Flywheel’s Growth Suite – The Ultimate All-in-One Package for Agency Growth

Do you run an agency and manage multiple clients? Do you still use unorganized spreadsheets to keep a track of your client billing, subscriptions, reporting, client’s website management, revenue, and much more? What if you could get an all-in-one platform that can help you with billing management, sites management, client reporting, and much more?  Interested to know more about this solution we are talking about? Keep reading as we are going to reveal one such amazing platform that can help you with all the things we just discussed above.

Introducing Growth suite by Flywheel, an all-in-one solution that you can use to scale your agency at a rapid pace and get more revenue. Gone are those days when you needed to have separate software for managing various activities related to client management. In today’s date If you want to scale your business and grow your revenue to the next level you need to have a centralized platform that would make it easier for you to manage client-related activities.

Flywheel’s Growth Suite is a complete all-in-one package used by agencies worldwide to manage all client-related activities like website management, hosting, billing, and subscription. In this article, we will do a deep dive into Flywheel’s Growth suite and explore all its features, their benefits, and why agencies all over the world prefer using Flywheel’s Growth Suite over traditional hosting services

Affiliate Disclaimer – This article contains affiliate links which means that we may receive commissions when you buy any of Flywheel’s plans from our affiliate link without any extra cost to you.

So without any further ado, let’s dive in

Flywheel’s Growth Suite has everything an agency would need to grow their business ranging from WordPress hosting (you can also resell it), recurring billing and subscription management, branded client reports, website management, and much more. Growth Suite is a revolutionary platform that enables freelancers and agencies to streamline and scale their recurring revenue to the next level. It has all the tools that any agency might need to grow its business and increase its revenue.

Let’s explore all these features one by one.

Ease of Client Management

As an agency grows so does the number of clients and there might come a time wherein it might become extremely difficult for you as an agency owner to keep a track of all your clients, their websites, the invoices etc. and this is exactly where the Growth Suite’s client management tool proves to be really useful.

The dashboard by Growth Suite helps you understand the average revenue per client, the number of sites that your agency handles, the number of clients that you have, the projected revenue and monthly recurring revenue all in one place.

Branded Client Reports

Do you prepare your weekly, biweekly, monthly reports manually and then send them over to the client? What if you could create and schedule these reports to be sent to the client? Growth Suite allows you to create agency-branded reports and schedule them to be sent on a specific day of the week along with the site performance and any recent updates that you are working on related to their site. Growth Suite makes your life hassle-free and you basically get sufficient time that you can utilize on your other business aspects.

Growth Suite has a client portal and you can create branded reports integrated with Google Analytics reports, CRM data, and email communication, all of this giving your agency a very professional look and authority.

Offering Services to your Clients

You may be offering various services to your clients. You can enlist all of those services and make them recurring or one time. You can also choose the currency in which you wish to offer the services in.

Besides the above you can also create Tier-based services like Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum depending on the sub services you provide and assign a price for these tiers.

Accept One-time & Recurring Payments

Do you find it difficult to keep a track of the revenue that you generate from various clients? Are you tired of keeping a track of all the invoices manually and seems like a headache to you? If you answered a YES to these questions and are looking for a better automated solution then Growth Suite can certainly make your life free from this hassles and headache.

With Growth suite you can create invoices in order to accept one-time and recurring payments. Set up recurring payments with ease. You can also apply discounts, add invoice notes, and can bill your clients in multiple currencies in a hassle-free way. You can keep an eye on the key metrics and the month-over-month growth or decline in revenue (if any) can also be tracked through the revenue dashboard.

With Flywheel Growth Suite taking care of all your payment invoicing you don’t need to spend time manually invoicing and keeping a track of the invoices you sent or missed. Moreover, Growth Suite platform payments are fully integrated with Strupe so you can securely request payments from your client without any kind of hesitation or doubt.

You can also setup the frequency of the billing – eg. Once only, weekly, monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months.

This all-in-one dashboard will help you keep a track of which clients are paying the most, which services are bringing the most revenue and your total revenue earned over a specific period of time. WIth this data at your fingertips you can take informed decisions on where you need ot put in more efforts and time.

Growth Suite is a perfect fit for all freelancers and agency owners that are in a state of growth and want to bring all their processes under one roof. You can also get agency-branded client portal wherein your clients can securely pay you. Growth Suite simplifies client billing and invoicing

Resell Hosting and earn recurring revenue

You can earn recurring revenue by including or recommending Flywhee’s Managed WordPress hosting, monthly maintenance-related aspects. IN addition to your existing services you can also recommend Flywheel’s services and make recurring revenue.

Monitor All your Client’s Sites in One place

Let’s assume you had close to 30-35 websites of your clients and you wanted to monitor their performance, gather and review important data about these sites. It would become really difficult for you to do this on a granular level manually and that is where Flywheel’s Growth Suite comes in handy. You can monitor all your client’s websites in one centralized place, this way you can keep an eye on all the important stats related to your client’s websites like how much bandwidth is being utilized, storage space, visits to the website. This will not only save you valuable time but you can utilize this time in other productive work that will level up your business.

Best in class Managed WordPress Hosting

Flywheel’s managed WordPress hosting is known for its blazing-fast sites, secure infrastructure and an awesome support team that’s there to help you with your queries 24/7

Bulk Site Management

If you own 30 sites or 50 sites or whatever is the number of sites that your agency manages you can always keep a track of all the sites that you manage under a single dashboard.

Derive Insights and Make Data-driven Decisions

Flywheel’s Growth Suite makes it easy for you to keep a track of all your client’s websites, billing, and much more. You can derive insights from this data and make informed decisions like which client has been paying the most to you, who hasn’t paid as of yet. These data-driven insights will help you create strategies that will help you get better results for your clients and eventually aim at getting better MRR (monthly recurring revenue).

Growth Suite Pricing

There are three pricing plans that you can choose from

  • 1. Freelance Plan
    • $135/month, billed at $1350/year with 2 months FREE
    • Supports up to 10 sites
    • Upto 100,000 monthly visits
    • 20GB storage
    • 200GB Bandwidth
  • 2. Agency Plan
    • $330/month, billed at $3300/year with 2 months FREE
    • Supports up to 30 sites
    • 400,000 monthly visits
    • 50GB storage
    • 500GB Bandwidth

3. Custom Plan – You can get get in touch with the team at Growth Suite to request a Custom plan

Here’s a video that walks you through all the aspects of Flywheel’s Growth Suite

Whether you have 10 sites or 500 sites to be managed Flywheel’s Growth Suite has plans that can match your requirements. With Flywheel’s Growth Suite you can spend more time building great relationships with your clients and spend less time doing administrative tasks.

Leverage Flywheel’s Growth Suite and take your professionalism to the next level and sell your services confidently and build trust amongts your clients so that aren’t skeptical while paying your next invoice. So, what are you waiting for? Try out Flywheel’s Growth Suite today, leverage all the tools you need to grow your agency, and take your revenue to the next level by leveraging the various tools and features provided by Growth Suite

In the past you may not have enough time to serve new clients because you were busy trying to manage all these invoicing, and administrative tasks. With Flywheel’s Growth suite in picture all that will be a thing of past.

If your agency life is in chaos and you want to put it in order and make it organized and grow your agency and revenue predictably then you should certainly make use of Flywheel’s Growth Suite.

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