Email Marketing Masterclass by Nikhil Kashid (1-on-1 Coaching)

Who this course is for:

This course is for businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to learn how to build an effective email marketing strategy and increase revenue and build relationships with their audience through email marketing.

Enroll in Email Marketing Masterclass to learn how to improve your email strategy and connect with more customers. You’ll get six tactic-packed lessons that’ll teach you how to master an essential aspect of your email marketing strategy. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Lesson 1: Grow Your Email List

Lesson 2: Write Compelling Emails

Lesson 3: Design Flawless Emails

Lesson 4: Test and Improve Your Emails

Lesson 5: Build an Automated Email Series

Lesson 6: Convert Subscribers to Customers

Here’s what all you will learn in the 1-on-1 Coaching

1. Basic to advanced level understanding of email marketing

2. Email Marketing terminology

3. How to grow your email audience and get more traffic to your website

4. How to create an automated email series and email automation best practices

5. How to test and optimize your emails

6. Why email marketing is one of the best tools for converting prospects to customers


Start building a better email marketing strategy today! Enroll in Email Marketing Master Class.

The Masterclass is priced at $497 and can be paid in two installments of $250

You should have an email marketing platform where you can apply the concepts you learn during class.

Below we have given the link to the platform we are referring to

The 1-on-1 coaching will be conducted via Zoom, Skype, MS Teams whatever is convenient for you depending on your time zone (US, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom etc)

Mode of Payment – Paypal, Stripe, Transferwise.

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