Best Alternative to Paypal in 2020 (Tried and Tested)

Are you looking for the best alternatives to Paypal? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have shared the best Paypal alternative which we have personally tried and tested over the years. 

Before we proceed further let me tell you what are the possible reasons people are looking for an alternative to Paypal. 

–  Paypal has put their money on hold due to some specific reasons

–  High transaction charges

–  Getting a lower exchange rate as compared to other Payment processors.

Whatever maybe the reason, you should certainly try out switching to other Payment processors especially if you are receiving transactions of higher amounts which range anywhere between $1000-$5000 and onwards. 

We have used all of these Payment processors (tried and tested), and just like you we also have switched to one of these payment processors mentioned in the article. 

We also would like to know which all payment processors you are using to receive payment for your business.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the list of Best alternatives to Paypal in 2020 and why they are better than Paypal. 

So here’s the first alternative to Paypal


Do you want to know why we ditched Paypal and switched over to Transferwise? Below, we have given the reasons why we thought it was a wise decision to switch over to Transferwise.

The reason why I have put Transferwise in the list of best Paypal alternatives is because I was literally tired of the transaction charges that Paypal was incurring. 

The second reason why I wanted to switch to Transferwise was because of the exchange rates that I received from Paypal which were lower as compared to what Transferwise is offering. 

The third reason why I discontinued Paypal is because I came across 100s of Dropshippers, Affiliate Marketers complaining that Paypal is putting their funds on hold.

If you are from US, UK, and Tier-1 countries you don’t have to worry but if you are from those countries where Paypal isn’t supported then it is pretty obvious that you would look for the best alternative to Paypal

Besides this Transferwise had lower transaction fees as compared to Paypal and gave a better exchange rate. 

Those were some of the reasons why we wanted to switch over from Paypal. Also, we were expecting payments in the higher range which meant big deductions in the form of transaction charges. 

Have you gone through similar situations and experienced these hassles? Do you want to save money on transactions? So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Transferwise by clicking on the below button

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