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Formidable Forms – The Best WordPress Form Builder & Survey Plugin

Formidable forms is one of the most advanced form builders for WordPress websites and comes with a drag and drop functionality and several other features.

If you are looking for the best WordPress form builder plugin look no further, your search will definitely end here because Formidable forms is one of the most popular WordPress form builder that helps you get more things in less time and that too without doing any kind of coding.

Formidable has all the features that one needs to build powerful WordPress forms.

Let’s have look at some of the features.

  • Build Different Types of Forms
  • Several Inbuilt Templates to Create Forms
  • Collect Payments On Your WordPress Website
  • Email Marketing Platform Integrations
  • Integrations with Popular CRMs
  • Create Polls, Quizzes and Surveys
  • Create Aesthetically Pleasing WordPress Form

Lat’s have a look at each of these and see what is there in this.

Build Different Types of Forms

Formidable Forms is one of the most popular drag and drop form builder for WordPress websites. You can create different types of forms Like Contact Forms, multi-step forms, payment forms, file upload forms, signature forms using Formidable Forms

Several Inbuilt Templates to Create Forms

Formidable Forms offers several inbuilt templates so that you don’t need to design forms from scratch. What these templates also do is save your time and effort.

Collect Payments On Your WordPress Website

You can make use of Formidable Forms to collect payments and donations on your WordPress website. Formidable Forms supports payment processors like Paypal, Stripe, and This way users can do the payments on your WordPress website without even leaving your website.

Email Marketing Platform Integrations

Formidable Forms offers integration with popular Email Marketing platforms like Constant Contact, Aweber, Getresponse, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Active Campaign.

Integrations with Popular CRMs

Formidable Forms offers integrations with some popular CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Highrise

Other 3rd party integrations Supported

WP Mail SMTP, MonsterInsights, E2PDF, Simply Schedule Appointments, Uncanny Automator, LifterLMS, Uncanny Codes, AffiliateWP, Campaign Tracker, Geolocation, SproutApps, MailOptin, iDeal, CleanTalk Anti Spam, WP Fusion, MyCRED, WordPress Newsletter, eLearnCommerce, Groundhogg, WeGlot, Pabbly Connect, Clearout

Create Polls, Quizzes and Surveys

You can create Polls and surveys and collect customer feedback without the need of doing any kind of coding. You can transform your forms into interactive quizzes and get instant results and create grades depending on the results of the quiz, all of these in few minutes

Create Aesthetically Pleasing WordPress Forms

You can change the color scheme of your forms, border, and padding. Forms created using Formidable Forms are mobile responsive without the need to do any coding.

Other Amazing Features that you will fall in love with

Save and Continue Filling the Form: The users who are logged in can save the form and then resume filling the form whenever they want. This comes in handy especially in case of multi-page forms wherein there is a lot of data that needs to be filled, Formidable Forms even offers the feature that you can auto save your forms as you fill them

Creating a Multi-step form with Progress Bar: If you want to create a multi-step form with a progress bar on your WordPress website you can do so by making use of Formidable Forms.

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Create Conditional Logic: You can make use of the Conditional Logic feature inside Formidable Forms to create smart forms. So depending on user’s inputs the next form fields will be shown. This is one of the use case of Conditional Logic.

Create File Upload Forms: Do you want to create forms which allow users to upload/attach files while filling out the form? Formidable Forms has a file upload feature which allows you to offer an option so that your users can upload different types of files like .jpg, .pdf, .docx etc.

Accepting candidate’s resumes is one of the use cases of file upload. The drag and drop functionality of Formidable Forms makes it super easy to create File upload forms. You can upload multiple files and as many as you want by making use of the file upload feature of Formidable forms.

Schedule Form and Limit Responses

Let’s assume you are hiring candidates and there is a specific deadline after which form entries won’t be entertained. You can implement this use case by making use of Formidable Forms. You can set a specific date or create a specific limit when you want to close the form responses. You might have seen those messages “The form submission process has been closed, we aren’t accepting entries anymore”.

Spam Protection

Formidable Forms offers several built-in anti-spam features like reCAPTCHA, honeypot to stop spam by preventing spam submissions.

Accept Digital Signatures:

Formidable Forms offers the option to accept digital signatures on WordPress website forms.

FAQs about Formidable Forms

Do I need to learn coding to use Formidable Forms?

It is completely even if you don’t know any kind of coding. The drag and drop functionality of Formidable Forms makes it way easier even for non-coders to create amazing forms that convert really well.

Will Formidable Forms slow down my website after installation?

Formidable Forms are made keeping in mind the performance of a website. Formidable Forms don’t slow down your website as the developers have created it by following the best practices so that the website loads fast and smooth.

Does Formidable Forms work on Non-Wordpress websites?

Formidable Forms doesn’t work on Non-Wordpress websites. If you are a website owner who doesn’t use WordPress then you might have to look out for some alternatives to Formidable Forms that works for Non-Wordpress websites.

The Lite version offers basic features but if you want to make the best use of Formidable Forms then you should get their Premium License

Formidable Forms has all the advance features that you expect to have in a premium form builder.

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