose the “Coupon Template” which you can find by scrolling downwards or you can even do a search for the keyword “coupon” and you will be directly taken to the coupon template

Coupon Popup in Optinmonster and the template for the same

As you can see in the above screenshot once you mouseover on the coupon section then you will get the option of “Use Template” click on it and proceed to the next steps.

Remember you can do all of the above implementation only if you have Optinmonster Pro or higher version

In the next steps you can customize your coupon popup as per your requirements as all the templates are fully customizable so you can play around color scheme, font size, font family. if you want you can even add an image so as to make your promotion more prominent.

Step 3: Build your Coupon Popup & Give it a suitable name

When you start building your coupon you can make use of Optinmonster’s drag and drop builder to create your awesome coupon popup.

Besides that there are several elements and blocks available and as per your needs you can add the ones you want

To get some inspiration for your next coupon popups you can check out some cool coupon popups by going to the exit intent popup examples by Optinmonster created by some website owners and filter by the “Coupon” Category.

As stated earlier Optinmonster also offers a feature called Display rules depending on whether the visitor is new or has spent some time on the website. Depending on the Display rules you set the coupon popup will be triggered (displayed/shown) to the user

Display rules in Optinmonster

Displaying a Popup when the user has spent certain Time

Step 3: Save and Publish your Coupon Popup

Once you are done building your Coupon popup it’s time to Save and Publish it on your website

We hope you enjoyed reading our article and found it to be helpful.

So what are you waiting for? Create awesome, eye-catchy coupon popups and boost your sales and conversions to the next level by making use of Optinmonster’s advanced targeting options as well as the huge template library and their drag and drop functionality.

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