Hostinger Affiliate Program Review – Is it Worth Promoting?

There are tons of Web hosting Affiliate Programs that pay high commissions so is Hostinger Affiliate Program really worth promoting? That is what exactly we are going to delve deeper into this Hostinger Affiliate Program Review which is unbiased.

How to Join the Hostinger Affiliate Program?  

Signing up for their program will take less than 10 minutes. If they approve you as an Affiliate then you will get a Dashboard which consists of all the details wherein you will find your Affiliate link, tracking details and performance reports, payment options. 

In order to join their program all that you have to do is visit “

Hostinger Affiliate Program Commission per Sale

Hostinger pays 60% commission per sale. For e.g when someone buys through your Affiliate Link hosting worth $35 then you get paid 60% of 35 = $21 

Does Hostinger Affiliate Program have Any minimum payout (Threshold) For Payout? 

Yes, hostinger Affiliate Program has a payout threshold which is $100. It means you cannot cashout unless you have accumulated $100 total in commission. This is one of the biggest drawbacks or Cons of the Hostinger Affiliate Program. 

Does Hostinger Have any Promotional Banners apart from Affiliate Links?

Yes, Hostinger Affiliate Program provides you banners and other promotional banners which you can embed on your website as well as make use of the Affiliate link which is unique to you. They will provide you various banner options and you can choose the one that suits your website and use it to promote their Hosting service.

How Long Do the Affiliate Cookies of Hostinger Last?

Hostinger cookies last for 30 days it means that if a user clicks on your affiliate and signs up through your affiliate link within 30 days you will be paid

Does the Hostinger Affiliate Program offer Paypal as a Cashout option?

Yes, Paypal is included as a Payout option.

How Easy or Difficult is it to Promote Hostinger?

Hostinger is one of the cheapest WordPress hosting service in the market and this is one of the reasons why people prefer buying Hostinger. 

They even claim that their effective promotional materials will help you in getting a high conversion rate 

They also provide Ebooks and other assets which will help you in order to promote Hostinger’s Affiliate Program

What all can one Promote as a Hostinger Affiliate?

You can promote their various plans – Domain name and various hosting options.

Does Hostinger’s Affiliate Program provide a Dedicated Affiliate Manager?

Yes just like Maxbounty, Hostinger provides you with a dedicated Affiliate Manager, one who will answer your queries. 

Overall, it is a good web hosting affiliate program to promote but you need to make $100 in order to request Payout.

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