5 Formidable Forms’ Templates to Make Form Building Super Easy

Are you struggling to create WordPress website forms from scratch? What if we told you that you can not only make form building super easy but also save ton of time. Yes, if you want to build awesome WordPress website forms without any hassles then you should make use of Form templates so that you don’t need to build these complex forms from scratch.

One of the most popular WordPress form builder that offers tons of templates is Formidable Forms. It is one of the most popular drag and drop form builder for WordPress and offers tons of features using which you can build awesome, powerful forms even if you don’t know coding. It is one of the best WordPress form plugins that comes with a drag and drop form builder functionality

If you are a website owner and want to create contact forms or any other forms on your WordPress website then you don’t need to start building forms from scratch (that’s time consuming and also you will spend significant time trying to think of the creative process and meanwhile you might get exhausted while searching for ideas. For this reason you should make use of Form templates as they save your time and make form building super easy.

Their templates can be downloaded right from within the plugin. It’s a simple one-click solution to building a ready-made template. All that you need to do is import these templates. You can even personalize these templates

Let’s have a look at some of the form templates offered by Formidable Forms

1. Paypal Form Donation Template:

Are you a non-profit organization or do you want accept payment on your website? You can accept donations and payment right from your WordPress website by making use of this Paypal Form donation template. If your site visitors want to donate and help you in some way you can make use of this template and securely accept payments and donation on your WordPress website without any hassles or hiring a developer to get this complex stuff done.

You can include the various donation amounts like ($5, $10, $25, $100 etc) inside the Paypal donation form.

The Paypal Form Donation template is available in the Business plan of Formidable Forms

2. User Registration Template

If you want to give your users the option to register you can make use of this User registration template. The most seamless way to allow your users to get the registration done on your WordPress website. By making use of this template provided by Formidable forms you are making the registration process easier.

Formidable Forms offers following types of User registration templates

– User Registration Form

Edit User Profile Form (You might have seen websites wherein your users create profile and include additional details. You can make use of this template to achieve this functionality

The User Registration Form template is available in the Business plan of Formidable Forms

3. B2B Leads Form Template

You can make use of this B2B Leads Form template as it is or customize it as per your requirement and grow your client base and revenue. You can customize and include additional fields as this is a great way to qualify your leads

Make sure to include form fields which are applicable to your business. Don’t include too many fields inside the leads form template as it might lead to form abandonment. Be specific around the form fields inside your B2B leads form.

If at all, you wish to include more form fields you can divide the form into multiple steps. You can check out our article on How to Create a Multi-step Form along with Progress Bar Using Formidable Forms

The B2B Leads Form template is available in the Business plan of Formidable Forms

4. Job Application Forms

If you are an employer or you are hiring candidates for a specific position then you can make use of the job application form and streamline your hiring process. By creation an employee application form you can make decisions faster and find the right candidate for that specific position.

You can customize this form as per your needs but some of the important things that you should retain in the Job application form is type of employment (part-time or Full-time). Besides this, you should also retain the option of File upload so that the candidates can upload their CV or Resume.

The Job Application Form template is available in the Plus plan of Formidable Forms

5. Mortgage Application Form

What if you wanted to include a feature so that people could apply for mortgages on your WordPress site? You can easily achieve this functionality by utilizing the Mortgage application form template provided by Formidable Forms.

Apart from the basic details like Name, Email, Phone Number, Address you can include the following details

Formidable Forms also provides an Advanced Mortgage calculator template which is also a good addition to your website or blog and you can surely make use of it.

The Mortgage Application Form template is available in the Business plan of Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms offers top notch technical support and it is one of the most popular drag and drop form builder for WordPress.

Get started with Online forms on your website and make use of Formidable Forms’ templates to build powerful forms within minutes.

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