Apple Pay and Google Pay Added to Stripe Checkout on MemberPress

Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, several brick-and-mortar stores and small businesses have shifted their business from offline to online stores and channels. Besides this, several offline coaches have made the transition from physical/offline coaching to online coaching and have started their membership sites with software like Memberpress.

For the uninitiated, Memberpress is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for creating membership sites. By using Memberpress you can create and sell online courses, create membership sites, sell digital downloads in the form of Ebooks as well as accept credit card payments – all of this in a hassle-free manner. They are the “All-in-one” membership plugin for WordPress.

 You can start charging your audience on a monthly or one-time basis to gain access to your content. You can even limit or control access to what your audience sees based on the subscription and the plans they opt for. If you sell online courses or own a membership site and have only Paypal as the payment option then you are missing out on those customers who are using Stripe and the other payment processors. It is of utmost importance to offer multiple payment options to your customers so that you don’t miss out on those course sales. In addition to Paypal, you should also have some alternative options e.g Stripe,, etc as the alternatives.

Stripe is used by millions of users worldwide ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies to send and receive payments worldwide. As a membership site owner, it is your responsibility to provide your customers with a safe and secure payment gateway as they would be trusting you with their hard-earned money.

Memberpress has a built-in integration using which you can use to accept recurring subscription payments. Until now, Memberpress users who were using Stripe as the payment were able to accept payments only using Debit cards and Credit cards. Although, this is a worldwide accepted standard but this is a bit time consuming process and some people might want to pay using express checkout systems.

If you are a Memberpress customer then there is some good news for you. The existing Stripe checkout plugin now supports Google Pay and Apple Pay as payment options so now your customers can pay you using Google Pay as well as Apple Pay in addition to the existing payment options.

Memberpress is one of those few WordPress plugins that has consolidated Stripe’s Apple Pay and Google Pay additions. Using both Apple Pay and Google Pay you can send or receive payments from friends and family.

What are Digital Wallets and what are their benefits

Digital Wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay have been rising in popularity over the past few years and people are using these Digital wallets to process payments instantly. Some people don’t carry their credit cards and debit cards with them. In the case of Digital wallets, the details about their credit cards and debit cards are stored virtually and can be used on sites where they are accepted

These Digital wallets software are available in the form of a mobile app as well as you can access them on Desktop and laptop. So even if a user isn’t carrying a credit card or debit card with them they can still do payments using these digital wallets like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Benefits of having Google Pay and Apple Pay as payment options.

Faster checkouts

There is a significant portion of users worldwide who use Apple products like iPhone X and above, iPad, iMac, or any other devices that use the iOS operating system.

One of the important benefits of Google Pay and Apple Pay is that users can make the purchase without having to navigate to a third-party bank payment page. Also, incorporating Digital wallets as the payment option helps in reducing the abandonment rate.

Close to 30% of customers abandon the checkout because of the long and complicated process. One of the reports by Eventige showed that online retailers who offer Digital wallets as payment options saw 3X in cart conversions.

Just imagine that the student who enrolled for your course is about to renew his subscription so that they could access the course modules and then they start hunting for their debit card, credit card and once they get it in a hurry they tend to type wrong numbers and finally they are able to complete the checkout process. All of this is very exhausting for the customer. By incorporating Google Pay and Apple Pay payment options on your Memberpress membership website users can complete the checkout process at the click of a single button.

Upon arriving at the Memberpress checkout page they can decide if they want to checkout using Google Pay and Apple Pay via Stripe checkout. With a single click, the users will then be redirected to the Stripe checkout page. After the user confirms the payment then will be redirected to the Thank you page of Memberpress

Paying via Digital wallets like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay makes it far more convenient for users as they don’t have to manually search for their credit cards or debit card details as all of this is stored virtually which makes the payment process hassle-free.

Cashbacks and rewards on Payments

Google Pay offers rewards or cashbacks whenever a customer makes a payment for recharge, hotel booking, etc.

Apple Pay offers 2% cashback on certain transactions. These cashbacks and rewards entice the customer to make payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay as they tend to get some mini cashbacks and rewards in some form for qualified purchases from selected merchants.

Mobile-friendly (Responsiveness)

One of the biggest challenges customers face while filling out the payment details using a debit card or credit card on mobile is that they have to zoom in and move around left and right to fill these details and several users ultimately abandon the checkout process if it is a test of their patience.

If the wallets you use aren’t mobile-friendly then they would ultimately lead to an increase in abandoned carts. As per one of the reports by Truelist, the average abandonment rate on mobile phones is 85.65%.

If the tap-targets are too small then users will have a tough time clicking on links and buttons.

The best part of Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay is that both are mobile-friendly and mobile responsive and offer an easy-to-navigate page for doing payments. Because of the instant checkout process, customers have a great user experience while shopping or doing the checkout

Added Layers of Security

Google Pay has a two-layer security feature in place. One is PIN to unlock the Google Pay app and whenever a customer is about to make a transaction they have to enter another PIN. Only when the customer enters the correct PIN the transaction becomes successful. If anyone gets hold of your smartphone and is able to unlock your smartphone or let’s assume that you are amongst those people who don’t lock their phones. In such cases, you don’t have to worry even if a stranger gets hold of your smartphone as they won’t be knowing your PIN to unlock the Google Pay app as well the PIN for making transactions. This is added layer of security in Google Pay.

Apple Pay users can make use of biometric security features like facial scan or fingerprint reader to safeguard their financial details. This is the added layer of security in Apple Pay. Another security aspect related to Apple Pay is that the credit card details aren’t stored on a device or Apple Pay servers. Instead, they make use of device-specific numbers and a unique transaction code. Also, Apple Pay doesn’t keep information about user’s transactions – It all remains between the user, the merchant, developer and the bank.

Apple Pay is restricted to iOS devices. In case of Google Pay it is more versatile as it can be used across various devices. Users can keep a track of all the transactions made by them in Google Pay.

Enhanced Level of Security with Stripe Checkout

Stripe is a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1 which is the most stringent level of certification in the security industry. Because these Digital wallets Apple Pay and Google Pay are supported through Stripe’s checkout you can be rest assured that your and your consumer’s financial details are protected.

All the transactions processed via Stripe checkout are protected through SSL/TLS certificate and the customer’s details are stored securely in an encrypted format. In case you don’t know what an SSL certificate is, let’s understand some basic details about why a site should make use of an SSL certificate.

What is SSL certificate & why is it important?

To explain in simple laymen terms, SSL certificate is a technology that enables to move website from HTTP to HTTPS. The S in HTTPS stands for secure version of a website. If you are accepting payments on your membership site and if your site is HTTP (i.e not secure) then people will be hesitant to make payments as they would be worried about their financial details getting leaked and that is why your website should be HTTPS (secure).

in case you don’t have a secure website and want one you can buy and install an SSL certificate.

Now let’s jump to the crux of this article

How to Add Stripe Checkout to Your Memberpress site

Stripe checkout is a free payment gateway for all the 3 plans of Memberpress. In case you don’t have a Stripe account then you can create one from here. Follow the below given steps in order to add Stripe Checkout to your Memberpress site

1. Navigate to Memberpress Settings –> Then go to the payments page and add a new payment gateway. OR if you are updating the existing Stripe checkout then you can skip to Step 8.

2. In the next step click on the blue “Connect With Stripe” button

3. In this step, we will authenticate Memberpress website by entering the username and password.

4. Once you have entered username and password you will be redirected to authenticate your Stripe account. In case you are not logged into Stripe then click on “Sign in” which you will see at the top right hand corner.

5. Once you have signed in select your Stripe account click on “Connect My Stripe” account button.

6. In order to proceed further you will have to ensure that your Stripe account has been fully step and enabled for “Live Mode”. You will not be able to connect until you have verified your account.

7. Once you have connected the account you will be redirected to your Memberpress dashboard.

8. Now locate your Stripe payment gateway settings and check the Enable Stripe checkout checkbox.

9 Save the Memberpress settings

You have successfully updated Stripe checkout on your Memberpress website.

How to Add Apple Pay and Google Pay in Stripe

– You can refer to this article in order to add Apple Pay in Stripe

– You can refer to this article in order to add Google Pay in Stripe

In today’s scenario more and more businesses are making use of digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay as it offers so many benefits to grow your membership site and Memberpress makes it far more easy to create your membership site, sell courses and much more.

Do you want to increase your Membership site revenue? Then you should certainly leverage Google Pay and Apple Pay and offer a smoother, quicker checkout process to your audience on your Memberpress membership website

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