ExactMetrics Review: A Complete System To Help You Grow Your Business

ExactMetrics is a WordPress plugin that displays data from Google Analytics to track the stats that matter so you can make decisions based on actual data. Previously known as Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress, it was acquired by Syed Balkhi and Chris Christoff to make analytics easy for beginners. The ExactMetrics plugin creates an exact metrics audience report that shows you detailed info about your visitors right inside your WordPress dashboard. The plugin has over 1,000,000 downloads. But is it worth your time and beneficial to you?

What is ExactMetrics?

According to ExactMetrics, the aim of this plugin is to help you make effective marketing decisions by providing precise analytics of your website visitors. Right after installing the ExactMetrics plugin on your WordPress blog, you’ll see a Custom Audience Report which shows you a number of stats. The stats include the most visited pages, the longest pages, visits from desktop, mobile, and tablet, search traffic, bounce rate, and more. But let’s focus on the important stats. This report helps you plan your future SEO strategies by showing you the number of traffic you got from search traffic. By evaluating that number, you can identify your keywords that help you drive traffic to your website. This information will also help you prioritize your marketing decisions.

What are the benefits of this plugin?

In order to really get into analytics, you have to know how to access and view your data. ExactMetrics allows you to: Explore your website traffic to know where visitors are coming from Compete with other businesses and track your visitors Install and run on a brand new WordPress website Adjusting views according to your visitor’s location Load reports directly from Google Analytics Filter content visitors have viewed When you review your stats, you can see the exact time and date of a visitor’s visit, how long they looked around the site, and where they clicked through to. You can find out what traffic sources drove them to your website and, more importantly, you can tell where the traffic sources were trying to get to your site.

How do you install ExactMetrics?

The plugin is available on the official website. After you download and install it, you can start using it immediately. How does it work? The way it works is simple.

Go to the plugin’s official website, click the blue Install button, and then the Install ExactMetrics button. After it installs, you’ll get a link in your inbox to verify the installation. You can then start using the plugin as you would normally.

How does it look and work? Once you install the plugin and follow the on-boarding process, you can go to the WordPress dashboard and search for it. If you don’t see it, you can install it in three steps: from the main admin screen click the plus sign in the top right corner, click Add an Plugin, and select ExactMetrics from the drop-down menu.

What is the ExactMetrics Dashboard?

ExactMetrics Dashboard makes it simple to create an exact metrics audience report from the dashboard of your WordPress. A very handy feature is the ability to add custom code that lets you create a detailed report of visitors by categories. All you have to do is add a plugin category to the Customize This header and add your custom code. Simple, right? Easy to use. Let’s use an example to make it easier to understand what the exact metrics report is all about. Let’s say you are using the free version of ExactMetrics Dashboard, which is called ExactMetrics Lite, to track how many visitors you have and to get an idea of what sites they visit. You can choose from a number of different dashboards to get an idea of how many visitors you have, where they come from, and what content they view.

How much does it cost?

ExactMetrics is available for free and without ads. The plugin comes with three plans: plus, pro, and agency, which gives you the right to add analytics tracking to as many sites as you have. These three plans can be purchased in monthly, yearly, or lifetime increments. How can it improve your website? The data you collect from ExactMetrics can help you understand your site better. You can learn how people find you, what makes your site unique, what content they find interesting, and even the kinds of content that get them to spend time on your site. You can even run A/B tests to figure out what works best. The plugin provides multiple SEO optimization options and unlimited traffic to your website.

What are the drawbacks?

No tracking of tracking plugins, analytics tools, content galleries, etc. This isn’t really a disadvantage, but if you are currently using tools that monitor certain metrics, it may be worth considering another option. Only gives analysis for that specific WordPress blog. ExactMetrics costs $99. The pros ExactMetrics is a very easy plugin to install and work with. It’s very lightweight, just 1.2 MB  and it lets you analyse every aspect of your website without tons of code. While you can choose to analyse your data by global metrics like total traffic, time spent on site, etc, you can also customize the dashboard to display specific metrics. This includes download stats, monthly unique visitors, blog hits, content authority, etc.

Verdict: Is ExactMetrics Worth It?

ExactMetrics is the best premium Analytics plugin for WordPress. It makes it easy to use Google Analytics and get insights to grow your business. You can set up advanced tracking that’s not offered by Analytics, get reports inside your WordPress dashboard, and much more. This makes ExactMetrics worth it! If you are looking for an easy way to gain insight into your site’s visitors, this plugin is perfect for the job. Check it out if you want to use Google Analytics data to make better decisions about your website.


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