Cloudways Review – The Best Managed Cloud Hosting (3X Faster)

Are you looking for Cloudways Review? In this article we have compiled a detailed review about Cloudways including all the pros and cons of Using Cloudways as a Web hosting service so that you can take an informed decision before you buy Cloudways 

Cloudways is one of those managed cloud hosting companies that establishes a perfect balance between affordability and performance. This is one of the key features that separates Cloudways from other Managed WordPress hosting providers. Cloudways promises to take away all your WordPress headaches as it takes away all the complexities of setting up a website

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform ideally suited for Digital Agencies, E-commerce businesses, Digital Marketers and bloggers who want to host their website and are looking for something more than just shared hosting. 

There are businesses who want cloud hosting but aren’t so tech savvy to play around the technical complexities. For such businesses Cloudways is the best choice which makes their life hassle free as they don’t have to deep dive into all of that Technical stuff. 

What are the benefits of Cloudways Hosting Over Traditional Hosting?

In case of traditional hosting the solutions are deployed on a single server whereas in case of Cloud hosting a network of cloud servers hosts the applications and websites.

Cloud hosting is generally faster than traditional hosting and are far more secure than traditional hosts.

In the next section we take a look at the important features of Cloudways, it’s pricing plans as well as answer all your queries that you might have related to Cloudways.

Cloudways Features

 Let’s have a look at some of the amazing features of Cloudways which separates it from the conventional web hosting providers. 

Dedicated Environment

You get a dedicated environment as all the servers that are hosted on Cloudways come with dedicated resources thereby overcoming the limitations of shared hosting as a result of which you get superior performance. With a dedicated environment you are not sharing the servers with a bunch of other website owners. 

SSD-Based Hosting

Cloudways is a SSD-based hosting which gives reduced page load times thereby facilitating breathtaking performance. As a result of the SSD support, your website performance can be 3x faster than normal servers. 

PHP 7.3 Ready Servers

All the servers hosted on Cloudways are PHP 7.x ready. PHP 7.3 is considered to be significantly faster than its predecessors. 

Free WordPress Cache Plugin

When you get one of the Cloudways Hosting plans it comes pre-installed with a Free WordPress Cache plugin which offers better WordPress performance. 

CDN (Content Delivery Network) 

Cloudways provides CloudwaysCDN which provides superior performance and quick global response times. This CDN can be integrated in a few clicks even if you aren’t familiar with the hard core Technical stuff. 

Deployment in Staging Area

Cloudways offers a dedicated staging environment where you can do test your application before making them live

Free Website Migration

They offer a Free website migration so if you want to switch from another web hosting service provider to Cloudways they make the Complete migration process hassle free. 

Supports All Applications

Cloudways provides managed cloud hosting for a range of applications like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Laravel and many more like Joomla, Prestashop, 

24/7/365 Live Chat 

Cloudways has an excellent support team which operates 24/7/365 which is active any day of the year. All that you need to do is type in your query and someone from the support team will reach out to you instantly. Their best-in-class support service is available throughout the year every day.

24/7 Ticketing Support

If you need help with any kind of issue on your website you can raise a ticket and the ticketing system keeps a track of your queries and responds to them quickly.

Phone Access

When you opt-in for their Premium support services you can speak directly with their senior support engineer

24/7 Realtime Monitoring

Your servers are monitored 24/7/365 which is a great feature of Cloudways

Knowledge-base & Resources

Cloudways has a knowledge-base section which you can refer to in case you are stuck and need help 

Cloudways Community 

Cloudways has a community where experts share their knowledge, skills and experience. 

Expert Troubleshooters

Cloudways boasts of a team of highly-trained experts who will rescue you in case you come across any server related issues.

They have an exceptional customer service who are technically proficient and this is one of the features of Cloudways that makes it stand apart. 

You can choose from a list of world renowned cloud hosting providers namely Google Cloud platform, Amazon’s AWS, Digital Ocean, Linode and Vultr. This way you get access to 60 different data centres around the world. 

Expand Storage Space

In case you feel that the current storage space doesn’t suffice your requirements you can scale the storage space with a few clicks without having to change all the server parameters. 

Now let’s come to the most important aspect for a website and that’s Security

Cloudways Security Features 

Dedicated firewalls

Cloudways makes use of dedicated firewalls which filter out any kind of malicious traffic and keep intruders away from your website. Once your website gets popular there are chances that spammers and hackers try to hack your website. It is of utmost importance that your website should be secure from all such vulnerabilities. 

One-Click Free SSL Installation

Cloudways comes with a Free built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL which provides the much needed security for your website. If your website isn’t secure i.e HTTPS you better get one as HTTPS is one of the Google ranking factors i.e website having HTTPS are given a boost in ranking opposed to websites which aren’t secure. 

With Cloudways you get SSL certificate for free as opposed to some other hosting providers wherein you have to pay for SSL certificate separately, that’s truly a pain and an extra burden on your pocket. 

Automated Back-ups 

This is one of the most important features that you should look for in a web hosting service and Cloudways provides the automatic Back-ups which you can setup depending on your needs whether you need daily backups or hourly back-up or whatever is your requirement. This way you won’t lose any of your data. You can even take backups on demand. By leveraging the automated back-up option you can restore your website at one click.

Two-Factor authentication

Cloudways offers Two-Factor authentication which adds an extra layer of safety. 

No long term contract

You don’t have to be with them for years and years to come. Cloudways offers the option of pay-as-you-go payment model, this way you only pay for what you have used. 

FAQ About Cloudways Hosting Service

Does Cloudways Provide a Free Trial

Yes, Cloudways does provide a Free-trial

How long is the Cloudways Free Trial Period?

Cloudways offers a 3-day free trial period. By signing up for their Free trial you can familiarize yourself with their platform

Cloudways’ mission is to provide peace of mind to it’s customers by taking away all the technical hassles so that they can concentrate on building their websites.

Do you want to launch your business website without worrying about the technical complexities then sign up for their 3-day free Trial in order to test their platform

Does Cloudways have Cpanel?

Cloudways doesn’t make use of Cpanel. They have their own powerful platform which is easy to use and you can managed your server very easily.

Cloudways provides hosting for the below given platforms

Cloudways Pricing Plans

Let’s check out the Pricing Plans of Cloudways Hosting depending on the infrastructure providers.

Cloudways has the cheapest managed WordPress hosting plan starting at $10/month depending on the infrastructure provider you choose.

Cloudways supports the below given providers and the pricing depends on which infrastructure provider you choose from the below

  • Digital Ocean
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • AWS
  • Linode
  • Vultr

No long term contract

You don’t have to be with them for years and years to come. Cloudways offers the option of pay-as-you-go payment model, this way you only pay for what you have used. 

If you are still on the fence and wondering if Cloudways is the worth the investment then you can start a 3 days free trial and try out their services yourself by clicking on the button below

Cloudways has a 4.8 star rating on Trustpilot and 5 stars on

Check out the detailed pricing plans for Cloudways hosting

Is Cloudways Worth the Price?

Cloudways is powerful managed WordPress hosting that’s certainly worth the price that one would invest considering all the amazing features it has to offer. 

Cloudways is undoubtedly one of the best, inexpensive managed cloud hosting for WordPress sites which is worth the investment.

Quit worrying about all your WordPress hassles with Cloudways. You can always try out their hosting as they are offering a 3-day Free Trial

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