How to Add Countdown Timer Popups in WordPress Websites Using Optinmonster

Do you want to add Countdown Timer to your WordPress website? In this article we will tell you how to add a Countdown Timer popup to your WordPress websites) and skyrocket your sales using a WordPress plugin called Optinmonster

The process of creating a countdown timer is a daunting task if you are beginner and are not great at coding. That is where Optinmonster comes into picture which offers an easy solution to make your life easier so that you don’t have to write a single line of code.

Optinmonster is one of the most popular lead generation and conversion optimization software which comes loaded with a ton of features and the one which we are going to make use of is Countdown Timer

It’s not that Optinmonster is restricted to only WordPress website. You can make use of Optinmonster to add Countdown timer popups to any kind of website.

You might have come across several websites which have these countdown timers especially during holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale or during Labour Day sales. These countdown timers create a sense of urgency in the minds of the users and entices them to swipe their credit cards and buy the products as they don’t want to miss out on the sales. 

These Countdown timers can boost your sales to a great extent as it leads to impulsive buying from the users as there’s a sense of deadline or scarcity that comes along with this countdown timer. Basically, you can harness the power of ‘FOMO” Fear of MIssing out by making use of these Countdown timer on your website

Some of the examples where people use Countdown timer popups on their websites

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales, Labour Day Sales, End of the Year Sale
  • During Product Launches
  • When the website is going to be launched soon but is currently under maintenance.
  • While sharing details about Events or Conferences

So let’s get back to details on how we can create and add a Countdown timer on your website

Now there are several ways you can add a countdown timer to your website by making use of JavaScript and coding stuff but if you are an absolute beginner to WordPress or you aren’t good at coding then you would be looking for some easy ways to get this functionality implemented. 

So we will skip the hard process and go over to the easy way, i.e by making use of a WordPress plugin called Optinmonster. 

How to add a Countdown Timer to a WordPress website Using a Plugin

We are going to add the Countdown Timer to the WordPress site by making use of Optinmonster, which is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for implementing Countdown timers on a WordPress website without doing any kind of complex coding stuff. 

For the uninitiated, Optinmonster is a popular lead generation and conversion optimization software. Optinmonster can help you convert your abandoning site visitors into customers. 

Optinmonster has built-in templates which you can make use of for creating countdown timers. 

Important Pre-requisite

Pre-requisite for getting this implementation done is that you should have a Optinmonster Pro plan in place. If you don’t have the Optinmonster subscription you can get one of their subscription plans depending on your requirement from this link

Important Note: You need a Pro plan or higher in order to be able to use the Countdown Timer feature of Optinmonster. 

You can choose the elements and blocks which you want and customize your countdown timer campaign. 

There are different types of campaign types you can choose from like lightbox popup, floating box, full-screen pop-ups as well as static countdown timers. You can also add animated countdown timers which have proven to boost online sales to a great extent.

You can make use of their drag and drop builder to create a customized countdown timer. You should aim at creating eye-catchy, attention-worthy countdown timers. You can place them on your WordPress website depending on the placement options available.

Assuming that you have the Optinmonster Pro plan or higher then you should go ahead and install their WordPress plugin. 

Step 1: Install and Activate Optinmonster Plugin

The first step is that you will have to Install and Activate the Optinmonster plugin

In order to install the Plugin, go to your WordPress Dashboard

Go to the Plugins section –> Add New

Once you click on the Add New you will come across the plugins section. Now search for Optinmonster in the Search box and you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below

Once done with the plugin installation you will have to activate the plugin. 

This plugin will act as a connector between your WordPress website and Optinmonster. 

Step 2: Select Campaign Type in Optinmonster

Floating Bar Campaign Type in Optinmonster

You can choose the campaign type depending on your requirement. In our case we are choosing Floating Bar. Depending on your requirement you can choose any one campaign type

Once you select the Campaign type depending on your requirement and then proceed further to choose the Countdown timer.

Note: Optinmonster comes with a pre-made template for Countdown timer

Step 3: Select Countdown Timer Template

Optinmonster has a ton of templates to choose from. In our case we will choose the “Countdown Timer” template

Countdown timer in Optinmonster

If you want to have a look at how the Countdown timer looks like you can click on the preview option which comes when you mouseover over the Countdown Timer section. Below we have included a screenshot of the same.

What you see in the above screenshot is an example of Countdown timer which you can implement on your WordPress website.

In order to begin with the creation of a Countdown Timer you will have to click on Use Template

Once you click on “Use Template” you will get subsequent screens where you can customize your Countdown timer as per your needs

1. You have to specify the Name of the Campaign and the site where you wish to run this Countdown timer

2. You can play around with the design options available in the campaign builder Interface

3. There are several color schemes available as well as background color for the Countdown timer as well as the styles

4. In the campaign builder interface you will come across elements or blocks which you can choose to build your Countdown timer

5. You can also set Display Rules which specify when the Countdown timer should be visible to the user. By default the timer appears to the user once he has spent 5 seconds on the website.

Image Courtesy – Monsterinsights

Step 4: Connect an Email Marketing Service Provider

Once you are done with all the above steps the next step would be to your Optinmonster account with an Email Marketing service provider so that you can collect Emails. The good news is that Optinmonster supports various Email Marketing tools.

The one that we use for our clients is Active Campaign

Most importantly, once you are done building your Countdown timer make sure to SAVE the campaign.

You can change the color scheme as per your requirements and once all your customizations are done then you can make the countdown timer to go live.

Step 5: Save & Publish Your Countdown Timer

Once you are done with all the configurations then you can publish your countdown timer by going to the Publish section. Refer to the screenshot below

Here’s another example of a Countdown timer used by one of a reputed brands –

Adding a Countdown Timer to a WordPress website using Optinmonster is an easy process which we just went through this article. Hope you enjoyed reading the article and following the steps mentioned in the article.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to skyrocket your sales then you should certainly implement a countdown timer on your website using Optinmonster as It’s a proven way to boost online sales. 

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