How to Add a Calculator to a WordPress Website Using Plugin

Do you want to add calculator to your WordPress website? Are you looking for the best calculator WordPress plugin to calculate various things? If you answered YES to any of these or both of these questions then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how you can add calculator to your WordPress website by making use of a calculator plugin for WordPress.

Which is the best calculator plugin for WordPress?

There are tons of calculator plugins for wordpress but you also need to keep in mind certain things before choosing the best calculator plugin for WordPress. Also, what if you are not good at custom coding (which is actually a headache for newbies). If you don’t want to hire a developer or do it yourself in such cases a WordPress plugin would be the ideal choice. 

When choosing the best calculator plugin for WordPress look for one that comes with in-built calculator templates so that you don’t have to design the calculator from scratch as that would be too much of a work for you. These templates will save a lot of time and efforts.

Besides that you should choose a calculator plugin which creates calculator that’s responsive across all the devices and one that allows you to change the color scheme and styles of the calculator so that it is visually appealing and matches with your website’s brand colors.

One of the most popular calculator plugin for WordPress which fulfills the above mentioned criteria is Formidable Forms which is one of the most popular form builder plugin for WordPress which comes with drag and drop functionality.

Formidable Forms comes with several in-built calculator templates. 

Let us have a look at the various types of calculators that we come across on a daily basis on blogs and websites. 

  • Percentage Calculator (the most popular type of calculator that users search for) 
  • Car Payment calculator template
  • Debt to income ratio calculator template
  • ROI calculator template 
  • Car Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance Calculator template
  • Age calculator 
  • Savings Calculator
  • Compound Interest calculator
  • Tip calculator 
  • Length conversion calculator template 
  • Daily calorie intake calculator 
  • Monthly finance calculator 
  • Weight loss calculator 

If you are running a medical or health blog, you can add calorie intake calculator or BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator to your blog or website. 

If you are a physical trainer you can create a weight loss calculator for your audience. 

By having a calculator on your WordPress website you are basically serving your audience meet their needs. There are websites which rank on the top of search engines for a particular kind of keyword associated with different kind of calculators. These keywords can bring in tons of traffic and you can monetize them by making use of Google Adsense or alternative Ad networks. 

You can add a mortgage calculator, percentage calculator, debt to income ratio calculator if you own a real estate blog or website. 

Formidable Forms offers tons of calculator templates and the calculators made in Formidable Forms are responsive across all the devices and are highly customizable. Because of all of these reasons it is our number one choice for the best calculator plugin for WordPress. 

Formidable Forms is like a Swiss army knife for plugin for WordPress. Now that we have figured out which calculator plugin we are going to use let us proceed further and see how we can add a calculator to a WordPress website by making use of Formidable Forms plugin. 

Important Pre-requisite

We would need a premium license of Formidable Forms in order to use the huge library of calculator templates. The lite (free version doesn’t offer this functionality). 

In order to make use of the Calculator templates inside Formidable Forms we will first have to install and activate the Formidable Forms plugin

Step 1: Install and Activate Formidable Forms Plugin

Follow the steps to install the Formidable Forms Pro version

In order to install and activate the Formidable Forms Plugin navigate to the WordPress Dashboard.

Go to the Plugins section –> Add New

Adding a New Plugin to WordPress

Once you click on Add New you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below. In the search box type “Formidable Forms” and then you will come across a screen similar to this one.

Now click on “Install Now” and then Activate the Plugin

Once you have activated the Plugin you will come across a screen similar to the one shown below

In order to use the Premium license you will need to first install and activate the Lite version of Formidable forms

The Lite version of Formidable forms has already been installed in the previous step so you can safely proceed further.

You can refer to this article which takes you through Installation of the Premium license of Formidable Forms

We assume that you have already purchased the Premium license of Formidable Forms. So let’s proceed further and create a Calculator

Step 2: Create a Calculator form in WordPress

In order to create a calculator form navigate to your WordPress dashboard –> Click on Formidable → Click on Add New to create a new form.

Once you click on “Add New” as shown in the above screenshot you will come across all the templates that are present inside the templates section of Formidable Forms. Keep Scrolling in that templates section until you come across Calculator Templates (close to 29 templates at the time of writing this tutorial)

How to Add a Calculator to a WordPress website Using Formidable Forms template

In case you wish to preview a template you can click on the preview icon (Refer to the below given screenshot)

For the sake of this tutorial, we have chosen the BMI Calculator. Click on Use Template (as shown in the below screenshot)

For the sake of this tutorial we have chosen BMI calculator you can choose whichever template you want to depending on your requirement.

If you wish to create a custom calculator without making use of any calculator template then refer to this article.

Step 3: Publish Your Calculator on the WordPress website

Now the only thing left to do is to add the calculator form to any page/post. There are several ways which you can use to publish the form in formidable. Below are some of the options given. You can choose any of these options to Add the multi-step form to your site.

For the sake of this tutorial, we will go ahead with the Form Block method to add the Multi-step form to a page or a post. You can choose any of the above methods you want. We chose Form Block method because it was the easiest to proceed with

Adding a Form to a Page/Post Using the Form Block method

Inside your WordPress Page or post you will see a “+” which is used to add different elements inside the Gutenberg editor. We have shown the example of the + sign below.

Whenever you see a + sign like the one shown above inside your Gutenberg/ WordPress editor click on it and you will come across a search box. Inside the search box type in “Formidable”. You will come across the Formidable Forms Widget, click on it

You are always welcome to create a Calculator from scratch but to make our lives easier we used one of the in-built calculator templates inside Formidable Forms.

There are close to 29 calculator templates inside Formidable Forms and you can chose one depending on your requirement.

Note: The Lite version doesn’t offer calculator templates so you will have to upgrade to the Premium license or Business plan of Formidable Forms depending on which template you choose to use on your website.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article. So what are you waiting for? Choose any calculator template and start making one as per your needs.

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