Growth Suite’s Client Reporting – Make the Most of this Feature to Grow Your Agency

If you are an agency then there’s one thing that you must be doing on a regular basis and that is creating reports for your clients at fixed intervals of time, it can be weekly, bi-weekly, or on a monthly basis. What if there existed a package that could make reporting easier and more interactive.

If you are looking for something that will make client reporting easy then you should definitely check out Growth Suite’s Client reporting features.

Flywheel’s Growth Suite is the best hosting plan that’s power-packed with features and provides client management, billing, subscription, as well as client reporting which is one of the features that we are going to explore in this article.

Growth Suite is an all-in-one solution that several agencies have been using to grow their agency by leveraging the various features that Flywheel’s Growth suite has to offer.

So without further ado, let’s deep dive deeper into the Client reporting feature of Growth Suite.

One of the great features of Growth Suite’s Client reporting is that you can customize these reports and also create a branded client report and give it a professional look. Below we have shared one such example which showcases all the possibilities on how you can customize your client reports.

You can choose a cover style, you can add your logo on the first page of the report that prominently showcases your branding. You can also make use of your brand colors so that it matches your brand guidelines. You can even enter the hex value to arrive at the exact color used for your logo and other branding materials.

Below we have given some important benefits of using Growth Suite’s Client Reporting Features

Showcase the value you bring to the table with these client reports

You can not only impress your client by creating such powerful, branded client reports but also showcase the value you bring to the table with your expertise and the insights derived from these reports.

Showcase Professionalism Using Branded Client reports

These branded client reports also give your client a feeling that you are serious about your work and the client’s business and this takes your professionalism to the next level. You can either create a report from scratch or make use of existing templates to create a report.

Educate your Client through these reports

By making use of Growth Suite’s client reporting feature you can educate your client on all the important aspects that have the potential to their business to the next level, what are the issues that need to be fixed etc.

Customize Your Reports Based on the clients

As you noticed at the beginning of the article we explored the customization feature of Growth Suite’s client reporting module. Some clients may want to see detailed reports about how their website is performing, some others may be happy with high-level reporting. You can customize your reports depending on the client’s needs. We have already seen earlier how you can add your logo, play around with your brand colors and choose a cover style as per your wish.

Displays Transparency and Builds a Sense of Trust

When you share such detailed reports with your clients with transparency it basically builds a sense of trust in the minds of your client and this builds goodwill and you can have subscriptions and increase your pricing accordingly as time passes by once you have won the trust of your client

Fully automated Client reporting

Once you have created your initial report and kind of templatized it then you can fully automate this process and have your reports sent out to your clients on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

and then comes the most important one ………

Save Valuable Time and Efforts Using the Client Reporting feature

Just try and calculate the efforts and time that your resources put in while creating these long detailed client reports. When you utilize Growth Suite’s Client reporting feature you are not only going to save a lot of time but also the efforts of your resources which can be utilized on other tasks. The Client reporting feature will remove the manual intervention that is needed to a great extent.

Let’s have a look at some of the stats and metrics that you can include while creating your next client report using Flywheel’s Growth suite.

Showcasing the Most Important Metrics from Google Analytics

If you are an agency owner there are good chances that you must have heard about Google Analytics several times. For the uninitiated, Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software which is used by website owners, SEOs, webmasters. Google Analytics provides in-depth information about various metrics about a website some of which are mentioned below

  • Average Time spent on your website – What if you came to know that a particular visitor spent close to 2 minutes 28 seconds on your website? Wouldn’t it be interesting to get this data? Google Analytics provides this data and you can refer to this information and take key decisions based on this metric. Want to know how? Let’s check this out with the help of an example.

If you notice the above image you will see that the traffic coming from the Referral traffic source has the lowest average session duration. Based on this data you get to know that the visitors coming from referral traffic aren’t staying on the website for more than 55 seconds. Whereas on the other hand if you see people coming from the Organic search are staying on the website for good 4 minutes or so which means that you should put in more efforts and try to get more organic traffic.

This is one metric you should definitely include in your client reporting which you will create using Growth Suite’s client reporting mechanism.

Here’s how the Google Analytics metrics look like in one view inside Growth Suite’s Client reporting interface.

Some of the other metrics which you can include in the client reports are Bounce Rate, Sessions and the number of users, new users etc. If you want to know what these metrics mean that what better than referring to the Official documentation on Google about these important Google Analytics metrics. I have linked to the official resource for each metric below

1. What is Bounce rate in Google Analytics

2. What are sessions in Google Analytics

3. Traffic sources in Google Analytics – You can also come to know through Google Analytics as to which traffic source your visitor came through. Did they come through Organic search or they came through Email marketing or through Social (e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc). This data helps you in identifying where you should put your efforts in.

In addition to the Google Analytics metrics Growth Suite’s Client reports also give information on the following data

Flywheel hosting stats like

  • Plugin updates, theme updates, WP Core Updates – These come under WordPress updates
  • Backups – You can also get information about any backups being made. Backups are an important aspect for your website. You should do frequent backup checks so that in case of worst case scenario you don’t have to worry as you have backup in place and can restore your website
  • Security – You can also give details about the security of the website – e.g if the site uses SSL or not.
  • Other site optimization – You can also include details about site optimization, if your client’s site loads quickly or not. Whether any caching mechanism is implemented or not to boost your client’s site load time and performance.

Custom Notes – Besides the above pointers you can also add custom notes using the Client reporting feature e.g 2 Blog posts added, featured image updated for 3 blogs, 5 posts published on Facebook page etc.

If you are having multiple clients not to worry you can keep a track of all the possible clients that you handle and their respective reports all in one place inside Flywheel’s Growth Suite which is definitely a boon for all agency owners like me. Inside the client reporting dashboard you will also find all the details of the reports that you have sent to your clients in the past.

Want to check out how a sample client report for reference? Here we go —> sample report

If you are a fan of automated, branded client reports then you should definitely get Growth Suite’s Client reporting and turn your one-time clients into a predictable source of recurring revenue.

If you still haven’t got Flywheel’s Growth suite then you should definitely get it to take your agency’s growth to the next level.

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